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Beauty from pain

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Penina needs her sister, but maybe something can get her mind off it.

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I never should've convinced Cait to come here. Never! I could've saved all the trouble. Now look at what I've done. I've ruined the family that bought me up.

'Penina?' Andy asked. I snapped out of my thoughts to pay attention to him.

'Yeah?' I asked.

'Abbie, Rachel, Ashley, Matt, Leena and I are going to the beach. 15-18 only. Wanna come?' He offered. I nodded my head.

'Yeah okay.' I said. Anything to get my mind off what's going on.

'Okay, I'll drive. You wanna get ready?' He asked.

'I am ready. I've got no swimming stuff. I just packed whatever I needed.' I said.

'You can borrow mine. I've got some new ones.' Rachel said.

'Really?' I asked.

'Sure. What are sisters for?' She asked. She took me upstairs and gave me a gorgeous, dark blue one piece.

'This is so nice.' I said.

'Thanks, I chose it in the shops, but I never got round to wearing it, then I couldn't be bothered wearing it because I already had some.' She answered. I giggled. She put it, and a towel in a bag. Then we went downstairs in our sandals and left in Andy's car. It was so awesome. It was big, and black. Okay, so I don't really care that much about cars to know what make it was, just that it looked cool.

'I like your car.' I said as I sat down.

'Thanks. I picked it out on my birthday.' He said.

When the light from the sun bounced off his face, he looked even more perfect than ever. We stopped off at everyone's house to pick them up, then we arrived at the beach. Everyone except Andy and I went immediately to the sea. I wasn't really in the mood. I just put my towel down and lay down on it.

'So, are you gonna tell me what's wrong?' He asked.

'Everything's wrong. I got my "parents" in trouble with the law, my sister's missing, and I felt nothing when I found out the truth. I just feel so empty.' I told him.

'None of that is your fault.' He said sitting down next to me. 'It'll obviously take some time getting used to.' He said.

'What about Casper?' I asked. He was really confused.

'There are ghosts in England now?' He asked sounding genuinely terrified. I giggled.

'No. I call my sister, Caitlin, that. It's because she's really pale and harmless.' I told him.

'Oh thank god! I thought you were serious for a minute.' He said. I giggled.

'I like your mind. It's mad.' I said.

'I like yours too. I also like your bangs.' He said. I sat up, and wrapped the towel around me.

'Okay, you were being really friendly, and then all of a sudden you talk about my tits?!? You pervert!' I exclaimed. He shook his head and giggled.

'No. Your bangs.' He said stroking my fringe.

'Oh.' I said.

'See. Your mind's perfect.' He complimented. Damn it. He's giving me butterflies.

'It's crazy too.' I added.

'Crazy is perfect.' He said. He brushed some of my hair out of my face, then leaned in, slowly. I could tell it was coming. This is the best feeling I've felt in my life. His lips were warm and soft against my mouth. It felt perfect. I felt amazing. All too soon we had to pull apart to get oxygen into our lungs.

'Andy...' I started.

'Yeah?' He asked.

'You're crazy.' I joked before kissing him again. Yep. This is perfect.

Dun. Dun. DUUUNNNN! Yep. Kissing scene. Andy, don't worry. Fin won't hate you for a fictional story made up in a crazy persons brain! XD :O I had a perfect idea. Okay, so my artistic skills are close to zero, but if anyone of you perfect people could make fan art for this I will love you for ever and make your part even bigger and mahoosiver! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! XD xx

I just remembered something, and I had to share it with all of you. This was in the news a few years ago. It's about my younger brother. And the person making the weird face is me. I was talking and I didn't realise the camera man was taking pictures. -_- Here it is ---->
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