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We revisit Chapter Three and Four in Gerard and Franks POVs. Pretty epic. Nothing's wrong with a little incest, some strippers and public sex...

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NEW NOTE Aug 11th 2012 I'm gonna ignore the haters and go on with this story as planned.

IMPORTANT AN: This was a lot of work so that's why the update took longer than usual. This is  basically the last two chapters, but one is Gerard's POV and Franks.  Also I REALLY need a beta for this story if anyone is interested. Maybe even multiple people. Idk.

You may or may not need to brush up on the last few chapters for this. 

Chapter Three Extra
Gerards Point Of View

It feels like my life has been falling apart. Going down a horrible spiral. My brother -and best friend- has distanced himself from me. My boyfriend doesn't love me anymore. People keep telling me I'm just being silly but I can tell. The love that my Frankie once had for me disappeared. The closeness I once had with my brother is nonexistent.

I have no job. I went to art school, but comics are going nowhere. The answer is 'no' everywhere I turn. Mikey and Frank were they only things that really made my life happy. But Mikey abandoned me and Frank is slowly heading in that direction. 

I looked around my room. It's very dark. The windows are covered in posters of my favorite super heroes. Random crap is strewn all over the room.  Very dimly lit. Its almost pathetic. My appearance in the mirror looked like I probably had a life, my own home, a legal job. But beyond the suit and empty briefcase, I'm just a loser. 

I ran up the stairs. Almost laughing. I'm the perfect stereotype of the loser going nowhere in life. Once out the door, the smell of life instantly hit me. The world was moving on. Cars were driving down the road, to and fro, tires breezing along the pavement. Children skipping a long the sidewalk. Fathers already arriving home from a long nights work or a short days work or even just for a lunch break, in their generic cars. Mothers caring groceries in with the help of their older kids. Life moved on, continuing, yet a cycle. 

I'm still stuck in the same place, not moving, not going forward, not even my own cycle to belong to. Just limbo. My car seemed out of ordinary in my mothers driveway. Every other house on the street looked the same. All the cars, being a normal color. The mini vans all exactly the same, but varying in color.

I have a neon green  2004 Chrysler Cruiser with mustard yellow racing stripes. Why? Why not a normal car? The car looks so out of place in front of the plain house. I sighed and hopped in, laying my head on the steering wheel. My life can't get much worse, not that it's bad. 

Actually my life is pretty great in comparison to others. Maybe I'm just being dramatic. No I'm not. My life sucks. 

The drive to my job interview was long and boring. I parked in between a Porsche and a Mercedes knew this wasn't gonna go well. I exited my car carefully, grabbing the empty suitcase. 

The large building looked out of place in the small town near Belleville. I walked in the building, the blonde haired blue eyed receptionist -not even taking a second glance at me- tells me to take a seat. 

I sat. I looked around the dazzling white foyer. Who knew one room could be this white and all the decor glass. It's almost magical, yet at the same time sickening. 

It's dull, pale, no color but at the same time it looks so.... new, rich, sickeningly beautiful. I'd like to see a massacre happen here, red blood splattering all the white. Like the artist of the figurative painting only had red left and was frustrated. 

 This place would be the death of me. "Name?" An annoyed sounding female voice breaking the ringing silence. I looked over at the receptionist and gave her a desperate look like 'you are talking to me right?'. "Name?" She repeated, this time frustrated. "Gerard Way." I smiled, beginning to be hopeful.  "5th floor, last door on right." Her emotionless voice carried through the foyer. I nodded and went for the elevator. 

I tapped my foot to the gentle elevator music. Recognizing the song I hummed a long. Around the 3rd floor three people got on. Two males and a female. All typical generic work people. 

Guys hair in perfect place expensive suits and a blue tie. The woman was wearing a dress top with a suit jacket and matching pencil skirt. All wearing plain pleather black shoes, except the woman's was of course heels no higher than two inches. 

