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Contemplating the Future

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Chapter One: Contemplating the Future

Nightwing watched with pride as Beast Boy and Raven recited their wedding vows to one another. He was amazed they had even come so far, considering the rocky relationship they'd had. First, it was back when they were the Teen Titans, heroes and defenders of Jump City. Raven was the unemotional, composed Goth; Beast Boy was the outgoing, comedic loudmouth. They were complete opposites any way you looked at them.

It had started when they meta mysterious girl named Terra. Beast Boy had developed an instant crush while Raven didn't completely trust her. Outwardly, it seemed that Raven didn't care the least about Beast Boy's romantic attraction towards Terra, but deep inside her heart she'd always cared about him, despite the fact that they were constantly at each others throats. Of course, none of the Titans knew this then.

With Terra's betrayal revealed, tensions rose between the two as Raven believed that Terra was completely evil and loyally served Slade as his apprentice. Beast Boy believed Terra was still good and was able to bring out that goodness as Terra sacrificed herself to save them from Slade.

Beast Boy, though heartbroken over the loss, developed feelings for Raven. She "rejected" him because she felt she couldn't love him for fear her father would come and seduce her into joining him in destroying the world. Angry and bitter, Beast Boy formed a gang called the Iron Fist when the Titans had disbanded. A tough and ruthless leader, Beast Boy, now known as Changeling filled Jump City with fear, unhindered by the authorities who had either joined him or fled away.

Meanwhile, Raven defeated her Father Trigon in her mind and was free to explore emotions. She did not search for Beast Boy, but instead took the name "Angel Anderson," and proceeded to live a very normal life as a waitress in the Brewers Cafe.

Normalcy was no longer an option for Angel, when her friend was murdered during a robbery, she forced herself to revive the Phantom of a long forgotten Raven. She tracked the killer until he escaped through the sewer only to be murdered by Changeling. Raven fought him soon after and he set his sights on destroying her.

Meanwhile, Angel was reunited with the Titans and was told of Beast Boy's tragic "death" at the hands of Changeling; she then vowed revenge for Beast Boy's murder. Two nights later, she received an unexpected visit from her mysterious costumer Gar Logan, who admitted he had feelings for her. They shared their first soul kiss in the dark cafe that night and she wondered if she'd found love.

Changeling, discovering Raven's return plotted her ruin and ordered one of his henchmen to steal her meditation mirror while he battled the Titans. The ruse worked and Changeling used the mirror to go into her mind. To his surprise, Raven's mirror separated his personality of Garfield Logan, Beast Boy, who had been dormant for a long time, except when he was Gar Logan during the day.

Changeling discovered Raven's secret identity and imprisoned Beast Boy in her mind as he left to destroy Angel. Beast Boy, torn apart by his conflicted emotions admitted to Love that he did love Raven, and they helped him escape.

Raven discovered that one of her employees was an agent for Changeling and invaded his fortress warehouse, bent on revenge. It was there she discovered his true identity and they had a bittersweet reunion at her house after they escaped.

With all the Titans reunited, Beast Boy revealed the truth to his friends and together they destroyed Changeling. Their work finished, Gar Logan proposed to Angel to marry him and six months later, they stood at the altar with their friends at their sides.

Nightwing wondered about his future, now that his friends had found love, he wondered if he should propose to Kori Anders. They had an interesting relationship, to be sure. She was the Princess of Tamuran, and he was Batman's Boy Wonder.

He had taught her about Earth's culture, she in return had become a member of the Titans. She'd always been attracted to him; and he to her. They'd even gone out on a "date" of sorts when Kitten made him take her to the prom Well, after they'd put Kitten and her father, Killer Moth in jail. Even after the Titans disbanded, they'd always remained close. Now that the Titans were reunited, there was the question.

The question he'd been wanting to ask her for years and had never gotten enough courage to ask. Beast Boy had asked Raven that question and she'd said yes, but would he be willing to do that?

Nightwing smiled as he spotted Starfire talking to Raven. "So, how are you both?"

"We're fine, Dick, and you?" Kori ask, smiling.

"The same." He turned to Raven. "Well, congratulations. This day has been long in coming."

"Thanks," Raven smiled. "I'll leave you two alone. I have to find Gar." She walked off, leaving Dick and Kori together.

"So, you seem quite happy, what will you do now? Changeling's gone so where will you go?"

"I don't know Dick. I wish I knew."

"Well if you ever need me, I'll be here for you." Dick smiled, quietly resting a hand on her shoulder.

"Thank you Dick, you don't know how much this means to me." Kori gave him a big smile. He returned it and just then, the bride and groom returned.

"Excuse me, Star, Raven's gonna toss the flowers out. I've gotta go." She waved him off as he found a place among the guest. Raven stood, back turned away from the crowed and tossed the bouquet of flowers out to the crowd. Nightwing reached out and grabbed them. A mixture of groans and "Aws", filled crowd.

Cyborg shouted, "Hey look you guys, it looks like Nighwing's the next one at the altar!" This caused the crowd to roar with laughter. Dick joined in but was busy wondering whether or not it was a sign that he should ask Starfire the qestion.

Many hours later, the guest began leaving. The Titans were last to leave. "We'll see you two around, okay?" Cyborg smiled.

"If you ever need us, just call," Nightwing smiled. "Come on, Star. I'll walk you to your car."

"Oh, you're so sweet," Starfire gave him another smile. Arm in arm, they walked out.

Cyborg watched them and said as soon as they were out of sight, "They're flirting so hard they should just get married already. It took you guys 10 years to admit you two loved each other, how long do you think it'll take Nightwing to say he loves Star?"

"Who knows?" Raven asked. "Let's just hope it doesn't take too long."

Nightwing escorted Starfire to her car. "Keep yourself safe, okay. I worry sometimes."

"You need not worry about me, Nightwing. I'll be fine," Starfire reassured him confidently. "I'll see you later."

"Goodbye, Star, I'll see you tomorrow." Star drove off. It was kind of odd, really, since Starfire usually flew and didn't drive. Nightwing got into his own car and drove off into the dark night. Staring at the bouquet of flowers, Nightwing knew he would propose, but only when the time was right.

Meanwhile, someone watched Nightwing and Starfire from the shadows. His red eyes burned with jealousy. He would get Starfire for himself. He hated Nightwing. He was a do-gooder, a hero, a hotshot. And this beautiful Tamaranian would be his downfall. He was waiting for the right moment. Nightwing would be ruined, the Titans would be destroyed, Jump City would be in the hands of Skull, formerly John Thomson, and Starfire...would be his...forever...
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