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Bruised like a peach

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There's something not quite right about Kayla.

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This story has been canceled. Only joking. Sorry Poppana. I had to. Anyway, on with the story...

~~Penina's P.O.V~~

'Frank, have you done the rabbit's cage yet?' I asked from the kitchen.

'See for yourself.' He said. For gods sake. He's such a child. I stormed into the lounge, and saw a clean cage, and a sawdust covered Kayla. She was smiling, and Frank was behind her smirking.

'Who would've thought it? Frank has 1 child, I have 2.' I said winking at him. Kayla shook her head. Sawdust flew everywhere.

'Bunny, you're gonna need a shower, do you want me or Penina to shower you?' He asked her. She shrugged. Not this trap.

'I'll do it honey. After all, you need to clear up this mess.' I said taking Kayla's hand.

'Are you sure. After all, I don't like cleaning up.' He said.

'I'm sure. While you're at it, why don't you make dinner too?' I asked. I love how I know his weak spots. He absolutely can't stand housework. I'm going to make sure I get full revenge on him for not telling me about Kayla. Of course I love him, but that's just how our relationship works.

We first met at a coffee shop. Cliche, I know, but that's where we met. He bumped into me and made me spill my hot chocolate. Yes, hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate. Anyway, he said he'd repay me by buying me another one, and after that, we went on a few dates. Each one was full of us pranking each other as revenge for whatever we did on the last date. We never get bored.

Frank shook his head and went to get the hoover. I took Kayla into the bathroom and got the shower head ready while she got undressed. When I looked over I thought she was still in her clothes. She was black and blue all over. It wasn't her clothes though. It was her skin. I gasped.

'What?' She asked innocently.

'Sweetie, where did you get those bruises?' I asked.

'Rory. He said I deserved it.' She said.

'Who's Rory?' I asked.

'Mummy's friend.' She answered. I nodded my head.

'Kayla, I'll be right back okay?' I said.

'Okay.' She said. I walked out of the bathroom. Frank didn't notice me because the hoover was on and he wasn't even cleaning up. He was putting his hand on the end of it. I unplugged it.

'Uh, I was just wondering how it worked?' He said thinking of an excuse. I shook my head.

'I don't care. You need to see your daughter. Now.' I said. He looked confused, but followed me into the bathroom. When he saw her, he collapsed next to her.

'Who... who did this to you?' He asked.

'Rory. Mummy's friend.' She answered.

'Do you know Rory's last name? And when does he see you?' He asked. She shook her head.

'Just Rory. He visits me everyday. He says that I've been naughty, and he smells funny.' She answered.

'Sweetie, you haven't been naughty. Not at all. And you didn't deserve this. Does it hurt?' He asked. She nodded her head.

'Kayla, if it hurt, how come you didn't cry or scream whenever we hugged you or touched you?' I asked.

'Because he said that I couldn't let anyone know. But it's okay. I'm used to it now.' She said.

'Honey, listen to me, I want you to put your clothes back on. We need to go to the hospital.' Frank told her. She looked scared.

'But I don't want to go to hospital.' She said.

'Kayla, it'll be okay. I promise you. Have you ever played doctors before?' I asked. She nodded her head and wiped her tears away with her hand. 'Well, it's just like that. But there's more stuff to play with.' I said. She cheered up immediately and started getting dressed. I walked outside with Frank.

'Oh god.' He said trying not to cry.

'Don't put on a brave face for me. Now, do you know anyone called Rory?' I asked. He shook his head and a few tears rolled down his cheeks.

'No. But whoever he is, I'm gonna kill him.' He said through gritted teeth.

'Baby, you go pack some things for her, I'll clean up, and then I'll drive to the hospital.' I said. He nodded his head and went to her room.

I hoovered up all the sawdust, and put on some shoes and a coat. I grabbed my keys, and by that time, we were all ready. We arrived at the hospital in about 10 minutes. Frank put on his sunglasses so he wouldn't be recognised, and I carried Kayla in. We got to the receptionist.

'Hello there, how can I help you?' She asked. Frank sat down with Kayla.

'It's my boyfriend's daughter. We found bruises on her. We don't know who did it exactly, someone called Rory. But she's bruised all over, we think it's been going on for a while, and she's completely blue and black. We need help.' I explained.

'How old is she?' She asked.

'4. Please. We need to see someone right away.' I said. She nodded her head.

'I need to see her so I can see how severe it is.' She told me. I took Kayla to the desk and pulled up her shirt. The receptionists eyes widened.

'Okay, I'll get help immediately.' She said. She went to a room behind her, and in a few short seconds, Kayla was being put on a hospital bed and being wheeled into a room quickly. Obviously, whoever this Rory person is, he's going to pay.

So yeah. Here it is. Thank you so much for auditioning you two! I needed some auditions! And Poppana, I promise you aren't cursed. I just have a sick sense of humour. XD Anyways, rate and review! XD xx
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