I felt out of place. Yet looking at my reflection in the elevator walls, I looked like I belonged. I wanted to yell at the reflection, tell him to stop faking, to go back home, to stop being something he's not.  

The woman and one of the men -basically I darker haired version of the other guy- got off at the fourth floor. Seconds later I was on my floor. The blonde-ish man stayed on the elevator. 

Last door on the right. Okay. Long walk this one will be. I walked down the hallway, passing cubicles and offices. No one glanced at me. I was nothing. They were all robots. Not really living as much as just doing. Is this what I want with my life? 

I stopped in front of the last door. The name plate on the wooden door reading 'Mr. Morin Wood'. I giggled. It's almost like morning wood, teehee. I knocked on the door, a voice instantly telling me to come in. 

I opened the door and stepped in nervously. "Hello, My name is Ger-" He didn't even let me finish saying my name before he interrupted me. "You're here for the interview. Position has been filled." WHAT?! "Bye." His voice frustrated in that 'why are you still here?' way. "THE RECEPTIONIST COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT! I came all the way up here." He didn't lift his head from his papers. "Bye." He repeated. 

I stomped all the way to the stairs on the complete opposite side of the building. I ran down speedily and kept stomping towards the foyer. I gave the receptionist the finger before stomping all the way to my car. It started storming in seconds. Why did I park so far away? 

I ran, covering my head with the empty briefcase. Finally I reached my neon green beauty. Realizing how truly wonderful this car is wonderful the she is. Because she's an individual. But where are my damn keys? Great. I kicked the wheel and walked out the parking lot. Sitting on a bench. 

I felt a nudge on my arm. I opened my eyes. Shining sun nearly blinding me. I must've dozed off. My suit was nearly dry. But my hair was still wet on my neck and face. 

I looked at what -well who- awoke me. "You look rather pathetic." The man noted like I wasn't there. He was wearing a pin stripe suit and actual leather shoes. His shiny dirt brown hair was neatly combed back. "Thanks." I said sarcastically. "Where you coming from kid?" Kid? This guy looked not much older than me. No older than 34. Of even that. I wanted to just get up and walk away from this guy. But I felt compelled to talk to him. "I had job interview at Helkmanor Corp." I jabbed my thumb directly behind me. "You want a job kid?" Again with the kid thing. "A job would be nice." I looked at the man. He had this thing about him that made you want to trust him. He also had this thing about him that screamed 'You really really REALLY shouldn't trust me'. 

He motioned for me to follow him. Common sense said 'Don't freaking do it!' but I got up and hurried behind him. I slowed my pace once he caught up with him. "If you were a killer. What'd you do when you were killing?" Is this guy kidding me. " I drink juice when I'm killing cause it's fucking delicious." I said rather sarcastically. He chuckled. "See that warehouse, right there?" He pointed down the street towards a dark abandoned looking warehouse. "Yeah." My voice questioning. 

"Be there tomorrow at 9:50pm. Swear loyalty, sign a contract and you've got a job." Mafia? Drug dealing? What am I getting myself into? Say no. "I'll think about it." Damn it. I walked back down the street and went for my car. Wait. I don't have my keys. Damn it. Word of the day: Damn. 

I pulled out my phone and called Frank -my gorgeous boyfriend. "Hey." Franks voice greeted. "Hey. You got anything planned?" Please say no. "I'm afraid not." His voice sounded upset and sad. "Can you come pick me up? I'm a Helkmanor Corp." He sighed. "On my way." He sounded annoyed now. I never used to annoy him. The went dead. He used to say goodbye too. 

I hit speed dial #4. Towtruck company. "Hello." A gruff voice answered. "Hey Bob." I smiled in the phone. "Give me the address, I already have an extra key to your car ready." I gave him the address and hung up. 

Needless to say. This happens a lot. 

 Franks Point Of View

I thought about how awful the last few weeks had been without my Mikey while I strummed my guitar. 

You can't just kiss your one true love goodbye. But he's just so freaking stubborn. I hate cheating on Gerard, but being without Mikey is terrible. 

