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Really Important

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Frank makes a nasty discovery

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“Who’s up first with their guilty pleasure song?” Victoria asked; this was my moment to shine.
“I will.” I spoke almost inaudibly.
“Frank you want to?” Victoria exclaimed out of shock. I never perform a vocal performance but I got a few of the other guys including Gerard to do a song with me. I nodded before getting up with the guys and looking over to Roxy slowly who smiled encouragingly toward me.

“You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when you walk through the door
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
That what makes you beautiful

So c-come on
You got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a song
I don't know why
You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eyes

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you”

We all sung the cheesy One Direction song to the girls of the group, I was stood in front of Roxy singing away and offered her my hand so we could get them all up dancing, even Victoria managed to smile and have a laugh.

“That’s what makes you beautiful” We finished off as I stroked her cheek.
“Why do you not sing more? Your voice is amazing!” She whispered in my ear with her arms around my neck smiling.
“My voice is more for screaming than singing cheesy boyband songs.” I laughed as she pulled away to look at me.
“I don’t know if you let me dress you I bet I could get you in one of those boybands.” She laughed as Victoria cleared her throat indicating she wanted us to sit down.
“Ok well boys you certainly surprised us with that, well done. Roxy do you want to go next?” She looked over at her and for the first time the look she gave was not of distaste but an actual smile!
“Sure.” She jumped up and some other girls did and a few of the other guys.

“I threw a wish in the well
Don’t’ ask me, I’ll never tell
I looked to you as it fell
And now you’re in my way

I'd trade my soul for a wish
Pennies and dimes for a kiss
I wasn't looking for this
But now you're in my way
Your stare was holdin'
Ripped jeans, skin was showin'
Hot night, wind was blowin'
Where you think you're going, baby?

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my number
So call me, maybe?

It's hard to look right
At you baby
But here's my number
So call me, maybe?

Hey, I just met you
And this is crazy
But here's my number
So call me, maybe?

And all the other boys
Try to chase me
But here's my number
So call me, maybe?”

Roxy and the rest of the group on the stage did a full dance routine that fitted with the song perfectly. You could clearly see that she was enjoying doing this whole routine. Surprisingly her usual gang hadn’t turned up today and maybe that’s why she seemed so relaxed. Everyone clapped as the song finished Victoria again smiling! She must really be warming towards Roxy.

“Hey again.” I smiled as Roxy sat down at the side of me and I took her hand slowly stroking it as she smiled. She’d been a member of the group for near two and half months now and we both agreed there was an attraction and decided we should act upon it. It was awkward at first with her group of old friends pushing me up against the lockers a few times, throwing crap at me when I was in their class and a few times it’s took Roxy standing in front of me to stop them giving me a really good beating. In spite of that though I was the happiest I’d ever been in my whole schooling life. “So the band is having a BBQ in this field tomorrow and I was wondering if you’re game to come?” I asked her and not expecting the answer I got as a reply considering she loved BBQ’s she frequently told me.
“I can’t I’m sorry. It’s just I have to do something that cannot be put on hold, it’s really important.” She looked at me slowly. “I’m really sorry.” She squeezed my hand softly. What did she have to do that was so important? Why hadn’t she mentioned this before now? I had so many questions whizzing through my head I was slightly grateful when the next performance from Thomas started.

After everyone had performed it was time for Victoria to talk. “Well it’s clear you all enjoyed this week’s theme of guilty pleasure songs. As you know we’re finally breaking up for two weeks so the theme for the week we come back is whatever you want to sing for that week. That means no restrictions just pure ideas. Have a good break everyone.” And with that everyone started to leave.
“Have a good time tomorrow, Frank.” She smiled kissing me softly before getting out of my car at her house that we drove to in a uncomfortable and awkward silence.

Tomorrow rolled up quicker than I wanted it too. All night I was wondering what it was Roxy had to do that was “really important”. I tried to shrug the idea away as I got the stuff I was in charge of taking to the field. It was mainly my vegetarian food and a few drinks for everyone. As I got in my car I noticed Roxy’s on the floor of the passenger seat. Now that was enough of a coincidence that the black purse was lay there when I’d spent all night playing possible scenarios in my head of what she could be doing. I pulled up outside her house and noticed a very familiar car on the drive way that wasn’t Roxy’s. Oh no it was Jake’s but why he was here was a mystery. I knocked on the door but there was no answer, this was doing nothing to calm my nerves. I tried again and still no answer so I walked round the back, which I often did when it was sunny as she sometimes sits outside therefore missing the knocking. As I approached the full glass back door I saw them both; his hands firmly on her bum, her hands on his chest, their lips connected. The thing that was so important that couldn’t be put on hold turned out to be Jake, now it all made sense.
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