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The man behind it all

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Who is Rory?

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

We got home at about 10 in the evening. We were all exhausted, and tomorrow was the interview with Kayla, but there's something I was determined to do first. I told Penina where I was going. I drove to Sophie's flat. I rummaged through her stuff. I needed to find something about this Rory guy. I found a diary, I scanned through it quickly, and when I saw Rory's name, I took it, and went home. I'd read it there. I went into mine and Penina's room. She was asleep, so I went into the lounge and turned on the reading light. What I read shocked me to my very core.

I met the most amazing guy today. He's amazing. His name is Rory Howatch. Of course, before I get anyone involved with my life, I tell them about Kayla. He said that he loves kids. He's perfect! He's got messy, dirty blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes that I could stare into forever. He's between jobs. Sometimes he works as a security guard, other times one of those guys you see in warehouses. He's perfect, and macho! I think I've fallen in love with him.

Of course, if I met him like how she described in that segment, it would've been awkward. Of course it would, but I wouldn't have hated him. Sophie deserves... deserved a life. But there was so much more.

I just came home and saw him hurt her. How could he do this? I thought he loved us. He said so. Then he threatened me. He said if I tell anyone else, then he'll kill us both. He can't get angry about me telling my diary though, right? But I'm too scared to break up with him. What if he kills us then?

It happened. I knew he wouldn't really do something like that. I'm sure if we send him to rehab it'll be okay for us all, and we can be happy together. I should've smelt the scent of alcohol on him before, but this cheap flat makes it kind of hard. But I know it'll be okay now. I just know it will.

It's been 2 years since I met him. And 6 months since I confronted him about his alcohol problem. He's hurt me too hard this time. Thank god Frank's coming home. I don't love him or anything, but he is my rock. I know that if I do this, we'll all be alright. The rope is set up. It's just a matter of minutes now. I can only hope they all forgive me.

I was crying even harder than when I found her in the bathroom. Lifeless. Penina came running in.

'Honey, what's wrong?' She asked putting her arm around me. I couldn't even speak. I just shook my head and rested my head on her lap crying. I pointed at the diary on the floor. She bent over me and picked it up. When she read what I did, she began crying too.

'I just... why? Why them?' I asked still crying. She stroked my cheek and shook her head.

'I don't know sweetie. But we still need to get some rest. You have that interview tomorrow.' She said.

'I don't think I can even walk. I can't think about that right now. Look at what this absolute dickhead did to my daughter and her mother!' I shouted. She lifted me up and put me into bed. We carry each other around. We're both the same height, so that doesn't make me feel like I'm not strong or anything. She went back, got the diary, and put it in her bedside drawer. I cuddled her, and eventually got some sleep.

I woke up quite late too. 12 o'clock. The interview's soon. I quickly got up, showered, grabbed a bite to eat, and went to the journalists with Kayla. We were in the lift right now, and she started giggling.

'It feels funny.' She said. I smiled at her.

'I know.' I told her. I picked her up and hugged her. I'm the proudest dad in the world right now. We got into the office, and a woman called Ruby greeted us.

'Hello there.' She said shaking mine and Kayla's hand.

'Hi, can I ask you something?' I asked. She looked a bit confused, but nodded her head. I put Kayla down. 'Can you only ask her things like, what's your age, and what's your favourite animal? I think I need to answer everything else if you don't mind.' I said. She nodded her head.

'That absolutely fine.' She said. We sat down too.

'So, Kayla, how old are you?' She asked.

'Four. Like the number of legs my rabbit has.' She answered. Ruby looked excited by her answers.

'You have a rabbit? What's her name?' She asked.

'Sophie, because she looks like an angel. That's what my mummy is now.' She said. Christ. She shouldn't have said that.

'Yeah, unfortunately her mother passed away this week.' I added.

'Oh dear. How?' She asked. I gulped.

'Suicide.' I answered quietly, hoping that Kayla wouldn't hear. I think it worked.

'I see. And, what was your relationship like with her?' She asked.

'Quite well. We weren't exactly romantically involved, but when I found out we were expecting Kayla, I was supporting her the whole way. Everyone, including Penina and the band found out the day that... um...' I said. She interrupted.

'It's okay. I understand.' She said.

'I had to take her home that night. Penina and I have agreed to take full care of her.' I answered.

'That must be exciting. Moving to a new home!' She said sweetly to Kayla, who nodded her head.

'Penina took me out and we got lots of stuff! She's the best.' She said happily.

'And, do you go to school?' She asked. Crap. I haven't even thought about school.

'I go to nursery. But I haven't been in a few days.' She answered.

'Frank, is Kayla still going to go to the same one?' Ruby asked. I looked at her. I think it's best to say what I think should happen now.

'I don't think so. I think it's good that we get a fresh start.' I said, avoiding anything to do with Rory.

'Okay, well, I think that's it. Thank you so much for your time.' She said. I smiled and nodded, and quickly made my way out of there. Time to sort out her school plans. Fatherhood's a bitch.

Hopefully this is longer than the last chapter. I'm also really exhausted, and I don't know why. Maybe it's the fact that I need some sleep... I don't know. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Rate and review, because you get to know the secrets of the life if you do! XD xx
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