I don't want to be a cheater but if that's what I have to do to at least have some Michael James Way in my life. I might have to do that. 

My phone went off. My own -a recorded version- of my voice filling my ears. 


It was Gerard. Geez. Mikey, I'm miserable without you.

"Hey." I rolled my eyes. I loved Gerard, I still sort of do. But not the way I love Mikey and it'll never be that way. 

--Half Hour Later--

I pulled up in front of Helkmanor Corp. Rolling down the window and yelling -kindly- at the Gerard figure to get in. "Thanks Frankie." He smiled getting in. It's not his smile though. The only smile that can give me butterflies. 

He rolled up his window and buckled in. "How's your day been?" Gerard sounded like he genuinely wanted to know. "Pretty boring. I woke up at 12pm and been doing nothing but playing guitar." He nodded waiting for more. "Since I didn't have to work today I thought I'd do nothing." I pulled off. Not really knowing where to go. Drive him home? Go to my house? It's too early to go to dinner. Take him out to Linner? What? "That's nice sugar. You work to hard." Dear God, make him stop with the pet names. "Where to? I don't really have anywhere to be." Gerard read my mind. "I need some groceries I guess." He nodded. "Okay, well I can help you grocery shop then you can drop me off at the auto shop." I nodded and turned on the radio. We drove in silence, listening to some random pop station. Well, Gerard was. I was kind of just there, driving. 

We reached Helmas. My favorite grocery store. Not many people go to Helmas. In fact I'm probably the only person that shops here. There are always 4 cars in the parking lot. Exactly four. All belong to the people who work here. 

Me and my sweet tooth are single handedly keeping the place in business. I turned off the car and we hopped out. Gerard grabbed a cart than waited by the door for me. I pushed the and he grabbed the stuff he knew I would need or need and placed it in the cart. 

He directed me down different aisles. "You could be a personal grocery shopper for people who just moved out on their own and don't know what the fuck they're doing." Gerard laughed and grabbed something else off a shelf. 

"Want me to teach you how to cook?" He suggested. "Gerard, I know how to cook. I make us Cajun all the time." I rolled my eyes. "Uh huh, turn here." He walked down. Before turning in aisle 9. "Babe, you can't burn everything and call it Cajun. Life doesn't work like that." He laughed again. "I do not!" I whined. "Remember that one time you burned the cereal?" He chuckled at the thought. "I didn't know it was cereal okay."

 I shrunk into myself. Gerard chose that moment to turn around. He frowned at me. "I'm sorry baby." I shrugged. "You made fun of me." I came around the cart and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Sorry." He whispered into my neck. "I love you." He kissed my ear, knowing it made me giggle. "Not here. Gerard." I sighed. "No one is here. No one can hear us." He sucked my one spot of my neck. "Doesn't doing it in public sound exciting?" Gerard murmured.  My eyes widened instantly. Okay this is very shocking. I shrugged him off. "When did you get so kinky?" He shrugged, then grabbed my arms. "It'll be fun." He shimmied. "Clean up on aisle nine." I muttered under my breath. "Is that a yes?" His voice perking up. "It's, a rain check." Why do I get myself into these things? He smiled. "I love you." His voice passionate and loving, filled with care and sweetness. One can't fake that. "I. L. 
O. V. E. You too." I poked his knows in that cutesy way. Hopefully this all came across as affectionate. "I love how happy we are together. I hope Alicia and Mikey will-. Oh dear." Alicia and Mikey will what? "Who's Alicia?" Gerard's face turned to guilt. "I wasn't supposed to tell you. Oh dear."  He paced around repeating 'oh dear, oh dear, oh dear'. "Gerard will you stop and tell me what's going on." He froze in his spot, facing random protein bars. "Mikey has a girlfriend and he wanted to tell you himself and I ruined it. " He speeded through his words but I caught it. That fucker -Mikey-  wasn't gonna tell me anything. "I'm sorry I ruined the surprise. He really wanted to tell you himself. I can't wait to meet her though. We can all go on double dates. Fun!" 

