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I'll let you know just how much you mean to me

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(I suck at summaries) Frank and bert have kissed, but will gerard manage to tell frank how he feels before bert beats him to it???

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Berts P.O.V.

I pulled out of the kiss that me and frank had engaged in, despite franks effort to hold on.
"Yeah." Frank answered, looking up at me with those big chocolate brown eyes, whilst chewing on the sleeve of his gray hoodie.
"...never mind." He looked to cute for me to say what I was going to say.
"So...does this mean we're...together?" Frank asked, after pulling his sleeve out of his mouth and putting his hands in his pockets.
"Yeah...I suppose it does." I tilted franks chin upward and he rose onto his toes to meet my lips with his soft pink ones. As frank was about to pull me closer I heard a gasp, causing us both to pull away and turn to where the noise came from. A dripping wet gerard and mikey, who was the one who gasped.
"Mikaaayyy." I yelled down the hall and walked over to him, leaving frank staring at gerard, who looked like he had just had a heart attack. He was so still, like a fragile vampire-like statue.
"I haven't seen you in a long time mikes." I patted him hard on the back.
"Only gerard calls me mikes." Mikey replied with a venomous hiss in his voice.
"Woah, chillax mikey, I'm just tryin to have a nice reunion with an old friend." What I said was quite ironic really. Mikey never liked me when I was with gerard, in fact he hated my guts. He never told me, but his face said it all, gerard and mikey have the same 'I'm going to kill you' look, I would usually make gerards go away by kissing him...somehow I don't think mikey would appreciate that...
"Right...let's call it 'old friends'." He tore his eyes off of me and concentrated on trying to dry gerard, by dabbing him with his crimson tie. The dampness turning it black.
I turned my head to look at frank. He was still stood in the same spot, eyes fixated on Gerards pale face. Franks eyes were filled with hurt and confusion, it was almost as if he was trying to figure out what was going on in Gerards mind, but the expression on Gerards perfected facial features remained blank and emotionless. Almost as if he were numb.
Frank stepped backwards tripping over his own feet, then stumbled up, breaking into a run. Running away from me.
"Frank!?" I yelled after him.
"Seems like you repel everyone, 'ey bert." Mikey chuckled after his snide comment. I dismissed mikeys smug face and ran after 'my boyfriend'
"Frank!?" I called again. He slowed down now. I ran to catch up.
"Frank!?" I yelled yet again, still running. Frank stretched out his arm and placed his hand on my chest as I ran into it, pushing me away slightly.
"Bert...I can't be with you."
"Why's that frank?" I tilted my head slightly to the side, my long hair moving with it.
"I don't love you." Frank stated, and lowered his arm. I didn't really expect him to LOVE me, I mean I've only known the guy for like...a day.
"Okay... I don't love you either frank. We've only known each other a couple of hours. I like you, I don't love you."
"But...that's the thing...I'm in love with someone..."
I didn't need to guess who it was...
"...I love gerard..."
Bingo! I just wish I could've stayed with frank longer, he's a good kisser.
"Well...if you stayed with me longer..." I whispered whilst moving closer to him, pulling his waist closer to me.
" might make gerard jealous." "But, gerards probably not even gay-" I cut him off with a kiss
"Trust me, if he were gayer he would be sprinkling flowers everywhere whilst singing and dancing."

Franks P.O.V

Gerards gay? I looked down the hall at gerards fragile, pale, perfect face. So clueless...
sorry its short, I will try to remember to update tomorrow because this was short. I hope you enjoy this chapter, although its a bit rushed :)
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