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Things will never be the same again.

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When I woke up, I noticed the clock on the wall. 8:30. No one would be up at this time. The only reason why I am is because I went to sleep and about 6:00 the afternoon before. I groaned and got up. I went to the bathroom, did my bathroom things, then went downstairs. Today's the day we all find out the truth. To be honest, I don't know what I'm hoping for. I think either way I'll feel completely indifferent. My life has changed anyway.

'Hi there.' A voice said. I jumped. It was just Andy.

'I thought you went home last night.' I said. He shrugged.

'I did, but then Matt annoyed me so I came here.' He told me.

'And you spent the night on the kitchen floor?' I asked.

'Yeah... normally I sleep in the guest bedroom, but you were there, then I thought I'd sleep on the couch, which I was going to, but I was also kind of hungry. I spent most of the night in front of the fridge wondering what to eat, then I got fed up because there was nothing, so I just fell asleep.' He answered. He had a bit of a sleepy voice. Damn it! It's so sexy!

'Sorry I slept in your bed.' I giggled.

'It's not mine technically, besides, I didn't want to wake you. But next time you better get out my way.' He joked. I laughed. 'So, do you want anything to eat?' He asked.

'Not really. I'm a bit nervous.' I answered. That was true. I wasn't nervous for what the result was going to be, just what I'd feel about it.

'Okay. Well, I'm gonna eat.' He said.

'I thought there wasn't anything.' I said.

'Yeah, nothing for midnight snacks. Plenty for breakfast.' He said. He got out a whole load of stuff. Including chocolate and crisps. How does he manage to eat so much and stay so fit? I heard some footsteps.

'Hey guys.' Abbie said.

'Hi.' I greeted.

'No. You can't have that chocolate. It's for my cooking lesson!' Abbie said taking it off Andy.

'I can still have the chips right?' He asked. She rolled her eyes.

'Fine, but don't blame me if you feel ill.' She said.

'Don't worry.' He replied sitting next to me. He then shook the bag in front of my face.

'Want a chip?' He asked.

'First of all, it's a crisp, and second of all, it's so early in the morning. I mean what possesses you to have that? Also, I don't really like crisps.' I answered. They gasped.

'I mean... I understand not wanting it in the early hours of the morning, but not liking them at all?' Abbie asked.

'I don't mind having them sometimes, I just don't like them.' I answered.

'Fine. Do you want coffee?' She offered. How am I gonna break it to them?

'I... uh... I don't really like coffee.' I said. Andy choked on his crisps and Abbie looked ghostly white.

'You... you what?!?' She asked.

'I love the smell, just not the taste.' I answered.

'What's going on guys?' Gerard asked walking down the stairs with Rachel.

'Penina doesn't like coffee!' Andy screamed.

'What?' Gerard and Rachel asked in unison.

'Sorry guys.' I said.

'Well, it's not to everyone's taste. I'll go get the paper.' Rachel said walking to the front door.

'Andy, do your parents know you're here?' Gerard asked him. Andy shrugged.

'I have no clue Gee.' He answered.

'Call them and tell them now.' Gerard said. Andy went to the phone and called Luce.

'Oh my god!' Rachel shrieked running inside with the newspaper.

'What is it?' Abbie asked.

'Well, not only are you on the front page, Penina, but there are a bunch of paparazzi outside.' She answered.

'For Christ sakes!' Gerard shouted.

'Don't worry. I know how to deal with dickheads.' I said. I started walking to the front door.

'What are you doing Penina?' Lu Lu asked walking down the stairs.

'Putting a face on the name.' I answered. I went outside. There was a bunch of talking and camera clicking. It felt blinding.

'Are you Riley?' Someone asked. I shrugged.

'Maybe. No one knows though.' I answered.

'What do you mean?' Another person asked.

'The DNA results come through today. Not that it matters to you. You're not invited for the big announcement. I suggest that if you don't want to die right here and right now, you sod off. This has got nothing to do with you!' I said. They all seemed really freaked out by my personality, and they were all gone within a matter of minutes.

Once they left, Detective Millican came in.

'So, are you ready to here the results?' She asked. I gulped.

'Um, yeah.' I answered. I really meant no but I had to find out some time. Here we go.

XD Hope you like it! In case you didn't know, I'm doing personalised oneshots, so check that out and audition. I'll do all of you! XD xx
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