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Going to a crime scene

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Collecting her stuff

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

When I woke up, Penina was out of the bed, and Kayla was still close to me. The door opened and Penina walked in with two cups of coffee. She put one on my bedside table.

'What happened to her last night?' She asked.

'She had a nightmare. I couldn't bare to just let her go back to bed.' I told her.

'You know something? She's actually adorable. Do you want me to take her shopping while you go back to the flat?' She offered.

'You'd do that?' I asked.

'Sure. She's family now, and she needs some stuff.' She answered.

'You're perfect. I'm still mad about the rabbit thing though.' I sulked.

'Which reminds me, you have to clean out her cage today.' She said kissing my cheek. I smiled angrily at her. She infuriates me, but I wouldn't want anyone else. Kayla started stirring, and she woke up.

'Hey baby, how are you feeling?' I asked her while taking a sip of my coffee.

'I don't know.' She said twiddling her thumbs.

'Kayla, how would you like to go shopping with me today. We'll get stuff just for you.' Penina said. Kayla smiled and nodded her head.

'I've got to get ready.' I said. I got off the bed, showered, and got dressed. When I went into the kitchen, there were chocolate chip pancakes waiting for me. Kayla was halfway through hers, and Penina was by the stove.

'Wow! Whose idea was this?' I asked sitting down.

'Kayla suggested it, and we all love pancakes!' Penina said putting some on her plate. I dug in. It was delicious. When I finished, I put my plate in the sink.

'I've got to go now guys, but thank you so much for the pancakes.' I said.

'See you later baby.' Penina said giving me a peck on the lips.

'Bye, and Kayla, be good.' I said. She smiled. I picked her up and gave her a quick hug before I left.

I got to the flat and unlocked the door. It was weird to think that just a few hours ago Kayla would've been playing some of her stupid games that we found adorable. Maybe Sophie was on the sofa watching her, maybe even joining in. If I knew what she was going to do, I would've helped her. I would've stopped her dying. I would've saved her.

I went into Sophie's room. This is where we had that one-night stand. It's where my gorgeous daughter was made. I found the perfume Kayla was talking about. I took a sniff, and I instantly remembered that night. She wore it that night. A tear rolled down my cheek. I couldn't think about that right now. I had to get everything I needed. By the time I packed everything, I had 3 full boxes. I had to call Mikey to pick me up.

'Is everything okay man?' He asked. I shrugged.

'I think so. But this is so weird. I had no clue that she was going to do that. And what about when Kayla grows up? She's going to be asking about her, and I won't have any clue what to say. I don't even know why she did it.' I answered.

'Why didn't you tell us about her? We would've been shocked, sure, but we would have helped you.' He asked.

'I don't know anymore. At the time I thought it was for the best, but it obviously wasn't.' I said.

'How's Penina handling it?' He asked.

'Surprisingly well. I thought she would've destroyed my manhood at the very least, but she really likes her.' I replied. He pulled up by my flat. I took out the boxes and said goodbye to him. When I got in the door, I noticed something different already. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I put the boxes in Kayla's room. When I turned to leave, there was a big, fluffy bunny staring at me through the doorway. It must be evil. How did it get out of it's cage?

Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but this bunny just scares me for some reason.

'Shoo.' I said. It hopped even closer. I screamed and ran out of the room.

That's when Penina and Kayla came in carrying tons of stuff.

'What's going on Frankie?' Penina asked.

'The rabbit... it escaped from the cage and it's terrorizing me.' I said. Penina sighed, and Kayla ran into her room.

'Sophie!' She screamed in happiness. She started stroking her. She giggled. 'She's tickling me.' She said. Penina rolled her eyes at me.

'Seriously Frank? A bunny?' She asked.

'It's a scary bunny.' I told her. She giggled and kissed my cheek. I smiled at her. She makes everything better. 'What did you guys get?' I asked.

'Bed stuff, some clothes, furniture, and please don't be angry.' She begged.

'What did you do?' I asked.

'You see that big bag over there?' She asked. I nodded my head. 'It might be full of sweets and chocolate from me spoiling her.' She said. I shook my head.

'What the hell Penina? She's going to get a heart-attack or diabetes!' I said angrily.

'But she's so cute and encouraging.' She said. I groaned.

'You're such a pushover.' I told her.

'Only for cute things. That's why we're together.' She joked. I giggled. She kissed my neck, leaving a lipstick mark on my scorpion tattoo.

I went to Kayla and saw her following Sophie. She's a menace, but she's an amazing menace. I wouldn't have wanted any other person to be my daughter.

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