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Full Circle

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Chapter Nine: Full Circle

/Authors Note: /So sorry about the typos. I didn't know they were there until I uploaded it. I was rushing because my mom wanted me to get off the Internet. I've fixed and reposted this chappie! Enjoy because now it's typo free!

"Any luck?" Nightwing asked, Cyborg beside him.

"I'm trying," Beast Boy answered, frustrated. "Cyborg, try Red X's communicator signal. Maybe he'll lead us to Raven."

Cyborg pushed the button. The signal blinked red. "We have a signal!"

"Track it!" Nightwing said urgently. "Where is he?"

"The old abandoned warehouse on the south side of Jump City. It's on Fourth Street, across from the highway." Cyborg shut off the signal.

"I know right where that is," Beast Boy said. "The old Iron Fist headquarters."

"Why didn't that idiot Skull relocate? He knows you know where that is." Cyborg said.

"Why, because he's an idiot," Beast Boy replied.

"So how do we do this? Blatant attack or stealth?" Cyborg asked.

"I don't know?" Nightwing looked thoughtful. "Star?" He turned to her.

"I say we do both." Starfire said confidently.

"There's one thing I wanna know," Beast Boy said.

"What's that?" Cyborg asked.

"How he was identified dead and stuffed in a body bag."

"Who told you that?"


"Who told her that?"

"A cop who was working on the case."

"Weren't the cops on your payroll?"

"Yeah, but he was dead to me then. I wouldn't through my money out the window for someone whom I considered dead."

"You just have to ask him won't you?" Cyborg smirked.

"Maybe Red X bribed the police chief," Starfire commented.

"Star, Red X wasn't even in town then," Nightwing said.

"How do you know that? We were so busy rounding up the Iron Fist that he could have been watching us, waiting for the right time to strike us when our guard went down. We didn't think this was gonna happen did we?"

"Wait a second, what was the officer's name?" Cyborg asked.

"I think Raven said his name was Ryan Stuart."

"Quick, Vic, run a background check on this guy. We need to know who he is."

"How'd Raven know his name?" Cyborg asked.

"Said it was on his badge."

Quickly going into the Tower, Cyborg began to rapidly punch the name "Ryan Stuart" into the Jump City criminal database. Results came up. He began scrolling through them, examining each one. "Pay dirt, y'all! I've got him!"

"Who is he?" Nightwing asked.

"He's Red X alright. Not only is he a legendary thief. He's eluded Batman-"

"That's impressive in itself," Nightwing observed.

"-But he's also hit some really big places. Expensive museums, art galleries, treasure vaults, that sort of thing. So why would he show up here?"

"He wants me," Starfire said quietly.

"He what?" Nightwing asked, shocked.

"He's been doing all this to get to me."

"I won't let him have you. I promise." Nightwing put a hand on her shoulder.

"I wouldn't worry about me. I'm worried about Raven."

They nodded their heads. "We better go. Every second we waste something is happening to Raven." Nightwing interrupted Starfire's train of thought. They ran towards the alleyway. They had to find Raven, and fast.

It was late in the evening when Angel Logan awoke with a start to the sound of her cell door being unlocked. She tried to sit up as best she could, with a grunt she managed to push herself into a sitting position. Skull strode in with a smirk on his face. He looked her up and down, gloating over his captive.

"Sleep well?" he sneered.

She looked at him. "As well as could be expected for someone who's been kidnapped and tortured."

"Must you take it so hard?" he smirked. "I find it...insulting to my gracious hospitality."

"I'd hardly call this 'hospitality'." Angel glared.

"I suppose that I should explain why I've been generous enough to offer you my hospitality," Skull smiled a very insulting smile. One that barely hid his hatred.

"All this time, I've tried to find Changeling, /Garfield's /weakness," Skull began to explain. "And I thought he didn't have one. Until you. Then I discovered how much he cares about you. "His 'love', as you call it, will be his undoing. And I will have my sweet, sweet revenge."

