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Happy Birthday To You

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A/N:OMG IT'S AN UPDATE!! Its been a while I know but finally I've gotten round to updating! You should be thanking The Umbrella Academy for this update because if I hadn't read them today I wouldn't have found the inspiration to write this! So yeah Gerard has brought my writers spark back. Its great to feel like this again! Anyway here's the surprise you've been waiting for!
"SURPRISE!" The voices of the kids I spent the last year with fill my ears. I look around to see I'm in the care home.
"Happy birthday sweetie." Says Tina walking up to me and wrapping her arms around me.
"Thanks." I say. She pulls away. I turn to face Frank and Gerard who are looking at me with worried faces. "I love it!" I say smiling. The look of relief on their faces is priceless.
"Here we got you something." I turn to see Carrie holding a wrapped present. I take it from her and tear the paper off it to reveal paints, pencils and a sketch book.
"You used to tell me you would draw when you felt down. So we thought you'd like these." She says. I wrap my free arm around her.
"Thank you." I say. "Everyone give me a hug!" I say looking at the rest of the kids. They rush over and I hug them one by one. Lucy. Grace. Josh. Harry. Emma. Tracy. Chloe. Chrissy. I look around for that one face I want to see. But he isn't there.
"Hey guys sorry I'm late!" I turn to see Summer standing in the door way.
"Oh my god Summer!" I say rushing over to her and almost knocking her over with the force of my hug.
"Woah! Nice to see you too." She says wrapping her arms around me. "Here!" She says pulling away and handing me a present. I open it. Its a Panic! At The Disco hoodie. Just like the one she was wearing the first day I met her.
"Oh! Thank you!" I say hugging her again.
"I thought you'd like it." She says.
"I love it!" I reply.
"Hey guys! The food is ready." Mark, one of the other care workers says coming into the room. Everyone rushes to the kitchen. I wait for everyone to go by me first. Something moves at the corner of my eye.
"Are you coming?" Summer asks.
"Yeah. I'll be back in a second." I say walking to were I saw him. I hear the back door close and follow him. By the time I'm at the bottom of the tree house he's already up the ladders.
"River." I say. No reply. "River." I try again. Silence. I sigh. "Are you really gonna make me come up there in a dress?" I say looking up and putting my hands on my hips. Still no answer. "Apparently so." I say more to myself than him. I sigh again and begin to climb up the ladders. I reach the top to see him looking out of the window at the other end of the tree house. I walk a little closer too him so that I'm standing in the middle of the room.
What am I doing? I was the one that told him I didn't want to see him anymore. He done what I told him to.
Walk away and leave it. Its not too late. You're only going to put him in danger. Melody turn around.
I turn round and walk to the door.
"What happened to us?" River says just as I'm about to take the first step down. I grip the door frame and sigh.
"Things....change. P-people change." I reply closing my eyes and hanging my head.
"But what changed about us?" He says. I turn to face him. He's looking right at me. His face shows no emotion. His eyes have dark circles under them.
"When was the last time you slept?" I look at him. He's thinner. Much thinner. His cheek bones are more noticeable. "When was the last time you ate?"
"You didn't answer my question. What changed about us? Cause we seemed pretty much fine until the day after the wedding. Was it because I wouldn't have sex with you that night? Was it?" He says taking a step closer to me. I forgot how tall he is. He towers over me.
"No. No. It wasn't because of that." I say moving into the corner. Bad idea. Now I can't get past him. "What then?" He says coming to me and towering over me again. "Because I've been racking my brain ever since, wondering what I've done to upset you and I can't think of anything."
"You've not upset me." I reply trying to look brave.
"Then what! Why have you changed!" He says raising his voice and his hand. I flinch away from his clenched fist.
"You're scaring me..." I say quietly. I turn so that he can't see my face. He lowers his hand and pushes himself away from me.
"I'm sorry." He says walking away. He groans in frustration and punches the wall repeatedly.
"River." I say. He doesn't stop. "River stop!" I shout. He leans his head against the wall and sighs.
"I wish I could tell you. Really I do. It kills me pushing you away like this. But I can't think of anything else to do. This is the only way of protecting you and everyone else." I say turning away again as the tears threaten to spill from my eyes. I squeeze my them shut.
"Pushing me away isn't going to protect me. Its gonna make me worse." He says in a much softer voice than before. I didn't even realise he was beside me until he puts his hand on my cheek.
"But-" I try but he presses his lips to mine. I try to push away but he doesn't even react. He puts his hand behind my neck and scratches his nails down it. I gasp and melt into the kiss. I tangle my fingers into his hair and pull it lightly. He groans and pulls away.
"I see you found one of my...weak spots." I pant.
"I guess so." He says panting with me.
"How did you know that?" I ask.
"Carrie told me. You look beautiful by the way." He says changing the subject.
"Thank you." I say blushing. Note to self: don't tell Carrie anything like that again.
"I've a present for you. I didn't know if you wanted to talk to me but I got one anyway." He says.
"You didn't have to." I say.
"I wanted to." He replies lightly kissing me. "Its in my room. Come on." I go down the ladders first and he comes down seconds after. We walk into the care home and up the stairs to his room.
"Wait here and I'll get it." He says leaving me standing at his bedroom door. I walk inside a little. He goes rummaging under his bed. I should have known. He keeps everything under there.
"I didn't know you play guitar." I say noticing the little black acoustic sitting against his wall.
"I've been playing since I was a kid. I stopped for a while. Then Tina found that old thing in the attic and no one else played in here so she gave it to me and I've picked it up again." He says.
"Frank and Gerard got me one for my birthday. I love it. Frank is an amazing guitarist so he's gonna teach me some more complicated stuff." I say. He emerges from under the bed with a big wrapped present.
"I'm uh...not the best at wrapping." He says handing me it. His cheeks going a little red. Well he was right about the wrapping. I tear it off.
"Its beautiful." I say putting a hand to my mouth. I look at the collage he's made. Its full of pictures from old holidays with the care home and even some of me with my parents and Lily. "Were did you get the ones of my family?"
"I asked Frank and Gerard to try and get them for uh don't give them into trouble for going through your stuff." He says. There's a picture of us both in the middle kissing. I don't even remember that being taken.
"Thank you. I love it." I say hugging him.
"You're welcome. Now we better get back to your party. They'll be missing the birthday girl." He says. We walk back downstairs hand in hand.
"There you are!" Gerard says. "Were have you been?"
"I was giving her a present." River says.
"Oh let's see!" Gerard says his eyes lighting up like a child. I show him the collage.
"That's awesome! Took a while to get those pictures. Since you never came out of your room." He says smiling. "I'll put it over with your other presents." He says taking it from me and setting it down.
"Now what's a party without music?" Mark says putting on the CD player.
A/N: So I hope you guys liked this. Hopefully there will be another update soon. Don't forget to R&R!!
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