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Face All The Pain And Take It On

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"Yep." He says and I know he's grinning. Gerard takes my hand and they lead me to....well somewhere

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Melody POV!!!

Its here.
I am 16 years old today.
I am no longer a child.
I am no longer safe.
My time is up.
I've been staring at the ceiling since I woke up and realised what day it was. I woke up at 8:30am. It is now 10am. No point in staying in bed till he gets me. I sit up and rub my tired eyes. I haven't slept properly since the wedding. That was about a month or two ago. I've been losing track of time. School starts soon. Rhiannons baby is due next month. I'm going to miss both.
I get up and head downstairs to the kitchen. Gerard and Frank are sitting at the dining table when I enter.
"Morning birthday girl!" Gerard says standing and coming over to hug me.
"Thanks." I say trying to sound happy. I pull away and head over to make coffee.
"God I remember when I turned 16....well actually come to think of it I was high most of the time. The memories are blurred." Frank says smiling to himself. "Don't get high. You don't remember much."
"Don't worry. I don't intend to." I say sitting at the table. I sip my coffee. Frank gives Gerard a look. Gerard nods and leaves the room. Minutes later he comes into the room with a present. A big one might I add.
It is wrapped in red paper and it goes from the floor to the middle of Gerards chest.
"Happy Birthday." Frank says. I walk over to the gift and raise an eyebrow.
"What is it?" I ask.
"Open it an find out silly!" Gerard says. I slowly begin to tear the paper from it until it reveals a guitar case.
"You didn't!" I say eyes going wide. I lay the case flat on the ground and pop the locks open. I lift the lid to reveal a white acoustic guitar. I strum the strings and they ring out in perfect tune.
"We did." Gerard says. I stand up and hug him. Then I hug Frank.
"Thank you!" I say. I pick it up and sit on the floor cross legged. I sit the guitar comfortably on my lap and play a few chords.
"What chords do you know?" Frank asks.
"Uhh..." I play the few chords I know. G, A, C, D, E and F.
"That's good! When did you learn those?" He asks.
"My sister went to lessons. She showed me what she learned." I say softly playing one of the songs I know. "I wanted you to teach me more advanced stuff."
"Sure! It will be fun." He replies. Yeah it won't last long though.
"Anyway you can play it later. We've got something else." Gerard says standing up. "Come with me."
"Waaaiit!" Frank says coming up behind me and putting his hands over my eyes. "Okay go!" He leads me forward into what I presume to be the living room.
"1-2-3!" Gerard says. Frank lifts his hands away and infront of me is a dress. Its a sailor type dress. Dark blue with white spots. There is a bow that ties round the back of it.
"Its gorgeous!" I say looking at it in awe.
"Go upstairs and put it on." Frank says. I nod and take it down from were its hanging. I run upstairs and quickly get changed into it. I look at myself in the mirror. It....looks nice. That's strange. I'm not used to looking nice. I twirl. It goes in and out at all the right places, showing every curve of my body. Its so perfect. I run back downstairs. The dress swishes and bounces as I move.
"Wow! It looks amazing!" Gerard says.
"It fits perfectly!" I say.
"That's cause we got it fitted! We used your measurements from the bridesmaid dress." Gerard says.
"Arms out." Frank says coming towards me. He puts a thin blue cardigan on me. "To cover the scars. Thought you might prefer it that way." He says smiling.
"Thanks." I say. I twirl again watching as the dress fans out around me. "I really love it!" I say putting my hands in the small pockets. My left hand touches something. Feels a little like cardboard. I pull it out to reveal tickets. Panic! At The Disco tickets to be precise.
"HOLY SHI-COW!" I say. I hold the two tickets in my hand staring at them in disbelief. Am I reading that right? I read over the words again and again. '...Panic! At The Disco.
Meet And Greet'...
"M-meet and greet!" I exclaim.
"Yeah." Gerard says smiling. He puts his arm around Frank.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I say hugging them tightly. That's when the realisation hits me.
I will probably be gone by the time the concert comes. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes. They have been so kind to me and I won't even be able to appreciate everything they've done. One tear escapes but I manage to keep the rest under control.
"Thank you so much. I just want you to know...that I love you. I love you like the way I loved my parents. You've done so much for me in the time I've known you." I say fighting the tears.
"We love you like our own. Don't forget that." Gerard says kissing my hair.
"I won't." I say. We stand there for a few minutes in a comfortable silence.
"Go upstairs and do your hair and stuff. We're taking you out." Gerard says patting my back. I pull away and smile before heading upstairs.

Gerard POV!!!!

Melody runs out of the room and I hear her footsteps run up the stairs.
"This is gonna be brilliant." Frank says excitedly walking out of the room. I follow him upstairs and into our room.
"You think she'll like it?" I say taking off my sweats and replacing them with a pair of black skinny jeans.
"I think she'll love it Gee." He says looking up and smiling at me as he fastens his jeans.
"Is it just me or has she been acting....distant recently?" I say pulling on a black shirt.
"I've noticed it too. I-" he says but is cut off by his mobile ringing. "Hello.....okay we'll be down soon!" He puts the phone back in his pocket. "They're there."
"Kay." I say going to the mirror and ruffling my hair a little. "I'll go see if she's ready." I go up to her room and knock on the door.
"Yeah?" She says. I open the door to see her putting mascara on.
"You ready?" I ask.
"Yeah." She says placing the mascara on the table and walking towards me. She follows me downstairs to the front door. Frank is already there.
"Let's go." He says.

Melody POV!!!!
We've been driving for a good ten minutes before the car stops and we get out.
"Come here." Frank says. I walk over to him and he places his hands over my eyes.
"Again?" I ask.
"Yep." He says and I know he's grinning. Gerard takes my hand and they lead me to....well somewhere. We walk for a bit before I feel the atmosphere change and I realise I'm now indoors. Frank slowly moves his hands away...
A/N: Oooh aint I mean!!
Well its been a while and I'm gonna explain why.
Basically when I wrote Forbidden Love I was excited and I wanted to see where my mind would go. I had that motivation to write. With this story I had it with the first few chapters and then one just disappeared. I no longer wanted to write it anymore. It felt more like a chore than something I enjoyed. The chapters started getting more crappy as I went on.
For the past few days I've been contemplating on finishing this story or not. I literally had a full authors note typed out about how I no longer wanted to write this anymore. Then I seriously thought about it just before I was about to post this. I decided I want to finish this. And I will.
Updates might not be frequent but they will come. Also when I don't get any R&R's it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong so if you guys could be nice and give me the determination to write again then they will be more frequent. I don't really know if that made sense but anyway.
I just wanted you to know how I was feeling with this and I know those of you who do R&R really like this story and I love you all for it! So until the next update. Bye.
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