""That would be nice," Raven snickered. But your revenge is against him, not me." Angel said quietly. "So why waste your time kidnapping me?"

"Well, you're his wife, aren't you Raven?" Skull ran his hand across her face. She pulled back. "Oh, I see you don't like me that much."

"You're a murderer," Raven spat out, hatred filling her voice. Memories rushed to her mind. Memories of her friend Katie whom he had shot when he had attempted the Brewers Cafe, where she worked. She didn't have to die and he'd murdered her, and he had no remorse.

"I do want to know something," Raven said quietly.

"What is that?" Skull asked.

"How are you still alive?" Raven asked. "A police officer told me that they found your body in the park and bagged it."

"Oh that," John Thomson smirked. "That was a ruse. That was Red X you saw."

"That hardly looked like Red X," Raven shot back.

"You've never seen him without his mask. I was still in the hospital. It worked out beautifully. And now you and your pathetic 'husband' are going to suffer greatly. I hope you rested well." Gesturing to two guards, they grabbed Angel's arms. They slammed her against the wall. She grunted in pain.

"Wait!" Angel shouted. "There is something else I want to know."

"What would that be?" Skull sneered.

"How do you know who I am?" Raven asked. The guards snapped the shackles onto her wrists. She struggled a little.

"I saw your face in the paper when they announced your wedding to /Garfield/," Skull glared. "It's kind of pathetic really, the fact that they put your real name in there. I remembered that night you pounded my face to a pulp. And now, you are my captive, and I'm going to make sure you suffer greatly." He pushed the button and the electricity began to flow. Raven gritted her teeth. Skull increased the flow and sweat poured down her face. She tried so hard to concentrate and protect her child. The electricity was suddenly stopped.

"Grab her," Skull ordered his thugs. Raven was still weak, could barely move. "Hold her," he went gestured to a thug who walked in the room. "Do it." The thug raised his steel pipe, and slammed it into her face. Skull once again grabbed the taser and began to torture her again. They would switch back and forth between electrocuting her and beating her until she could barely think. Skull cranked up the power to its fullest, Raven couldn't take it anymore and screamed.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" And electricity spewed from her hands, as well as his her black aura, smashing the guards back against the wall. Skull jumped back, saving his skin just in time. A guard ran in.

"Sir, Red X is here! And he's not too happy!"

"Fine, I need to get out of here!" Skull was breathing hard. He began running down the hall. "Guards, destroy Raven! Now!"

They charged into the cell, surrounding her. Raven was very weak from her ordeal, but she managed to stay on her feet. She was ready for them, but she didn't know how long she would hold out. Please, Beast Boy. Find me.

Red X charged into the old warehouse in a fury. They'd discovered him! His plan had failed! Not completely though, they still had Raven. He stomped into Skull's office, rage in his eyes. Red X noticed Skull was breathing hard. "You bungled it! They know! It's your fault!"

"You're blaming /me/?" Skull asked. "This was /your /idea, not mine! I've going to get what I want, what's your problem? Sore just because Starfire discovered your little scheme to steal her away?"

"Shut your mouth you little punk! I can kill you right on the spot, here and now if I want! I have far more power here than you do!"

"Oh really?" John Thomson sneered. Snapping his fingers, a dozen Iron Fist thugs surrounded Red X. He gave Skull a smirk.

"You honestly think that /these /pathetic followers of yours are going to stop me. He assumed a fighting stance. Just then, a communicator went off. Skull pulled it out from a drawer and pushed the button.

"What is it?"

"Sir, we're under attack! The Titans have found us! They are-/Agh!/" The communicator went static.

"How could they follow you here?" Skull demanded. He saw the Titans' communicator. "They've tracked you!"

"I wasn't stupid enough to stay in Changeling's old headquarter!" Red X roared at him. They wouldn't have found you sooner if you would have moved somewhere else!"

