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School tours

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Visiting the school

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

I couldn't believe what Penina just told me.

'Raped?' I asked, trying to confirm what she said.

'It seems that way. She said that Rory used to beat her then drag her into the bedroom.' She answered.

'I swear, I'm going to kill him! I fucking hate him!' I said angrily.

'I know baby, but let's just get through the visit. This is about her now. Rory will rot in jail, but we need to make sure Kayla will be safe.' She said. I nodded my head, and got out of the car. I was greeted by a woman with big, fluffy, light brown hair, and light brown eyes.

'Hi there. My name's Samantha Grant, but please, call me Sam.' She said shaking my hand.

'Hi, I'm Frank, and this is my girlfriend, Penina.' I said looking over to her.

'Nice to meet you.' She said.

'You too. It's break time at the moment, so do you want to see the playground first?' She suggested.

'That sounds great.' I said. We began walking to the playground.

'Now, we understand that your current situation may be a little tough, but we have security at all hours, and a no bullying policy.' She said.

'Thanks, but there's this one man we need to keep away from Kayla. he's been beating her up, so we need to keep him as far away from her as possible. The police are trying to find him.' I explained.

'Well, as I said, we have security at all hours. They stay even before and after the kids do, and they're fully trained. Should he come here, they'll be able to hold him by the time the police arrive.' She said.

'That's amazing. We really need that for her.' Penina said.

'That's perfectly understandable.' She said. We then stopped, and looked at all the kids playing on the swings, slides, and climbing frames.

'Wow. This looks like so much fun.' I said.

'Sam! West hurt himself!' A girl said running up to Sam. She had shoulder-length, black hair, and one green eye, and one blue eye.

'Well, where is he Mazy?' She asked. The girl, who we now know as Mazy ran to show her. Although, there was something neither of us expected. A boy with short, black, spiky and messy hair, and grayish blue eyes squirted us with a water gun. Mazy giggled.

'I'm not hurt!' He said continuing to spray us.

'Stop that at once! We have some visitors, and there could have been an emergency. I want you to say sorry.' Sam said. They looked down.

'Sorry.' They said.

'It's okay. It was actually kind of funny.' I said.

'What's your name?' West asked.

'I'm Frank Iero, and this is Penina Dayne.' I answered.

'I'm West Sommers.' He said.

'And I'm Mazy Callheart.' Mazy said. A bell rang.

'Well, I guess it's time to go inside. You two, show Frank and Penina to the classroom, and I'll see you guys in there in a couple of minutes.' Sam said, and they did.

'So, why are you here?' West asked.

'My daughter might be coming here.' I answered.

'Does she like play-dough?' Mazy asked.

'Uh, yeah. I think so.' I answered as we went into a big room with plastic floors and lots of toys.

'Then she'll be in our play-dough group. Only West and I are in it, because we hate everyone else.' She said. I giggled.

'Why?' Penina asked.

'Because they're annoying. They like pop music!' West said pretending to throw-up.

'None of us do. In fact, I'm in a rock band.' I told them.

'What band?' Mazy asked excitedly.

'My Chemical Romance.' I answered.

'My mum wants to marry the singer, and she's already married.' West said. Penina and I laughed.

'Me too.' I joked. Penina nudged me and rested her head on my shoulder.

'Now kids, today we're going to do some maths. I need you to match up the sums to the answers.' Sam said. We looked over at her. She even asked me to get one purposefully wrong so the kids would feel smart. And I did. I got 1+1=6. They all giggled at me. Especially Penina.

'Aw man!' I said acting surprised I got it wrong. It was actually really fun. Eventually we had to go, but we've decided that we want Kayla to go there. We just need to do a bit of paperwork, and Kayla can start on Monday. We then went to pick her up. When we saw Gerard, we started to laugh again.

'What is it?' He asked really confused.

'Nothing.' I answered. We started laughing uncontrollably.

'What?' He asked demanding an answer.

'One of the kid's mum's wants to marry you.' Penina said. We laughed even harder. Kayla came running in with a crown on her head and chocolate round her mouth. She then screamed in my ear.

'Gerard, did you over chocolate her?' I asked.

'No. She's been spending the whole day with Hollie in the tree house.' He answered.

'You need more of the magical potion!' Hollie said running in. Kayla jumped off me, grabbed the bottle from her hand, and drank from it.

'Gerard?' I asked again.

'Well it wasn't me!' He said.

'You need better hiding places dad!' Hollie screamed. Her and Kayla ran around the house, so Gerard offered us some tea.

So, sorry if this is a bit crap, but I'm using my old, shitty laptop. Also, in case you didn't notice, I put up some auditions, the link: and if you did, you might have noticed your part in here. Also, on the sims, I made Frank and I get married. We had twin girls who I named Cherry and Lily, and a boy who I named Miles. It was awesome! Miles is a toddler and Cherry and Lily are kids. I love the sims. So, rate and review, and audition! XD xx
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