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Chapter Four: Nothings wrong with a little incest

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Frank is mad at Mikey whose mad at Gerard whose mad at his briefcase. Mrs. Donna Way is confused and obsessed with killing.

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AN: I've had writers block and my godmother is getting married. I'm posting this the day of her wedding and I'm in the wedding. I've been busy and creatively stumped, OKAY. SORRY :( forgive moi. Oh and this is more of a filler chapter than anything. But a very dramatic filler. 
"Dinners ready!" My mom yelled. I sighed and walked over to the kitchen table. "Can I eat in my room?" I asked, frustrated. "Not after the last time. Ants everywhere, Mikey." I rolled my eyes. "No big deal, we got rid of them." My tone still overly frustrated. "We had to have to house tented!" I sat down, across from her and stared at my plate of Mac 'N' Cheese and a chicken leg. "That only happened three times." I twisted the Mac N' Cheese around the plate with my fork. "Gerard should be home soon. Eat your food." 

Dinner went by slowly. Me and my mother -Donna- making small talk. The usual 'hows job search going Mikes?' 'why don't you hardly ever leave that room of yours young man?' 'you need meat on your bones!', my responses consisted of nods. 

We were discussing the recent phone related killings around the area when Gerard decided to finally show up for dinner. "You're late for dinner. Your plates on the stove, you'll need to heat it up." Gerard sat down his for show briefcase. "Not hungry mom." Gerard started to walk off when mom called after him. "Sit still. We're having family conversation." Gerard sighed and sat down. I stared at my plate. It was as if I'd barely ate any of it, plate mostly full. I know at ate most of that shit. Damn food fairies pulling their damn food pranks. 

Mom asked Gerard how his day went and they carried about boring conversation. I don't know what came over me but I couldn't control what came out my mouth. I don't know what prompted it or why it came to mind or why I brought it up. But I did. 

"Why'd you tell Frank about Alicia?" Gerard looked at me guiltily, definitely regretting it. "I'm sorry, I know he's your best friend and you wanted to tell him." Gerard looked sad and guilty, like when you break something of your moms and you just can't tell her in fear of getting in trouble more than honestly being sorry. 

 I looked at him blankly, knowing how it gets to him. "It slipped okay!" I continued staring, seeing Gerard break piece by piece till nothing but guilt showed on his face. "We were talking about Franks and I's relationship and I mentioned how I was proud of you and couldn't wait to meet Alicia."

 I looked over at my rather confused mom then became interested with my -still mostly full- plate again.  "Wait. Whose Alicia?" My mom waved her arms around dramatically. "Mikey's girlfriend." Gerard's happiness suddenly back. "Ooh. Mikey's got a girlfriend." My mom and Gerard joined together in a happy celebration song, lyrics just repeating 'Mikey's got a girlfriend, Mikey's got a girlfriend'. When they were finally bored of that they found 'Mikey and Alicia sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' apropiate enough so they could keep continuing their happiness for me. 

"Ex. Ex-girlfriend." I stood up angrily. They looked at me, pity in there eyes. "Don't feel sorry for me. Oh and Gerard, fuck you and your big mouth!" I ran to my room, knocking over my chair in the process. Once in my room I slammed the door for dramatic effect. 

My room wasn't far from the kitchen. Curiosity striking me  I put my ear next to my door so I could hear their conversation.

 "How was it my fault?" Gerard complained. "And this is why we're supposed to have more family conversations." My mom muttered. "I agree, we should. Hey, you want coffee?" My brother suggested. "Sure. You see the paper today?" My mom asked him. "Yeah, those phone murders?" Gerard replied. "I know. It's all so sudden. Those poor victims and their families." Damn. These people can't even care about me for 5 minutes.

I said an laid on my bed. I stared at the ceiling. Boredom becoming my vessel.  I pulled out my phone and pressed speed dial #1. Frank. 

"Hello?" Franks smooth voice answered. I don't know how ones voice can be so cute, innocent, sweet, hot, sexy and just plain arousing. "Hey. It's Mikey." I was smiling ear to ear, just because of his voice and the fact he's talking to me. "I know. It's called caller I.D. Mikes." Franks tone slightly annoyed now. 

Damn, he's mad at me. What'd I do? Oh... Right. "Wanna hang out?" I asked excitedly pushing the fact that he's angry with me aside -I can deal with that later-. I emphasized 'hang out'.  "Not really Michael." I could practically hear him rolling his eyes. He sighed. "I could come over and I could make you forgive me." Frank sighed again. "How do you suppose you're gonna make me do that?" His tone switched from mad/annoyed to sexy. I knew he didn't mean too, but it's a sign that my strategy is working. 