I'm hurt. But it was almost expected. Tears threatened to fall, but I kept them at bay until I felt okay. "Is this all I need?" I motioned to the cart, changing the subject. "Unless you want something else." He replied. "Okay, than lets get out of here, I just remembered I had to be somewhere." 

We checked out then I drove Gerard to the auto shop. I waved to Bob quickly before driving off. 

Mikey..That fucking cheating bastard. Oh like you're any better. How could he do this to me?  Anger flowed through me, taking over my sadness. I hardly realized where I was going until I was out side the Way home. The anger instantly switched to sadness, then back to anger. 

I parked my car, turning off the engine. I gripped my keys so tight it was tearing  into my skin as I stomped over to their front door. I rang the doorbell furiously. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. I rang again and again until someone finally answered the door. 

Just the person I wanted to see. His hair wasn't straightened his clothes weren't perfectly put together. His glasses weren't on, giving me a perfect chance to gaze into his beautiful hazel brown eyes. He's a beautiful. A beautiful bastard. "Frankie!" He greeted, his smile wide. Excited to see me. "You little... TWAT!" His expression turned confused like he didn't know what he did. "I hate you! I fucking hate you!" I tried to stay strong, but I couldn't. It hurt to bad. I fell to the ground, all the tears I'd been holding back releasing. I think I understand why Mikey doesn't want me to break up with his brother. Finding out someone you'd do anything for, would die for, kill for, doesn't loce you as much as you thought they did fucking hurts. I heard the door slam. That fucking bastard doesn't care at all. I cried harder. 

Suddenly there was a presence. The person wrapped their arms around me. I kept shrugging them off, I just wanna be a lone. Rejection and betrayal is a lot to take. I looked at the person who cared enough to try and comfort me. It was Mikey, he does care. I still struggled against his touch, but he wouldn't give in so I did. "Who the FUCK is Alicia?" I tried to sound strong, but I broke. Not being able to handle the hurt."Baby. She's just a cover." Lies. A sob involuntarily escaped my lips. "Cover my ass." He didn't really. I cried more. Leaning into him now instead of just him embracing me. "Was she before or after I started ignoring you to get you to make up your mind?" I looked up at him, gazing in his eyes. I searched his eyes for something. Something that can give me a straight answer."Before." He sighed sadly, regretfully. But regret of doing it or regret because I found out? "I hate you. So much." I put my head down again, more tears flowing down. He nodded. "I wish I didn't love you. I really really do." I  cried against his chest. "Wanna go inside?" He asked.  His fingers playing with my hair. Almost soothing "I'm gonna go home. I have this overwhelming urge to punch you in the face or kick you in the balls." I forced a chuckle to make him think I'm joking. "I love you too much to ruin your balls or face." I forced a smile. He gave me a quick kiss and released me so we could both stand up. Why'd you let me go? Please don't let me leave. Make me stay Mikey. "I'm breaking up with her." He assured me.  I smiled, plan forming in my head. "Don't. She's just a cover. Your sex toy whenever I'm with your brother. Maybe we could go on a double date." I got in my car, locking the doors. I didn't start it, or even put the keys in the ignition. I couldn't see well enough past my tears to. So I let them fall and I cried. I cried, knowing I had nothing to live for anymore.

Chapter Four Extra
Gerards Point Of View
I've been sitting in the waiting room for hours. The boring talk show on the screen the only thing keeping me from screaming. Finally Bob came in. "What's going on?" I stood up. "You guys always have an extra key to my car on hand. I've never had to wait before." My voice confused. "Gerard. This car has just been reported stolen. I can't let you take it." My eyes practically bugged out my head. "You know me. I've been have that same exact car being towed here for years!" I waved my arms around dramatically. "I realize this, I know it wasn't stolen. But it's protocol." He shrugged. Aw hells no. "When did it show up in the system as stolen?" He sighed. "About 10 minutes ago." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT'S MY FUCKING CAR MOTHER FUCKER! "I own the car. I didn't report it stolen. I gotta go home Bobert." My blonde friend sighed again. "I'm afraid, the cops are on their way." WHAT?! "I have some paper work I need you to fill out. I'll also need your I.D. and birth certificate." WHY THE HELL WOULD I CARRY A BIRTH CERTIFICATE AROUND WITH ME?!


