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Prologue: Escape and Vengeance Bent

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Sequel to To Love and Hate You: Nightwing watches Raven and Beast Boy on their wedding and wonders if he should ask Starfire to marry him. There’s one problem, she’s caught the eyes of Red X an...

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To Ask and be Answered

Summery: Sequel to To Love and Hate You: Nightwing watches Raven and Beast Boy on their wedding and wonders if he should ask Starfire to marry him. There's one problem, she's caught the eyes of Red X and he wants her affections too. Meanwhile, Beast Boy and Raven's married life is happy, until someone shows up from when Gar Logan was known as Changeling...

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Prologue: Escape and Vengeance Bent

John Thomson dared not move as Changeling gloated over him. "Fool. You were so useful. Why did you have to fail me?" John did his best not to move as Changeling walked away with his cowering henchmen. He heard Changeling's distant voice. "Come. My business is done."

John felt consciousness slipping away, but not before he saw a shadowed figure in black follow Changeling out of the park. Forcing himself to stay awake and he forced himself to his feet. He managed to stagger out of the park and down the alleyway. He found his way to the hospital.

He was immediately admitted inside. Placed on a stretcher.Slipping into the black oblivion of unconsciousness, John Thomson vowed revenge on Changeling.

It was three long, tedious weeks before John Thomson was able to leave the hospital. It was even longer before he had strength to walk. He'd been keeping track of the newspapers and tabloids. Apparently, Changeling and the Iron Fist had been brought down by the reunited Teen Titans; this was interesting to him because it seemed like a coincidence that the Titans had mysteriously come back out of the blue. What caught his attention was that Beast Boy had come back out of nowhere.

John read the news article and frowned. It said that Beast Boy had just "showed up"and aided the Titans in Changeling's defeat. But Beast Boy was dead, at least that was the story he'd heard. According to Iron Fist lore, Changeling had proved himself a tough and ruthless leader by viciously murdering Beast Boy.

He wondered how someone Changeling had supposedly "murdered" could come back from death to kill him. John was frustrated. He wanted revenge on Changeling for his humiliation, but with Changeling dead, revenge was pointless. Sighing, he walked out his door and locked it behind him.

He spotted a man in a white mask with a giant red X on his forehead. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I am Red X, and I want to talk to you," the man named Red X said.

"About what?" John asked.

"Changeling,"was the reply.

"Haven't you read the papers? Changeling's dead," John frowned.

"I don't think he is," Red X said simply.

"What makes you think that?"

"I just have a hunch."

"So, why are you doing this?"

"Because we both want something. I'll make you adeal. I'll find Changeling if you help me destroy the Titans."

"Why would you want me to do that?"

"You were a member of the Iron Fist."

"How did you know that?" John demanded angrily.

"I have my sources. Changeling had limitless power. Now you can take his place as the Gang Lord of Jump City. "

"And what do you have to do with this? Why would you help me? What would you want in return?" John asked, warming up to the idea.

"All that I ask is that the Titans be destroyed and in return I take the one, Kori Anders as my wife."

"Starfire? But she's a Titan."

"So?That is nothing. So do we have a deal? The life of Changeling for the life of Kori Anders?" Red X extended his hand.

John took it and shook it firmly. "You've got yourself a deal. So, where is Changeling?"

"Come back to the warehouse and you'll see where he is," with that, Red X walked off. John Thomson quickly followed.

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