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Punching Walls

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"Words of Wisdom from Anthony: Punching hole in walls is stupid."

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Dear Gerard,

IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS COLD WHEN IT IS ONLY NOVEMBER. I couldn't even write to you outside before school like I normally do because my hands were too cold.

So I'm in English class at the moment, and now that we're on fairly level terms, could I ask you some questions? I was just looking over your past letters- yes, I keep all of them for reference- and I have some questions for you:

Question #1: In your first letter, were you being serious about assaulting freshmen and leaving them in restroom sinks?

Questions #2: Why did you want to you-know-what? That thing that started the whole psychiatrist affair? It couldn't have been just because of me.

Question #3: Would you kindly stop threatening that guy- or girl- that spilt to the seniors in your letters to me? You don't even know him. For all you know, the whole thing was an accident. Or maybe the person doesn't go to this school anymore. But what am I supposed to do about it?




Dear Anthony,

It's not that cold.

Here are the answers to your questions:

Answer #1: I was not being very serious (although I have been tempted to assault quite a few freshmen numerous times. God knows some of them need it.)

Answer #2: Like I told you before, I have a lot of shit going on in my life, and at the time it was overwhelming. My brother left for college, we've been moving around and crap because of my mom's marriage, no one at school will leave me alone about me being gay, my grades have been dropping and my mom doesn't like it, I got into two other fights besides the one a few days ago, stuff like that. You weren't helping things at all by your oh-so-kind letters.

Answer #3: No, I will not stop threatening what's-his-face in my letters. You see, a little while back I was so mad about it I punched one of my bedrooms walls, and it made a hole, and my mom was freaking out. I felt a little bad about it, but I'm still mad, so I need somewhere to let it out. Just skip those parts if you want to.

I had another science test yesterday, and I passed. Cannot freaking believe it. And I didn't even study. What's up with that, eh? See if I ever study again.




Dear Gerard,

I think you just got lucky on that science test. Seriously, I don't believe it would be a good idea for you to think it's anything more than luck.

Words of Wisdom from Anthony:

Punching holes in walls is stupid. It does nothing but mess them up and make other people upset.

Thinking that you don't need to study anymore because you passed one science test is stupid, too.

And it is also stupid to blame me for those letters I wrote before. I was provoked, admit it.




Dear Anthony,

Crap letter again.

You were wrong about the punching thing. Punching walls relieves stress, at least for me. I'd be punching them all day if it weren't for my mom.

You were also wrong about being provoked. I asked you not to write, and you wrote. So I was the one that was being provoked.

And shut up about the science test. I made a 91 percent on that, and my parents can hardly believe it. I don't make grades like that every day. Stop pushing my buttons. You've put me into a bad mood again.




Dear Gerard,

What happened to the truce?



Okay, so that's chapter like, 10? Hope you enjoyed, blahblahblah, Love you all, I'm tired, it's 2 am I must go get sleep because I have to get up earlyyyy tomorrow.

Love you!


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