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Searching for schools and dresses

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~~Penina's P.O.V~~

As soon as Frank and Kayla got home, Frank told her to go to her room and play with Sophie.

'How did the interview go?' I asked.

'It was okay, but the woman asked about school. I completely forgot about school.' He said.

'Well, she didn't even have to go in for a few days anyway. Especially after what happened.' I told him.

'Yeah, but I don't want her going to the same one. I mean, I'm sure it's great, but Rory would be able to find her. Plus, I think she needs a complete fresh start anyway.' He said. I nodded my head.

'I'll get out my laptop and we'll look for schools.' I said. He nodded his head, and poured some red wine into a couple of glasses. I went to our room, got out my laptop, and sat at the breakfast bar with him. I searched for all sorts of nurseries.

'What about this one? Meadowside Nursery?' He said pointing at one of the results. I clicked on it. It was adorable. It was colourful and had lots of different stuff to do. It seemed perfect.

'If she doesn't go there, I'm going to go back in time and go there myself.' I said. He giggled and kissed my lips. He then lowered down to my neck. 'Stop it, I have to go dress shopping with the girls in a bit.' I told him.

'We have time.' He said. I giggled, and we made our way to the bedroom. We were out soon, and luckily, Kayla didn't notice.

'You need to make a visitors appointment or something for the nursery.' I said. He nodded his head.

'I will. Also, I'm thinking of taking Kayla to the park, so we'll be back just in time for dinner.' He said. I smiled and kissed him. Him being a good dad is a major turn on. I turned around, and met up with all the girls at the wedding dress shop. We were offered champagne, but I declined due to the fact that I had wine already.

'So, is everything okay?' Jane asked. I nodded my head.

'Yeah. Kayla's doing a lot better, and we've been looking up nurseries. We found a really cute one online, so we're going to see if we can look at it at some point.' I answered.

'Aw, I remember when Gerard and I went to search for nurseries. I loved it, even though it was a bit stressful.' She told me. Shayla came out of the dressing rooms wearing the most stunning, white, halter neck dress that went down to her feet.

'Wow! You look amazing.' Molly said.

'Damn! Why can't it be my wedding again?' Hannah asked rhetorically. Shayla giggled.

'This is the dress. It's so close now. I can already smell the wedding.' She said. We all laughed.

'Okay ladies, if you'd like to try on the bridesmaid dresses.' The man serving us said. He was one of Shayla's best friends, and her only gay best friend. We all loved him. His name was Renaldo.

We each grabbed the dress assigned to us, and tried them on. They were light blue, and came down just below our knees. They were gorgeous. We bought the dresses, then went home. I was kind of tired. When I got in, I started dinner. I don't care what they thought, we were having macaroni and cheese. When I set it down on the table, they came in.

'Hey guys, how was the park?' I asked.

'It was so much fun.' Kayla said. Frank looked exhausted.

'Yeah. Fun.' He said sitting down and getting started. 'How was the dress shopping?' He asked.

'It was great. Shayla looks incredible. I'm so excited for the wedding.' I said.

'What did you look like?' He asked winking at me.

'Pretty damn good. We have blue dresses and they're amazing!' I said. 'Did you sort out an appointment?' I asked him. He nodded his head.

'We can visit tomorrow, and Gerard said he'd babysit with Hollie.' He answered.

'That's great.' I said. 'So, what did you do at the park?' I asked.

'Daddy pushed me on the swings and helped me on the seesaw.' She answered.

'Yes I did.' He said. Ah, so that's why he looked exhausted. 'But it was fun anyway.' He said.

Once we were done, Frank and I cleared up, and put Kayla to bed. We showered, and went to bed ourselves.

'You're amazing Penina. Thank you so much for being an amazing girlfriend, and mum.' He said. I smiled.

'I'm not a mum.' I said.

'You're going to be someday, and you take great care of Kayla, so yeah, you kind of are, and an incredible mum at that.' He said. I smiled and gave him a deep kiss.

We got some sleep soon after. He's the most amazing boyfriend and father.

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