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The treatment

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Kayla gets treated at the hospital, and so does Ray's head.

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~~Kayla's P.O.V~~

Daddy and Penina went into the big, white, weird smelling room with me. The doctor was really nice. Her name was Laura. She put cream on me, and put a needle in me. That hurt, but daddy let me squeeze his hand. I also got to play with something that was squishy. The top looked like it was from a turkey baster.

'How are you feeling baby?' Daddy asked.

'Tired.' I replied. He nodded his head.

'Then you should get some rest.' He said.

'But we're not home yet.' I said. He smiled.

'You're having a sleepover at the hospital. But when you wake up, there might be something exciting for you.' He said. I was almost too excited to sleep. But I finally did, and I woke up surrounded in presents and people. I smiled so much my face hurt.

'Surprise!' They all shouted. All of daddy and Penina's friends were there, and Hozzie got up to sit next to me.

'How are you Kayla?' Gerard asked.

'Excited!' I said.

'Did they give you candy?' The fluffy haired man asked. I shook my head.

'No.' I answered.

'Well, I think they did really.' He said. He walked up to me and handed my jellybeans. On the label it had scribbles on it.

'What did you draw?' I asked. They giggled.

'It says "From Ray" silly.' Hozzie answered.

'Who's Ray?' I asked. They laughed again.

'It's me. Don't let my gorgeous hair confuse you. It's not a wig, it's real.' He said kneeling down for me to touch it. I played with it for a while. Hozzie joined, and in 5 minutes, his hair had plaits in them.

'I like the look Raymond.' Gerard joked.

'Yeah, you should have it done like that for the wedding.' Daddy said.

'Under no circumstances.' The woman that left with Ray a couple of days ago said.

'Don't I look pretty?' Ray asked. We giggled.

'You look like a muppet.' Penina said.

'Please Shayla?' Hozzie begged the woman. So that's her name.

'I'm afraid it will have to be as curly as usual.' She said poking his nose.

'How about my bachelor party?' He asked.

'How about I just shave your head?' She asked back. He slowly backed away from her.

'Leave the 'fro alone!' He said defensively.

'Shut up guys. Let's open up your presents.' Daddy said. I nodded my head and grabbed one. I tore open the wrapping paper. Inside was a jewellery box that I could decorate myself! It had gems and stickers in it too!

'Do you like it?' Mikey asked. I nodded my head.

'I love it!' I answered. I opened another one. Inside there was things for Sophie. I opened about 5 presents in total.

'Sweetie, you know what we do right?' Daddy asked. I nodded my head.

'You're a band.' I answered. He nodded his head.

'That's right. See, we go to interviews and they ask about our lives. There are also people that take pictures of us wherever we go. That's why we've got to wear our silly sunglasses. But someone recognised us when I was taking you to our home. Now people want to know about you. Do you mind them finding out?' He asked.

'You mean I'm famous?' I asked excitedly. He made a small smile.

'Yeah, in a way. Do you want to come with me to the interview?' He asked. I nodded my head.

'Can I tell them about Sophie?' I asked. He smiled and nodded his head.

'You can tell them anything you want. But you need to let me speak first okay?' He asked.

'Okay.' I answered.

'Also, we get to go home later on today.' Penina said.

'Is Sophie okay?' I asked.

'Sophie's fine. She's hopping around wondering where you are.' Daddy said. I smiled and closed my eyes again. I was a bit tired.

I'm tired you guys. I woke up at about 5 o'clock. Morning time. Ugh. I'm tired, and I haven't had any breakfast, but I had the rest of my mnm's. I like mnm's. Mnm's. Anyway... I've already decided, even though this story isn't even nearly finished, that I'm going to do a sequel. And I'm going to need characters. They're going to be people she meets at the nursery. One of the characters is Kayla's best friend, the other is her future boyfriend. Oh, and there's one that she doesn't meet at the nursery. It's Penina and Frank's future child. XD Rate and review to help me eat! XD xx

Yep, I changed the name of the nurse. She only appeared in this chapter, but basically, I'm a retard and named her Sophie. After someone I don't even talk to anymore. Here's a fun fact about her, she was on the tweenies when she was 5. Everyone found her really cute, because she was. I wonder where she is now. (I know where she is. Not exactly though. I'm not a stalker. But if anyone knows Frank's address, I wouldn't say no to marrying him... Wait, what? Who said that?) Anyways... I just walked this adorable dog from the shelter who I knew since she was a puppy. I haven't seen her in ages. I think she's nearly 2 now :O She's so cute. We named her Tangles because we were the first ones to walk her, and she always got tangled up in the lead. XD xx
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