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Okay, fine, truce. But I still hate you.

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Dear Zederick,

So I've got a bad temper. Piss off. I have a lot of shit going on in my life right now and when I get one your letters, I feel like everyone's ganging up against me. You can't start all your homophobic perfect honor-roll crap and not expect me to get mad.

And yes, I'll tell you about the fight. I'm in my room right now, still grounded, so I've really got nothing better to do than write to you, even though you get on my nerves a lot.

It's just my mom, my stepdad, and me in the house right now. My brother's away at college, so it's really boring being grounded and all. Last Friday I got so fed up that I stopped by the drugstore on my way home from school and bought a box of dye, and put a dark purple streak on the right side of my bangs.

I personally think it looks good against the brown, but my mom got kind of mad at me for doing it (my stepdad was cool with it) so by the time the weekend was over I was very pissed and very touchy about it.

When I got to school on Monday there were the normal idiots lingering around to snicker at me. Naturally I just gave them the finger and let it go, but then two of them came up to me and started messing with me. I've seen them a few times before but I've never really talked to them. They're seniors, so they don't normally waste much time on people like me.

Of course I got mad, but then they got on the subject of me being gay, and from there, to the subject of my hair.

One of them started jacking about going out with me and then the second one reached out his hand to ruffle my hair while commenting on the purple streak and how ultimately gay it looked. But then the first one actually slung an arm around my neck, and I completely lost it. I beat the first one's ass, but then some of his cronies came over and beat mine, so when I walked into class I looked like hell and got sent home.

That's how I managed to get out of the psychiatrist appointment. I've got bruises all over me but they're nearly gone and they don't even hurt, and it was pretty much worth it to show at least one of those stupid seniors what I think of them. But I swear I'm going to hunt down that guy that told the seniors that I'm gay, because if it weren't for him- OR HER, you loser- I wouldn't have to deal with them in the first place.

So that's what happened, and I hope you're happy. It's so boring in here.




Dear Gerard,

What a bunch of assholes. I didn't know you had to put up with people like them, and over something like your hair. So I want to ask you again that we start over. I want to call a truce. We've been arguing long enough, haven't we? Shouldn't you have at least one friend?

I promise I'll try not to get on your nerves anymore. I don't care if you keep hating me, but it's not fair that you keep calling me a homophobe and you think I'm trying to ruin your life. I'm not. You're just hard to get along with sometimes.

So, truce, okay? A medium? Anything?





Are you there?




Dear Anthony,

Okay, fine. Truce.

But I still hate you.



Hey, before I get into this a/n, up there in Gerards first letter I mentioned Mikey is in college. I know, Mikey is younger, but it's my fiction, and I need him out of the picture. So, Mikey's in college now! Yay!

Imma keep today's a/n short, I love you all! :D


(You knew this was coming-Rates, reviews, and chocolate cupcakes always make Sam smile!)

(I forgot to post this th other day, woops)
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