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Another surprise

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What happens when you bring a bunny into the house?

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~~Kayla's P.O.V~~

'Are you hungry Bunny?' Dad asked me.

'I want a jam sandwich.' I said.

'Strawberry jam?' He asked. I nodded my head.

'I'll be right back.' He said. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, I heard daddy and Penina shouting, and my sandwich was next to me.

'Well you could've told me too, besides, I think this is the least she deserves.' Penina said.

'Guys, will you shut up? For the love of god!' Gerard said.

'Just keep the damn thing. You two are driving me crazy! This should be the least of your worries right now.' Hollie's mum said. I don't know her name yet, but I know it was her. I jumped off the bed and went inside to see what everyone was arguing about. I began to suck my thumb.

Hollie noticed me, took my hand, and pulled me into the lounge. Sitting in a cage was a small, white, fluffy, real bunny.

'Yay!' I screamed. I heard everyone running in.

'Do you like her?' Penina asked. I nodded my head.

'Can I keep her?' I asked her. She looked at daddy. He sighed angrily.

'Sure sweetie.' He answered. I ran up to him and gave him a massive hug.

'Can I hold her? I'm going to call her Sophie, because she's white like an angel!' I said running back to the cage.

'Do you want to hold her?' Penina asked. I nodded my head and sat down in a massive arm chair.

'Can I hold her too?' Hozzie asked.

'Sure, sit next to Kayla.' Penina answered. She placed Sophie in between as and we stroked her. She was so soft. It's nose wiggled, which made me giggle.

'She's funny.' I said.

'Listen, we've got to go and sort out the wedding. I'll see you guys later.' The man with the funny hair said.

'Yeah, we'll see you later.' The girl he's marrying said.

'Okay, bye guys.' Penina said.

'Kayla, do you still want your sandwich?' Daddy asked.

'Later. Right now I just want to be with Sophie.' I told him. Daddy looked annoyed, but nodded his head.

An hour later, Sophie was back in her cage, and everyone had left. Daddy and Penina were having a chat with me.

'Kayla, you can't go back to mummy's house again, but we're going to get some of your stuff. Is there anything in particular of mummy's you want?' Daddy asked.

'Her.' I answered.

'Oh, baby, she's not coming back. I really wish she was. Is there anything of hers that you want really badly?' Daddy asked.

'Everything. I miss her daddy.' I said.

'Kayla, is there something she used a lot?' Penina asked.

'She used to spray something on her everyday. She said it was a magic potion to stop her smelling badly.' I said. Daddy smiled sadly.

'Did it smell nice?' He asked. I nodded my head.

'It was small, and pink. I miss mummy!' I said. I began crying.

'Would you like some pictures of her?' Dad asked sitting next to me. I nodded my head. 'I'll get everything tomorrow baby. But for now, it's bedtime.' He said. He carried me into the bedroom I was in before, and tucked me in.

'Is mummy okay?' I asked him before he left.

'Yeah. She's fine. She misses you lots though. She hasn't told me that, but I can tell. She'll always be watching over you. You'll always be safe sweetie.' He said. He kissed me goodnight, and left. I managed to get to sleep, and I had a bad dream.

I was walking through a field, with thick, green grass that was taller than me. I then saw a woman looking at me. When I got closer I saw mummy.

'Mummy!' I screeched in happiness. She smiled warmly at me, but I couldn't get to her. Every time I tried, a black cloud blocked me. 'Mummy!' I cried.

'You can't see her. Again!' The black cloud said.

The dream shattered away into pieces, and I woke up. I began crying. I ran into daddy's room. Penina and daddy were sleeping, but daddy woke up.

'Hey honey, are you okay?' He asked. I shook my head.

'I had a nightmare.' I said. He lifted me up onto the bed. He blew my head.

'There. I blew the nightmare away. Do you want to sleep in this bed just to be sure?' He asked. I nodded my head, and got underneath the covers. Daddy wrapped his arm around me and Penina. Daddy's arms are colourful. He has lot's of drawings on them. I love daddy.

3 chapters in one day?!? Hell yeah!!! Oh my god you guys, this afternoon was so awkward. My estranged grandmother came. I say estranged, my siblings and I don't know her, but her and my dad keep contact. Anyway, it was so awkward, and made me realised that I have a pretty shitty family. But, what did cheer me up is the person who introduced me to MCR. On facebook, she posted a picture with the caption "My dad was making a barbeque, and now the garden's on fire." And it was! Haha. I love her and her family! They're awesome! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter! Rate and review! XD xx
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