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Tea break

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Sometimes, you just need to rewind.

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~~Penina's P.O.V~~

'I don't get why anyone would do that.' Jane said after we told them about Rory.

'He's a massive douche.' Frank answered taking a sip from his 3rd cup of tea.

'Do the police have any good leads on him?' Gerard asked.

'I have no idea. I hope they do. He's basically killed Sophie.' He replied.

'How was the nursery?' Jane asked.

'It was amazing. Sam, the teacher, was so sweet, and we think we've already discovered her friends.' I answered.

'Are you talking about the kids who like play-dough with the mum's who want to marry me?' Gerard asked. We giggled and nodded our heads.

'Yep, those two.' Frank said.

'They're not going to though. I've already got the best wife in the world.' Gerard said.

'I thought you had the best boyfriend Gee.' Frank said.

'Frank, you know I love you. But it's forbidden. We'd get in trouble.' Gerard told him. They always acted out scenes like this.

'Then let's go to a place where it isn't. I love you Gerard!' Frank said. Jane and I were in hysterics.

'Oh baby.' Gerard whimpered before rolling around on the floor with him. I was almost on the floor too, but in laughter.

'Oh shit! I think we killed Penina.' Frank said hopping up and moving his mouth towards my ear. 'How about a threesome?' He asked. I couldn't control my laughter and had to hit him gently in order to get the giggles out.

'Stop it!' I said laughing. Frank looked a bit nervous. I didn't know why though. 'Are you okay honey?' I asked him calming down. He made an incoherent whimpering noise, and went to find Kayla.

'What the hell was that about?' Jane asked. 'Do you know anything about it Gerard?' She added. Gerard made the same noise.

'No. Of course not. I'm going to fold socks.' He said running into the bathroom.

'That was odd.' I said.

'You're telling me.' Jane said. Shayla called my mobile. I answered.

'Hello?' I asked.

'Hi. I need to ask you a favour. Can you pick up the flowers from the florist? I've ordered them, I just need them to be picked up, and I have no time.' She said.

'When do you want them picked up?' I asked.

'Now.' She answered.

'Um, okay. See you in a bit.' I said. She hung up, and I went to tell Frank that I needed to go, but when I went in, I saw him crying and smiling with Gerard. I decided to backup and tell Jane to tell them instead.

So, I eventually got to the florist.

'Hello.' The man greeted.

'Hi, I need to pick up some flowers. Under the name of Toro.' I said.

'I'm sorry. There must be some mistake. There aren't any flowers under that name.' He said scanning the book.

'Um, are you sure. Shayla told me to pick them up.' I said.

'I'm sorry ma'am.' He said. I called Shayla to tell her, but she just said "woops!" and hung up. What is with everyone today? I went back home. Frank and Kayla weren't back yet. I had a text saying that they would be late. I rolled my eyes, and sat down on the sofa.

I got up again. For some reason, in the last few days I needed to pee a lot, and I was sick a couple of times. My sister went through the same thing when she was... Oh my god! I ran to the medicine cabinet, and took out a pregnancy test. She left some here from the last time she got pregnant. She has two kids. I locked the door, and took the test. I saw him about a month before he came back, so if I am pregnant, it must have been from that time. I don't know if I'm ready for it just yet though. We just got Kayla into our lives.

After the timer went off, I looked at the test. 2 lines. It's positive. I'm having a baby. I'm going to be a mum. I put the test in an old shoe box and hid it underneath the bed. Jesus! I don't know the first thing about pregnancy! I don't know the first thing about babies! Oh god! I had alcohol this month. What if the baby develops an illness? How could I have been so stupid? We did use protection though. How the hell could it just break? I had no time to think about that though. I am pregnant, and I need to deal with what's going on right now.

I did the first thing I could think of. I called my mum.

'Hello Penina. How are you?' She asked in her normal sing-song voice.

'I'm scared mum.' I said.

'Sweetie, what's wrong? I thought you liked Kayla.' She said.

'It's not that mum. I just took a test. Even Frank doesn't know. I'm pregnant mum.' I confessed.

'Right, I see. Well, shouldn't you be happy? You're having a baby.' She said.

'Exactly, I should, but I'm terrified. I have no clue what to do.' I told her.

'I went through the exact same thing when I was pregnant with your sister. She even went through the same thing when she first found out she was pregnant too. It's perfectly natural. but sweetie, it'll be okay. Especially because you have Frank as the father. He's already stuck by Kayla and Sophie, and he'll stick with you too. And you're going to be an excellent mum.' She said. I smiled.

'You think so?' I asked.

'I know so. But, I'm going to have to stay with you around the time the baby's due. No way will I not be around.' She said. I originally came from London, but when I met Frank, I moved to America. Not as soon as I met him, obviously, but when I knew he was the one.

'Thanks mum.' I said.

'Get some rest honey. I'll talk to you in the morning.' She said before hanging up. I'm going to be a mummy.

It's not a good drama without a pregnancy is it? Well, it might be, but that's not the point! I made a drama! XD I feel so wonderfully evil! But, it's a good drama, so not so evil! XD Anyway, rate and review my sock puppets! (I like sock puppets.) XD xx

I forgot to say something again! My friend who introduced me to MCR, well, we're going to see MSI in October! I'm so excited! XD xx
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