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Change of Path

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When the mother of Frank's child dies, he has to handle the full responsibilities of being a dad.

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

'Don't worry sweetie. I'm sure it'll all be fine.' Ray tried to reassure his fiance, Shayla. 'I'll be home soon. See you then. Love you.' He said before hanging up.

'I guess we know who the bitch in this relationship is gonna be.' Bob joked. We all giggled. We were on our way home from a 6 month tour. We then passed a very familiar looking building to me. Crap!

'Uh, guys, we need to stop. There's something I need to do.' I said.

'Are you kidding man? We're nearly home.' Gerard said sounding pissed off.

'No. I'm not. I won't be long.' I told him. They all groaned, but we did stop. I checked my pocket to make sure it was there. Perfect. I hopped out of the minibus and went to number 4 Halliwell Terrace. It was in a block of cheap flats, but it was the only one me and Sophie Carling could afford.

Sophie and I had a one-night stand about 5 years ago. That resulted in our beautiful 4 year old daughter. Kayla Bonny Iero. We call her Bunny though. She's gorgeous. I didn't realise I could love someone so much. Sophie and I aren't together though. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Penina Dayne. However, no one apart from me, Sophie, and anyone who needs to know, know she exists.

I got her a present from the tour. It's a mini toy bunny. It's lilac, and keyring sized, but she loves bunnies. Not just because of her nickname. I knocked on the door. Sophie answered it. Her blueish, grey eyes, seemed more dead than usual. But I suppose she's probably tired. She tucked some of her blonde, chin-length hair behind her ear. Bunny came running up to me.

'Daddy!' She screamed happily, jumping into my arms.

'Kayla! I've missed you so much. Have you been a good girl for mummy?' I asked. She nodded her head.

'She's been brilliant.' Sophie said. 'How was the tour?' She asked.

'It was so much fun. And I even got you a present.' I told Kayla. Her face lit up.

'I like presents.' She said. I giggled.

'I know you do. I also know you like Bunnies. Is that right?' I asked settling her down on the couch. She nodded her head in excitement.

'I'll be right back.' Sophie said. She went to the bathroom.

'I love bunnies!' She squealed. I reached into my pocket.

'That's good then, isn't it? You've now got one.' I said handing it to her. She smiled widely, and squeezed me.

'Thank you daddy! I love you.' She said happily.

'I love you too. I've got to go soon though, but I'll be back tomorrow. I can stay for a little while.' I said sitting next to her. She then climbed up onto me and sat on my lap.

'No you're not!' She said crossing her arms. I laughed slightly.

'Sweetie, I've got to. Did you see me on the telly?' I asked.

'Yes.' She answered.

'Did you like it?' I asked stroking her long black hair.

'No. I loved it.' She said. I smiled and hugged her. I forgot how much I missed her. I decided I'd wait here until Sophie came out of the bathroom. But half an hour passed.

'Shall I go and see what's taking mummy so long?' I asked. She nodded her head. I walked over to the bathroom and knocked on the door. 'Soph? Are you okay? I've got to go now.' I said. She said nothing. 'Sophie?' I asked. I better check she's okay. I opened the door, and saw something no one should have to see.

Sophie's body was hanging from a rope. Tears were already falling from my cheeks. There was a note on the chair she knocked over.

I just couldn't handle it anymore. I'm so sorry Frank. Please look after Kayla. Tell her that I love her. That I'm an angel now. I've tried so hard, but this life just isn't alright for me. I'll love you both and look out for you. Thank you so much for being a fantastic dad to her.


'Daddy?' Sophie asked from the lounge. I ran to her and picked her up.

'Honey, let's go meet my friends. You know the other people you saw on the T.V.?' I asked. She smiled and nodded her head. I can't believe my daughter now has to grow up without her mother. I can't believe I need to look after her 24/7. I ran to the minibus and sat her down in my seat.

'Dude, she's a bit young don't you think?' Ray asked.

'Shut up man. I need to make a phone call.' I said. I called 911.

'Hello, emergency services.' The woman on the other end greeted. She was too cheery and chirpy to work for a place like that. I walked away from the minibus.

'I need you to help. The mother of my daughter has just committed suicide. I don't know what to do.' I said quickly.

'Can you give me your address?' She asked. That's exactly what I did. I also had to describe how she did it. That was the most painful. Having to accept that it happened. 'Okay sir, we'll be there as soon as we can.' She said.

'What's going on Frank?' Mikey asked walking towards me.

'That's Kayla. She's my daughter.' I said. His eyes widened.

'Wait? What?' He asked sounding freaked out.

'Remember Sophie? I hooked up with her one night. It's her daughter. But, not anymore. She just killed herself Mikes.' I said. Mikey's mouth was hanging open.

'Oh my god. What are you gonna do man?' He asked.

'I'm gonna raise her. She's my daughter after all.' I said. I went back into the minibus. Bunny stared at me with her innocent hazel eyes.

'Daddy?' She asked. Gerard, Ray, and Bob looked at us in shock as soon as she said that.

'Kayla, do you know what an angel is?' I asked. She nodded her head. I took a deep breath in. 'Well, mummy's an angel now. She's in heaven.' I said slowly. She began crying.

'Will I see her again?' She asked. I began crying too.

'I'm so sorry sweetie. She can't come back from heaven.' I said. She sobbed even harder and wrapped her arms around me. I grabbed onto her for dear life. I'm gonna make sure she's okay.

Happy first chapter everyone! Woo! XD I hope you liked it! There will be more on it's way! I had pancakes for breakfast by the way. Pancakes with nutella. It was like it was made by unicorn shit (Which is good) XD Rate and review guys! XD xx
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