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Frank sat in the passenger seat, my hand caressing his belly, as I drove us to the hospital. No we aren't going to see the baby, Frank wants the sex to be a surprise, but we were going to visit my brother. Mikey was currently in a healing process, and when he got discharged he was going to go to a rehab. 

"It's my fault Frank," I whispered as we pulled into the parking lot. "I put him in here. I should've talked to him."

"Telling him to fuck off weren't the best words."

"I know."

Pulling into a parking space, I looked at Frank and smirked. He noticed, and knew what my evil plan was. 

"You don't have to look or listen in okay," I said getting out. "I have my iPod, you can listen to it and cover your eyes. Please, I just want to know if he's a boy or if she's a girl-"

"I'll do it."

"-And I heard they take like a picture of the baby, and I need SOMETHING for my binder-"

"I said I'll do it."

"-Plus I want to show Ray Chad and Röbby their nice or nephew-"

"Don't you listen? I said I'll do it."

"-They will be the bes-What? You will?"

"Yes. I can't take the suspense anymore, I'll make the appointment today as you try and communicate to your brother."

I smiled, taking his hand and walked to the hospital doors. We were greeted by reception as I signed us in.

"Michael Way."

"Floor 2 room 264 on your left."

I nodded and pulled Frankie through the maze of hallways, finally finding the room.

"Good luck," he said giving my hand a quick squeeze. 

"Thanks," I said squeezing back and taking in a deep breath.

I opened the door to find Mikey sitting up and facing the other way. Frank dragged me inside, nudging me in the ribcage.

"Ow!" I yelped, making Mikey turn around. 

"You," he croaked. "You came."

"Bearing news."


I giggled, and pulling my boyfriend into my arms, "You're going to be an uncle."

"Get rid of that baby."


"I said get RID of it! I DO NOT want to be apart of that THING'S life!"

"Mikey you can't be serious," I said pushing away from Frank. "That's my BABY you're talking about!"

"That's WHY I don't want IT in my life!"

That was it for me, I turned, punched a wall, and stormed out of the room. My hand started to hurt like a bitch, and any time I clenched it a shock of pain went through my whole body. Yeah my hands broken. 

I left the hospital and sat in my car, looking in the glove compartment for my smokes and lighter. When I found them, I also found and angry Frank outside. I groaned and threw my stuff in the backseat, unlocking the car. 

"Arent you gonna get your hand looked at?"

"No. Don't want them to," I said putting on my seatbelt and starting the car. "What about the ultrasound?"

"tomorrow during third."


And that was that, I drove him to his house and he invited me inside. We got to his room and he attacked my mouth with his, and I kissed him back just as hungrily. My stupid hand made me gasp and pull away though. 

"Get it checked."


"Sassy little prick," he mumbled laying down on his bead. I followed suit and nuzzled my head into his neck, kissing his scorpion softly. 

/I have NOTHING against the Way's, but this is all leading up to EVEN. MORE. DRAMA./
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