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Buying a ring

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A daughter's opinion

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~~Kayla's P.O.V~~

'Hey, good luck man.' Gerard said to daddy.

'Thanks. I just know it now. And thanks for acting so confused.' He told Jane.

'It's okay. I know how important engagements are. But if she doesn't say yes I will murder you for doing it wrong.' She told him.

'Don't make me nervous. Okay Bunny, let's go shopping.' He said picking me up and taking me to the car.

'What's an engagement?' I asked him.

'It's where someone asks the person of their dreams to marry them. I'm going to ask Penina to marry me. But you need to not tell her until I ask her.' He told me.

'I promise. Where are we going?' I asked.

'We're going to get the engagement ring. Kayla, I've been wanting to ask her for about a year. I just didn't know how or if she wanted to. But when I saw her laughing at one of my stupid jokes, I just knew that I couldn't let her go. She's the girl I want to marry.' He answered.

'Can I be a bridesmaid?' I asked excitedly. He giggled.

'Of course you can be a bridesmaid.' He answered. The car stopped, and we ran to a shop with lots of shiny stuff in it.

'I'm sorry sir, we're clo...' The woman started before turning around and staring at daddy.

'Hi, I really need to get an engagement ring. Today.' He said quickly.

'Frank Iero.' She screeched happily. 'Oh my god. You're buying an engagement ring from my shop. Well, my dad's shop, but still.' She said.

'Um, hi. I'll sign whatever you want, but can you not tell anyone, and can we get the engagement ring today?' I asked.

'Of course! What do you have in mind for Penina?' She asked.

'Just one that's pretty. I don't really know.' He answered.

'I think I know what you're looking for.' She said before picking up a small ring. It's about the size of a spaghetti hoop. Maybe a tiny bit bigger. 'It's a 9ct white gold twist style ring featuring quarter carat diamond shoulder detail either side of this brilliant cut solitaire diamond.' She explained.

'How much?' Daddy asked.

'8 grand.' She answered.

'Yeah okay. Do you have the men's version as well?' He asked.

'Sure. It would have been an extra grand, but because it's you, I'll let it pass.' She said before packing up the rings in small, blue, velvet boxes.

'Thank you so much. I've got to dash, but we'll be back for the wedding.' He said. He paid her, took the rings, and we ran back to the car.

'Now what?' I asked.

'We go back home.' He answered. He started up the car.

'I like Penina.' I said.

'I do too.' He told me. I giggled. When we got back home, Penina was sleeping on the couch.

'Sophie!' I said running up to her cage. I missed her. I turned around and Penina started waking up.

'Hey baby. How are you feeling. I'm sorry I was a bit weird earlier.' Daddy told her.

'Frankie!' She said hugging him. He looked really confused.

'Are you okay honey?' He asked her.

'Yeah. I just... it's nothing.' She said.

'Are you sure?' He asked.

'Yeah. I'm fine. I love you Frank.' She said hugging him.

'I love you too.' Daddy told her. 'In fact, I love you so much, I'm going to take you out tomorrow. We're going to go somewhere special.' He added.

'What's the occasion?' She asked.

'There isn't any. I just want to treat you for being super amazing. Mikey said he's going to babysit Kayla.' He answered.

'Aw. Thanks baby. I'm going to go get some olives. No! I'm going to get some olives with nutella.' She said. Daddy and I looked at each other confused.

'Sweetie, that's disgusting. You can't eat that.' Frank said.

'Oh, but I can. Normally I would say the same thing, but I really want it, and you can't stop me.' She said playfully.

'Apparently not.' Daddy said looking even more confused. We both like olives and nutella, but not together. Maybe she's ill.

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