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That if you say goodbye today

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Lunch was after History, which I slept through of course, and I was meeting up with Frank and Ray. We were going to go to my place and order pizza cause we had fourth period free. 

"How's Mikey?" Ray asked taking a sip of his soda. "He doing okay?"

I groaned, brushing my bangs back, "Can we please not talk about it?"

"Gerard we need too. It's stressing you out, and soon the baby will come and you'd be stressed out even more."

"Mikey's fine. There we talked." 

Frank pouted, and poked at his pizza. He looked absolutely disgusted by it, and next thing we know he's cupping his mouth and running to the bathroom. 

I stood up and ran after him. His small frame was doubled over the toilet, and he was puking up all contents of his stomach before he started to dry heave. 

Sitting next to him, I rubbed my hand in a small circle on his back. Frank got up and looked at me. 

"Hey," I said, resting my forehead on his. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Morning sickness," he whispered scooting back. "I should go."


"No, not now," Frank said standing up. "Bye."

He left the bathroom, and I heard him say bye to Ray before the front door opened and closed. 

"I love you Frankie," I whispered, looking down at my hands. Sighing, I stood up and left the bathroom, and when I entered the living room shocked. 

Frank was still there, hugging Ray while he cried. I ran over there and pulled the small boy away. 

"What's wrong Frank? Are you okay?"

"Don't TOUCH me!" he yelled backing away. "Don't touch me, don't look at me, and DO NOT come near me OR my baby." 

"Your baby? But I thought we were going take care of her together. Raise him to be strong."

"Did he just say her then him?" Ray said rubbing his face. 

"Yes," me and Frank said at the same time. 

He was glaring at me with those hazel-green eyes, and folded his arms. 

"Just stay away okay Gerard?"

"Are you having mood swings honey? You weren't like this earlier," I said stepping forward, and he stepped back. "We can get through this together, okay? We're still a team, the two of us."

"There is no us, there will never be an us," Frank said right up to my face. 

I placed my hand on his face and kissed him lightly. Tears started to fall down his cheeks and I kissed him again and again. 

"Gerard don't stop," Frank said pulling me close. "Don't ever stop."

"I love you," I whispered on his lips. "I love you and our baby."

"I love you too Gerard. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

I hugged him close letting him cry into my shoulder and grab onto my shirt. Ray chuckled and hugged us as well. 

Frank and I decided not to go to the rest of school today, we just wanted to sit and talk. About the baby. 

"So Frankie," I said pressing my nose to the top of his head. "Got any names picked out?"

"Yeah. If a boy Miles or Frank," he said resting his head on my shoulder. 

"What if he, is a she?"

"I don't wanna say. It's embarrassing, but it's the only name I liked."

"C'mon honey, tell me."

He hid his face in my neck and mumbled something. 

"What was that?"

"I like Cupcake!"

I giggled and pulled him into my lap, pressing my lips to his cheek. His face turned a dark red and he hid again. 

"Maybe that could be her middle name," I said linking our hands together. "Like, Raven Cupcake Iero."

"Way. She is going to have your last name, wether he likes it or not."

"Okay fine, wanna hear the names I picked out?" I asked and he nodded. "Girl; Ivory May or Autumn Memory. Boy; Maxwell Thomas or Jacob Anthony."

"I like those names, but knowing Linda, Frank, your parents, and our friends the list could go on and on."

"These will be at the top of the list then!"

"Of course," he said exhaling. I got worried cause his breathing sounded shallower and faster.

"Are you okay? What month are you in?"

"I'm fine, I read that on a pregnancy site that during the forth month your breathing could get faster."

"Five to go then huh? Five more to go."

Frank nodded and kissed me. The kiss was so sweet and light, like a feather. It was a great moment until it got ruined. 

"Oh hello boys! Uhm Gerard," my mom asked closing the door. "Why aren't you in school?"

"Sit down mommy," I said not bothering to look at her. "Frank and I need to talk to you."
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