What seemed like forever later the cops who were being mega idiots confirmed that I owned my own car and I didn't steal my own car. I'm officially annoyed. All that fucking paper work to be told I can take my car. 

Don't think you're hearing a thank you from me Mr. Officers. This is what my taxes pay for? Oh HELL no. "See ya later Bob. Officers." I nodded, getting in my car with my new key and driving out the garage.


The drive home was boring. The radio stations decided to all play shit. This hasn't been a good day. But at least I got that job offer. Though the job may be shady, possibly illegal. 

I turned, pulling on my street. Well, my moms technically. I only planned on living with her through art school, but I guess if I wanted a solid plan I wouldn't have gone to art school. 

I parked on the side of the street instead of the driveway, yearning for a change of pace. I ran through the muddy grass, wishing the door was unlocked so I don't have to explain to my mom how I lost another set of keys. 

The door was unlocked and I let myself in. The house smelt good. A mixture of cheeses and yummy chicken greeted my nostrils. But I didn't want to eat. I felt sick. Yet I walked towards the smell anyway. 

"You're late for dinner. Your plates on the stove, you'll need to heat it up." My mom told me. She said it in that, 'rather you want to or not I already know its gonna happen' way. I sat my empty briefcase on the floor. "Not hungry mom." I started for the basement, almost home free."Sit down. We're having family conversation." Damn it. I  sighed and sat down, giving in. I looked over at Mikey. He just stared at his plate avoiding me. The fuck I do? 

"How's your day been Gee?" My mom asked. "Good." I responded nonchalantly. Well actually my day was awful, but good in comparison to how it could of went. 

I could have died, got cancer, got kidnapped and sold to a third world country where I would become I sex slave. I could be a Russian male order bride. Life is great, in comparison. 

My mom nodded. "How'd the job search go?" I smiled. "I think I found something." My mom smiled as well. "That's great honey." I nodded. "Yeah I have an interview tomorrow night?" Her eyes widened a tad. "Night? That's dangerous. If your gonna be a stripper just rip off the bandaid don't ease into it. Dear lord." My mom freaked, politely. She put her head in her hands in a frustrated manor mumbling something about 'My first born' and a 'A stripper' here and there and a lot of 'Dear Jesus'. I chuckled. "I'm not a stripper mom." She sighed, relieved. "Oh thank god."

Randomly Mikey decided to speak. "Why'd you tell Frank about Alicia?" Oh no. He must have talked to Frank I feel so bad. "I'm sorry, I know he's your best friend and you wanted to tell him." I apologized. Curse me and my big mouth. 

 Mikey just looked at me blankly. It was like he was seeing into my soul.  "It slipped okay!" He kept starring and it was driving me crazy. Does he want me to say something? 

Mikey  starring like that is freaking scary. How did he learn to just not blink like that? "We were talking about Franks and I's relationship and I mentioned how I was proud of you and couldn't wait to meet Alicia." 

 "Wait. Whose Alicia?" My mom waved her arms around dramatically. "Mikey's girlfriend." I exclaimed excitedly. Saying girlfriend in a sing-song voice. "Ooh. Mikey's got a girlfriend." My mom clapped. We're both so happy for him. 

Me and my mom started singing  'Mikey's got a girlfriend, Mikey's got a girlfriend'. We were both just clapping and smiling, then we switched to singing 'Mikey and Alicia sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!' 

Mikey broke up happy time. "Ex. Ex-girlfriend." He stood up from the table. Oh no, what happened?  "Don't feel sorry for me. Oh and Gerard, fuck you and your big mouth!" He  ran to his room, knocking over his chair in the process. He slammed the door causing silence. 

