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Interviews and playdates

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Police stations and treehouses

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~~Kayla's P.O.V~~

When I woke up, Daddy made me breakfast. I had a jam sandwich. My favourite.

'Sweetie, this morning I have to go to work with the rest of the guys, and before you woke up, the police called me. They said that they need to ask you about Rory. Penina's going to take you, and then later on, Gerard and Jane are going to look after you, and you can play with Hollie.' He said while pouring me some strawberry milk.

'Will the police arrest me?' I asked feeling frightened. He giggled and shook his head.

'No sweetie. They just need to ask you a few questions so they can arrest Rory. We're going to make sure he doesn't do anything bad to you, or anyone else again.' He said handing me the drink.

Penina came into the room dancing.

'Underneath the starlight, starlight. There's a magical feeling so right. It will steal your heart tonight. You can try to resist, not to hide from my kiss, but you know, but you know that you, can't fight the moonlight, deep in the dark, you'll surrender your heart, but you know, but you know that you. Can't fight the moonlight no. You can't fight it. It's gonna get to your heart.' She sang.

'Why the cheery mood?' Daddy asked.

'I have no idea, but that song's stuck in my head. I swear, if it isn't played at our wedding, I'm breaking up with you.' She said winking.

'It seems to me like someone wants their wedding soon.' Daddy said.

'I just love that song. Have you ever heard the song Kayla?' She asked me. I shook my head.

'It's her favourite song, so you're going to be hearing it a lot in your future.' Daddy said hugging me.

'Are you off now?' Penina asked him.

'Yeah, I'll be back as soon as I can. Don't forget this morning.' Daddy replied.

'I know honey. I'll see you later.' She said kissing him. Daddy left, and I finished my sandwich.

'When do we have to leave?' I asked her.

'About an hour, so we have enough time to get dressed, play with Sophie, and listen to the song. Trust me Kayla, you're going to love it.' She answered. She took my plate, and I went to my room to get dressed. When I got out, Penina was dressed too, and she put a CD in the CD player. I got out Sophie. As soon as the song started playing, I loved it.

'This is amazing.' I said. She nodded her head, agreeing with me. When it was finished, she turned it off, I put Kayla back in her cage, and we went to the police station, and we were greeted by a woman in a police uniform after sitting in the waiting room for a long time.

'Hi there. I'm Superintendent Pepper, but you can call me Lacey.' She said. I waved at her and hid behind Penina. 'Would you like to follow me?' She asked. Penina nodded her head, and took me into a room with lots of bright sofa's and toys.

'It's okay Kayla. Lacey just wants to help. She's one of the good People.' Penina told me. I curled up against her, and felt slightly calmer.

'Kayla, I need you to answer these questions as best as you can. Is that alright?' She asked. I nodded my head. 'Now, what did Rory look like?' She asked.

'He had dark blonde hair, it was untidy, and he had brown eyes. He also had lots of muscles.' I replied

'You're doing very well so far. So, how did Rory hurt you?' She asked.

'Whenever he was cross, he would hit me, and punch me, and kick me. He sometimes stomped on me or hit me with lots of different things. Like a tennis racket.' I answered.

'That must've been terrible. When did he get cross?' She asked.

'Every night. Whenever he came back he was stinky. His eyes turned red as well.' I answered.

'Did you ever see him do any of that to your mum?' She asked. I nodded my head.

'For a few minutes each night, then he'd drag her into the bedroom, and I wouldn't see either of them until the next morning.' I told her. Penina and Lacey looked at each other as if I gave them a key to something they needed to unlock for a while.

'I think that's all I need right now. You can go home.' She said smiling. Penina nodded her head and took me to Hozzie's house. Daddy was there too.

'Hey guys, how was it?' He asked.

'Fine, but we had to wait for a long time.' I answered.

'Frank, I need to tell you something.' Penina said.

'Uh, sure. I'll see you later Kayla.' Daddy said kissing me goodbye.

'Kayla, Hollie's in the tree house. Do you want to go up there too?' Gerard asked. I nodded my head.

He took me to a big ladder, and I climbed all the way up. Hollie was there playing with some dollies.

'Hi Kayla.' She said handing one to me. 'We're having a tea party. Do you want to join?' She asked.

'Yes.' I answered. She was dressed up as a princess. She gave me her crown.

'You're an official member of the princess party! Let's celebrate with some biscuits.' She said. She grabbed a tin from a shelf, and opened it. Inside were some chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious.

'Yum!' I said.

'Don't tell my mum or dad though. I stole them.' She said. I nodded my head and giggled. Hollie's my best friend in the world.

'You should steal some chocolate milk for here.' I said.

'That's a great idea. We need to be sneaky though. It's the number one rule of the princess party.' She said. I nodded my head, and we headed to the kitchen.

Hey guys! In case you didn't know this, my dad was in a mood with me, because I said something wasn't mine (which it wasn't) so he got really angry at me, and threw my laptop on the floor, which broke it. So, I'm using my brothers laptop to write, and my old laptop to go on other websites, because they're all blocked. XD Also, either later on today, or tomorrow, I'm going to be putting auditions for a new story, and the sequel to this. The new story may or may not be MCR related. I don't think it will be. I learned a lot about my life this week, and it was really horrible, so I'm going to make a story out of it. So... yeah. Rate and review my pretties! XD xx
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