He is gonna cave. "Is that an invitation for me to talk dirty for you Frankie?" The line went completely silent. "You want me to tell you all about how I'm gon-" Frank finally speaks, interrupting me. "No. No dirty talk! We are over. I'm done." He sighed. "I can't do this with you anymore Mikey." I shook my head and smirked as if he could see me. "You're never gonna be able to say no to me Frankie." I murmured sweetly. "You love me entirely too much. Thats why we'll always be." My tone now knowing and slightly condescending. "Yeah, me and everyone else you have on the side!" 
Okay. There might be a ring of truth to that "Just you honey. Alicia was a mistake." I replied calmly. "You don't think I honestly believe it was just HER do you? I'm not stupid." His breathing altered, I knew he was holding back tears. "You're very stupid." 

I sighed. "But I'm stupid too. But we're both stupid in different areas. That's why we're supposed to  be together." I pointed out. "Frank, together we make one whole smart person!" He stifled a laugh. "Is calling me stupid supposed to make me change my mind?" No. I just honestly think you're stupid in a few areas. You're never leaving me, that's a no brainer. "No.. Yes.. Maybe? I love you Frank." He sniffled. "I, don't.. I don't  love you." He lied and hung up. 

I focused my attention to the ceiling again. Not really worried about Frank. He'll come around, he always does. My sexiness kills his common sense. He loves me, I love him. We're meant to be. I believe he can make me want to change, for the better. 

There was a quick knock on my door and Gerard walked in. "Hey Mikey. You okay?" My concerned brother laid down next to me, joining the 'let's-all-gaze-at the-ceiling-while-very-freaking-cold-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-get-under-the-covers-or-put-on-a-jacket' club. Needless  to say the club is looking for a new name. "Do I look like I'm okay?" I asked sarcastically. "Is it my fault you and Alicia broke up? It seemed like you blamed me for it." I didn't have to look to know Gerard had that guilty frown on his face. "You told Frank. Frank hates her. He won't be my friend if I'm with her." I sighed. These lies pile up fast.  "It was Frank or Alicia. I picked Frank." #1 Rule of lying, keep it close to the truth. Easier to remember. "If he's gonna make you pick, that's not a true friend." Gerards tone unsure as if questioning his choice of words. The bed shifted as Gerards weight moved, sitting up. 

I sat up too, legs crossed, facing him. "Do you know when the last time I had sex was? Real hot sex." Gerards eyes bugged out of his head with my unusual out of nowhere question. He coughed as if choking on something. "I'm afraid I don't." His voice hoarse. "It's been far too long big brother, far too long." I grabbed his hand, looking in his eyes. "My dick is lonely." Gerards coughing fits began again. My hand once holding his wen't to pat his back. He finally calmed, so I continued, holding his face with my hand so his eyes wouldn't leave mine. "I just want to have really good hot sex. I don't care for the gender. Anybody, as long as its good. I'm sexually deprived!" Gerard gulped. I moved my face closer to his, even than an inch apart. Apparently to close for comfort as he tried to move away but my hand kept his head locked in place. "Do you know what it's like to be sexually deprived?" His face was stunned. He jumped up and ran out my room. 

What the hell is wrong with him? It's a real shame when I can't just have conversation with my brother. Here I am thinking we're sort of almost close. Guess I was wrong. I laid back down, gazing at my ceiling. I have one sexy ceiling. "You're such a pretty ceiling." 

I want to do a part II of this chapter (and the last) in Gerard's POV. So basically the some of the same things in this and the last chapter but everything from his point of view. Plus of course what he was doing before he got home, his conversation with Frank(sense this chapter and the last are one day) and his reaction after he runs away from Mikey and what he did when he left.  Is that a good idea? Should I do that? Maybe if not now, I'll post it as a little extra when I'm done. I may wanna do this chapter in Franks point of view as well. So please let me know in the reviews. Should I do that? If I do, now or win the fic is finished? Just Gerard's, Just Franks or  both? Let moi know! Oh and it'd all be one post. Not multiple.

I know however that this chapter was kind of stupid and the chapter switched around a lot between a lot of different subjects. It was weird. Like I said. Filler. But I feel from Gerard or Franks POV it'd be very interesting. 
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