Moms expression equally matched mine, confusion, and a pinch of guilt.  "How was it my fault?" I wondered out loud, pouting. "And this is why we're supposed to have more family conversations." My mom muttered. "I agree, we should. Hey, you want coffee?" I walked over to our coffee maker, craving a subject change. "Sure. You see the paper today?" Mom replied, greatfull for the change of subject as well. "Yeah, those phone murders?" I confirmed . "I know. It's all so sudden. Those poor victims and their families." I nodded. Pouring the water in the pot. 

My mom went on about the details for a while, talking to herself more so than me. I let my mind wonder off, thinking about Mikey and how upset he was -is- at me. "Should I go check on Mikes?" My mom stopped and pondered the question. "Yeah, I think you should." She concluded. 

I went over to his room, knocking quickly on the door and not waiting for an answer before stepping "Hey Mikey. You okay?" I closed the door behind me than joined my brother on the bed. I laid back an stared at the ceiling with him. What exactly is he looking at? What's so interesting about this? It's not fun. "Do I look like I'm okay?" He asked sarcastically. Well, I can't see him, he's way to interested in his ceiling. So I really don't know. But instead of saying that I went with, "Is it my fault you and Alicia broke up? It seemed like you blamed me for it." I turned my head to face him, but he was still fixed on that damn ceiling. "You told Frank. Frank hates her. He won't be my friend if I'm with her." He sighed before continuing.  "It was Frank or Alicia. I picked Frank." Oh no. I really did ruin his relationship. It's all my fault. But why wouldn't Frank be okay with Mikey dating this chick? I'm sure she's not that bad. This doesn't sound like my Frankie though. "If he's gonna make you pick, that's not a true friend." It came out like a question. I felt like by saying that in a way it was like betraying Frankie, insulting him.  

I sat up, Mikey flowing, legs crossed. We faced each other and I could tell he was about to start a very serious conversation. "Do you know when the last time I had sex was? Real hot sex." Okay. Not the serious heart to heart brotherly conversation I was looking for. 

I felt like something was stuck in my throat. I was coughing, gasping for air. It hurt, like a demon was scratching at my throat, trying to get out but a force was holding it down. I calmed down and my coughing ceased. "I'm afraid I don't." My voice was hoarse and my throat felt scratchy. "It's been far too long big brother, far too long." 

He grabbed my hand looking into my eyes. "My dick is lonely." I swear my eyes bugged out my head then the coughing fits began again. Mikey ceased the hand holding and  started patting my back. It was comforting, calming normal. 

When I relaxed he continued, his hand holding my head in place, locking my eyes with his. Oh god. This is why he's distanced himself from me. He's thinks he's in love with me. This is bad. All his failed relationships are my fault. Why was I cursed with this hot body? I don't want my brother to want me. Darn my dashing good looks. "I just want to have really good hot sex. I don't care for the gender. Anybody, as long as its good. I'm sexually deprived!" I gulped, shocked. My brother is going to rape me. 

He moved my face closer to his, even less than an inch apart. He's going to kiss me. No, no no, this is bad. How do I turn him down gently. Oh dear. I tried to move away but Mikeys hand firmly kept my head close to his. 

Mommy! Mom, please be a mind reader! Mom! Your youngest son wants to do sexual things to me! He's got the hot for me, I don't like this.. Mommy. "Do you know what it's like to be sexually deprived?" I used all the strength I had to break free from him and run out of there. No way in hell does my brother get my ass. 

I ran to the basement, locking my door behind me immediately. I whipped out my phone punching in Franks number as fast as I could. 

"Hey Gerard." Franks voice non-enthusiastic. "MIKEY TRIED TO HAVE HIS WAY WITH ME!" I rushed out. "WHAT?!"

That was the extra. Hope you loved. I'll read through it later and fix whatever mistakes there may be. At the moment its that time of the month and I just can't be fucked. 
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