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No more?

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"I got out of my appointments. All of them."

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Dear Anthony,

Not even you can put me in a bad mood today.

I got out of my psychiatrist appointments. All of them. My parents despise me, now, though, or at least my mom does.

I was supposed to have an appointment today, but I locked my door and piled a lot of stuff in front of it, and climbed out my window. I had a little trouble because I had to knock the screen out first, but from there it was easy to slide down the shingles and drop to the ground.

Then I suddenly remembered that I hadn't brought my wallet or anything, but luckily when I looked through my pockets I found a five dollar bill and some quarters. So I looked around for a phone for a awhile before I finally found one outside a grocery store and called my psychiatrist, and told them that I wouldn't be going to my sessions anymore. They were very agreeable about it and then a moment later I was free, and very happy even though I knew my parents were going to murder me.

Those sessions are expensive.

So after that, I just sort of wandered around, wondering what to do, and then I suddenly saw my mom's car heading down the street in my direction. I considered running away but decided against it because I wanted to get the reactions over with.

My mom was boiling. "WHERE have you BEEN?" she asked me. Her teeth were clenched together and her face was red. "You MISSED your PSYCHIATRIST APPOINTMENT. Robert and I have been looking ALL OVER for you."

So I told her, "I'm not going to the psychiatrist anymore, Mom. I cancelled all my appointments."

And she grabbed my arm as if I was having a joke with her and yelled, "WHAT?"

"Yeah, Mom," I said. "I'm really sorry, but I hate Dr. Wickers. He's an idiot."

She dragged me into the car and drove us home so fast I'm really surprised we didn't get pulled over. She called Dr. Wickers- the psychiatrist- first thing, and argued for a little while, but in the end the appointments were cancelled and I was removed as a patient.

So right now I'm in a great mood, even though I'm still grounded for life (and possibly longer, considering how angry my mom is.) At least my stepdad isn't out to kill me. He's a lot cooler than my mom, in any case.




Dear Gerard,

That's good about getting out of your sessions. So does this mean you'll forgive me and go back to the truce? Because it really sucks when people are mad at me, especially you because you make me feel guilty when you talk about being grounded for life and all that.

Sorry this is short. I'm in a hurry to get this written before all the mail is picked up to deliver to your class.




Dear Anthony,

You're an asshole, you know that? But I'm still in a good mood, so I won't stay mad at you for too long this time. Normally I would take the time to explain to you how I was not the one that broke the truce before because you started that crap about studying, but I don't really care right now.

I have a ton of homework that I don't feel like doing. Science, history, and a book for Literature. It's a crime that juniors have to take Literature. It's the same thing as English, only a lot more boring. Why do they bother? Why do I bother? I'm going to put all this homework through the shredder.

Just kidding. I only said that because I knew it would tick you off that I'm not going to do my homework. You're so picky about stuff like getting assignments done. Maybe I'll do some of it later if I feel like it, but right now I'm going to sneak into the kitchen to see if my parents brought home anything decent to eat. I'm starving.



Ellur, from now on I'm going to try my best to stay on a chapter every Friday and Tuesday update rotation, because I am unorganized.   

i love you crazies. 


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