"Listen to me, you stupid idiot! We have to destroy the Titans!" Red X continued. "They've come to get us!"

"As soon as they're dead, I'll destroy you!" Skull hissed in his face.

"I'd like to see you try." Red X sneered in his face.

"Send out the troops," Skull ordered his guards through his communicator. "We'll finish this!"

Outside, the Titans waited stealthilly in the shadows, ready to strike at any moment. "Are we ready?" Nightwing asked. They nodded. "Star, Cy, we'll take the outside."

"I'll look for Raven. When we find her, Star'll have to take her back to the Tower." Star nodded.

"We want her to be safe. We don't want her to escape just to die out here."

"Good. How do we start this thing?" Cyborg asked.

"We just...walk in," Beast Boy said. He morphed into a little green bird and flew over one of the guard's heads. Dropping, he changed back into his human form. "Hello, punk! "He quickly smashed the guard in the face. He was unconscious before he hit the ground.

The rest of the Titans charged forward. Nightwing twirled his Bo Staff, prepared to take on the guards now alerted to their presence. Cyborg and Starfire were ready for a large group of thugs as they pulled out their weapons and prepared to attack.

"Guys, I'm going in!" Beast Boy shouted, morphing into an eagle, he ducked inside the doors, avoiding gunfire on the way. Nightwing kicked a thug and smashed his fist into his midsection as he whirled around, kicking another.

Cyborg blasted one guard and punched another fiercely. His sonic cannon was a blur of laserfire and metal as he continually pressed his advantage over his inexperienced opponents. He smashed a guard's face and he fell to the ground.

Starfire's rage fueled her powers to new heights as she blasted a seemingly endless amounts of starbolts from her hands. Lasers spewed from her eyes as she turned her gaze to a thug trying to sneak up on her. "You will pay for what you have done, Red X! Come out and face us!" There was no answer as Nightwing and Cyborg stood side by side.

"It's time we pull off the Sonic Boom," Cyborg murmured in Nightwing's ear as more thugs began surrounding them.

"I think you're right," Nightwing replied. "Let's do it!" Running up a nearby wall, Nightwing unleashed his freeze discs as Cyborg fired his sonic cannon. The blast was so powerful that guards were blasted backwards from where they stood. Most of them were destroyed on impact. The few survivors scattered in different directions.

Nightwing looked at the destroyed doorway. "Let's go find Raven and Beast Boy." Together, Nightwing, Cyborg and Starfire made their way into the Iron Fist headquarters. They would find their friends, as well as bring Red X and Skull to justice. No matter how long it took them.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" The sound reverberated through the entire building, echoing to the outside. Garfield's ears perked at the sound. He morphed into a bloodhound, picking up his wife's scent easily. Following the trail, he went down to one of the old floors he had converted into a makeshift prison when he was Changeling. He continued to follow the trail until he came to an open cell. He began to run as fast as he could go.

Inside the open doorway was Raven. She was fighting for her life as her aura surrounded her, she unleashed it with fury as she continued to fight the thugs trying to pin her down. Beast Boy saw her snap as she unleashed her full fury on them. Growing taller, her head nearly scraped the ceiling of her cell. She blasted the guards with all her powers. Screaming, they collapsed dead at her feet. One guard managed to dodge the blast and charged at her as she fell to her knees, exhausted.

Beast Boy became so enraged he felt himself snap. He felt his clothes tear as his uniform was torn to shreds. He felt his Man-Beast come out. Charging into the cell he ripped his claws through the guard as he raised his pipe over an exhausted Raven.

Raven looked up in shocked horror until she realized it was Beast Boy. " Garfield, I'm okay. I'm okay! Just calm down..." She saw her husband relax as he morphed back into his normal form. Gently, Beast Boy took his wife in his arms, soothingly hugging her. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine...just exhausted..." Raven replied, her voice just above a whisper.

"What did he do to you? You look exhausted."

