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A new home

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Bringing Kayla home.

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~~Penina's P.O.V~~

The girls and I were hanging up decorations in mine and Frank's flat. We haven't seen them in ages, and we're so excited to see them. Shayla's freaking out because her wedding's soon, and Ray said they'd be back soon, and it's only been about 45 minutes.

'I'm going to chop his afro off if he doesn't come home in 2 seconds!' She said angrily squeezing a balloon, making it pop and scare us all.

'Calm down Say, they've probably stopped off somewhere to get us something. Or maybe they saw a music shop and caused mayhem in there.' Jane said. She's married to Gerard, and she knows the stresses of weddings. They have an 8 year old daughter called Hollie. She's so adorable. Speaking of the devil...

'Mum, there's a spider in the kitchen.' She said crying. She's terrified of spiders. So am I, and Frank just screams at the name.

'Okay, show me where it is.' She said grabbing a cup and a napkin. They went into the kitchen to get rid of the terrifying creature.

'At least it's not a wasp.' Hannah said. She's Bob's wife. We all giggled. She's terrified of wasps.

'Guys, they're here!' Mikey's girlfriend, Molly, said. We all got into position. Jane and Holly came running in. Gerard opened the door.

'Surprise.' We screamed. 4 of the boys came walking in, they looked as if they'd seen a ghost.

'Is everyone okay?' Gerard asked running to Hollie and picking her up.

'Um, we're fine. Where's Frank?' I asked.

'Why didn't he tell us for god sake?' Mikey asked raking his hands through his hair.

'Guys, what happened?' Hannah asked.

'Mummy's an angel.' A timid voice said from the door way. There was a girl standing there who couldn't have been more than 4. She was holding Frank's hand. Frank looked guilty.

'Sweetie, can I talk to you for a sec?' He asked me. I nodded my head and followed him into the bedroom. Gerard made Hollie and the little girl play together, keeping a close eye on them.

'What's going on Frank?' I asked crossing my arms.

'So much. 5 years ago, before you and I even met, I went to a bar, and got really drunk, and had a one-night stand. I know that's not my style, but it happened. That one-night stand turned into parent-hood.' He said. I felt unable to move. 'I didn't tell anyone. I just went to visit her about 5 minutes each day. Leaving her always broke my heart. But now I can't leave her. Her mum... she committed suicide not even an hour ago. I understand if you never want to talk to me again, or if you want to break up with me, but I did it for her sake. We wanted her to have privacy.' He told me. I shook my head.

'Why didn't you at least tell me?' I asked.

'I just didn't know how. She was two years old when we met. I didn't know how you thought about kids. And when I did find out, it would've been too late to tell you. I know it was stupid, but I need to look after her now. She matters so much to me. He name's Kayla. Her full name is Kayla Bonny Iero. We call her Bunny.' He told me.

'I'm not going to lie and say that I should've seen this coming. You're a complete moron, but I'll support you through it. How did her mum die?' I asked.

'She hung herself. I found her. It was horrible Penina. If I didn't than Kayla would've.' He said crying.

'It's okay now Frank. It's okay.' I said hugging him.

'I need to go see her again. She doesn't know everyone yet.' He said getting off the bed. He went out of the room and went to his daughter. That's so weird. I went back into the lounge. They all looked deathly pale.

'I just can't believe this.' Bob said.

'Well, we're going to have to start. She's just 4 years old, and she's lost her mother.' I said. I walked into the guest bedroom where Frank, Gerard, Kayla and Hozzie were.

'Grown-ups are silly.' Hollie said to Kayla. Kayla was sucking her thumb, and started to smile at Hozzie.

'My daddy's silly. He jumps around a lot.' Kayla replied.

'My daddy's silly because his hair changes colour a lot.' Hollie said. They started giggling. I must admit, Kayla on Frank's lap was absolutely adorable.

'Kayla, this is my girlfriend, her name's Penina.' Frank said. Kayla waved her other hand at me.

'Hi Kayla. I agree, your daddy is silly.' I said. Kayla giggled.

'Girl grown-ups aren't silly though. They're princesses.' Kayla said. I smiled at her words.

'You're a princess too. You both are.' I said looking at Hozzie.

'So, you think we're silly then?' Frank asked tickling Kayla. She laughed the most adorable laugh I've ever heard.

'Kayla, what do you want more than anything?' I asked.

'A bunny!' She answered. I looked over at Frank. I would like a bunny too. He wouldn't because they're apparently too much hard work to look after.

'Guys, I'll be right back.' I said. Joy for us, revenge for Frank.

Mwahaha! Poor Frank. Ah well. XD There's a children's party going on next door, and it's adorable. There's a bouncy castle and I just want to climb over the fence and jump with them while teaching them about MCR! Rate and review guys! I like rates and reviews! Sorry if this chapter's a bit boring, but it will get better! XD xx
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