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Still I will not kiss you

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After Chem, Frank had music and I had art. Lucky for us they were right next to each other, so we walked and talked. 

"So," I said, hands behind my head. "Do Linda and Frank know?"

"No," Frankie said shyly. "I was waiting for the right time."

"What's that?"

We stopped in front of my class and I turned to face him, raising an eyebrow behind my black bangs. 

"You should know Gerard," Frank huffed. "You're the smarterest one!"

"Mood swings coming early Frank? I'm kidding!"

"Funny Way. So funny."

"I try."

"Don't quit your day job."

"Too late," I chuckled, leaning in for a kiss. 

Frank held up a finger and pressed it against my lips, "You have to say it."

I was confused, say what?

"Uhm can I have a kiss?"

"no," he sighed with a frustrated tone. "I'll say it first. I lov-"

The tardy bell cut him off and I groaned. 

"SHIT!" I yelled running into my class. I was never late to art, in fact it was the only class I put EFFORT in! 

My teacher excused my tardy and put me to work. Our subject today, and for the rest of the month, was clay. I knew EXACTLY what to make. I drew my idea on news print, and showed it to my teacher. She nodded and set me to work, I took my time, wanting this to be PERFECT! I shaped the clay in the shape of a cylinder and a nipple. Frankie and our baby will love the ceramic baby bottle jar thingie, it will be the babies first gift. Chad and Röbby looked over at me as I worked, and they got curious. 

"Who'd you knock up that would keep the baby?" Chad said putting his clay down to pick up my sketch. 

"Look on the back you numbskull," Röbby said taking the paper from him. 

"You love me admit it!" the one with long silky black hair said as he bounded over to the other. 

"Better back the fuck up before I mouth rape you," the bushy hair blue eyed boy said. "Anyways Gerard, you got sweet little Frankie pregnant? That's so cute!"

"AHWE! Are you guys dating? Did you tell him you loved him? Have you kissed?" Chad giggled jumping up and down. "RÖBBY IS THAT A PANDA?!"

"I think, no, and no," I finally said looking up at them, making out. They did it everyday, it got annoying sometimes, and our teacher realised she couldn't do anything to stop it. Grabbing at the red half of my hair I chuckled, even those these two weren't even dating they were still a cute couple. Someday I will be able to make out in public with Frank, and that someday might be today. 

I continued to work on my project, trying to get the main shape down so I could use the next few days on detail. Frank has a KEEN eye for perfection, and I have one for color. That's one of the many reasons I feel we will be the best parents EVER! Not only is Frank sexy, as I am sassy, our son or daughter will be the most beautiful or handsome baby you've laid eyes on. 

Sighing, I checked the time and started to put my work away in my locker, and pulled out my sketch pad. Aimlessly sketching, I started to draw a cartoon. Frank and I with a baby girl, I smiled and wrote the name I wanted her to have. "Ivory May Iero-Way." What?! I wanted it to rhyme! But that was just this version of our baby, she had my nose and franks everything else. Even those perfectly shaped eyebrows. 
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