"Skull tortured me...I tried to protect the baby...he electrocuted me with a taser...then he had his thugs beat me with pipes. I snapped and I killed them all...I couldn't take it anymore."

"He didn't...?" Beast Boy could only hope that she was okay.

"No, he said that it was useless since you..."

"Shh, rest, my Love. I've got to get you back to the Tower."

Just then, the rest of the Titans ran into the cell. "Is she alright?" Nightwing asked.

"Fine, just exhausted," came her reply.

"We need to take her back to the Tower."

"There's no time, we have to get Red X and Skull before they can escape." Nightwing put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I know you want to take care of her, but we have to take him down. And we need all of us to do it."

"Okay," Beast Boy said. "Let's go!"

Running up the hallway, they spread out looking for either Red X or Skull. "There he is!" Cyborg shouted, his right arm transformed into his sonic cannon. He fired but missed as Red X ducked, avoiding the blast. He turned and fled, joined by Skull, the ran through a doorway.

They followed them up a long flight of stairs. "Didn't you put elevators in this place?" Raven asked. She was already exhausted. She could barely move her feet fast enough to keep up.

"Yeah, but they're on the other side of the building," Beast Boy replied.

Running, they soon reached the roof. Kicking down the door, Nightwing and Cyborg charged in, followed by Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven. Red X and Skull stood waiting for them, unmoving. Skull had a gun in his hands as he waited for Beast Boy.

"It's over Red X. Give up while you still have the chance!" Nightwing shouted.

Red X laughed. "I'm hardly giving up, Nightwing. Now everything's full circle isn't it? Now the mercy you showed me long ago when you didn't catch me last time will come back to haunt you. People are going to remember this as the day that the Titans were defeated!"

"We'll see about that!" Nightwing shouted. "Titans, go!" They charged. Red X met Nightwing first and his fists smashed against him in a flurry of well aimed blows.

"You honestly think that you'll win this one?" Red X taunted.

"I fully intend to take you down, just like everyone else," Nightwing grunted out as he blocked vicious kick toward his midsection.

"You fool. I will destroy you, and those you love!" He hurled an X-a-Rang at Starfire, who was helping Beast Boy battle Skull as he relentlessly attacked them. Cyborg blasted away at him with his sonic cannon, laserfire peppered the roof, blowing holes in the concrete. Skull dodged as he smashed his fist into Raven's stomach as she hurled large metal shafts at him.

Gasping, she staggered back, clutching her stomach as she moaned out, "The baby, please, please be okay..."

Beast Boy flew into a rage. Unleashing his Man-Beast, he morphed into the giant monster, smashing his claws into skull as he tried to fire at him. Hitting the ground hard, Beast Boy pinned him down. "You will pay for that!" He pulled him close to his face.

Suddenly, Skull gasped in pain as Beast Boy saw him pierced with a X-a-Rang. Coughing up blood, he gasped for breath as he died, hate still in his eyes.

Nightwing took advantage of Red X's concentrated his attention on Skull. He signaled to Cyborg. They charged together, doing the Sonic Boom, it sent Red X to his knees.

Red X glared as Nightwing stared down at him with a knee on his chest. "Give up now?"

Red X just glared. Dragging him off to police station, the cops thanked them. "Well, it looks like Red X is gonna be serving a lot of time behind bars," Nightwing said, satisfied.

"At least it's all over with," Beast Boy agreed, holding Raven in a tight embrace. "Let's get back to the Tower, my wife needs to rest."

"Go on, I'll catch up," Nightwing told his friends.

"We'll be waiting for you," Starfire said, walking off with Raven and Cyborg. Beast Boy waited with him for a few minutes until they were out of sight.

"Aren't you going with them?" Nightwing asked.

"Yes, but what are you waiting for?" Beast Boy asked.

"I'm just thinking," Nightwing said quietly.

"About you and Star," Beast Boy supplied for him.

"Yes," was his answer.

"Are you going to ask her?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yes," Nightwing answered. "Very soon."
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