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Chapter Five: Sishkahoo

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Mikey's gonna fix everything. He know he can.

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SishKahoo. It's my new favorite word. This chapter is sishkahoo.
Back to the rightful Point Of View.. Mikey's. 
I unpleasantly woke up -okay, it was slightly pleasant- to Frank Ieros face. "What the fuck?" I scrambled on my bed. Trying to fix pieces together. No matter how beautiful this boy may be waking up suddenly to a face that wasn't there went to went to sleep is frightening. 

The sun hit my eyes, with Franks head no longer blocking my vision. "Okay, you've got my attention Mikey!" A weight pressing down on my bed, shifting it. "I've got your attention? You're the one that thought scaring the daylights out of me would be a pleasant wake up call!" I argued back. 

Frank sighed. Even under the warm sheets I knew he was shaking his head. "You know damn well that's not what I mean. Your brother Mikey." Gerard. What's wrong with Gerard. "Dear god Frank, close my blinds or I'm never coming out from under here." The weight lifted from my bed and from under my comforter things got dimmer. 

I peeked my head out and looked around. "Thank you." I smiled, sitting up, still wrapping my self with the warm sheets. He shrugged, like 'whatever weirdo' and laid on my lap.

 I began to fiddle with his luscious locks of hair. "What's wrong baby?" He sighed, this time more content than annoyed or frustrated. "You trying to sleep with Gerard. That's really sick Michael. Even for you." 

Okay, I'm lost now. "You'd sleep with anything breathing wouldn't you?" He calmly continued. "Oh. Now I know what you're on about." I mentally face palmed. "Is that what Gee told you?" Frank let out a sound that was just one of those 'moanish groanish mewlish, beautiful' Frank sounds. Then he yawned out a simple 'yeah'.

 He's so cute when yawns. "Well, if you are gonna believe everything he says, why don't you go date him?" I forced every ounce of what slowly deteriorating composure I had left. "I am. Remember?" I froze. Pulling my fingers from his hair. 

Gonna play that card huh, Mr. Iero. "I fucked your mom." I glared. Okay. That wasn't what I meant to say. "You didn't." I chuckled nervously. "Of course I didn't. That came out wrong, just joking with you." I playfully nudged him in the shoulder. 

He jumped practically across the room. Who knew such a tiny man could have so much distance? "Oh my god. YOU FUCK MY MOM!" I put an innocent look on my face, about to deny it when he spoke again. "Oh my god. Why would you do that? That's my mom. I came from her womb." Now the boys just over reacting. 

He was waving his arms around, wheezing, pacing, the whole enchilada.  "You FUCKED my MOM. Oh my god... My mom. You had sex with me and my mom, it's like I had sex with my mom." His hands gripped his head like he was trying to rip his own head in half. "I can't. Oh the mental images. You dick was inside my mom. Oh dear."

 I titled my head, looking at him questioningly. "Aren't you being a little over dramatic Frankie?" Frank was laying on my lap again. "Wasn't being dramatic. Just surprised. I think I'm over it. It's just how you are." I began playing with his hair again. "I really hate how much I love you. If I could take it all back.." He trailed off. "You can't control your feelings Frankie." I murmured softly. 

He nodded. "How do you control yours than?" He intertwined his hand with my left one which was formally resting on him -not the right one, which is still playing with his gorgeous hair-.  

I sighed. Pondering the question. "I don't think I have any." I sighed again, shaking my head. "But I know I love you. I just, can't stop.. doing, well you know."

"Please stop." He snuggled into me more. As if he was trying to fuse are bodies together, like I could disappear at any given second. "If you need sex that bad you have a key to my apartment you know." He relaxed into me more. Frankies so cute, like a little pixie. "I think you may have a problem Mikey. Like a serious problem." 

 I leaned down and kissed him passionately. Putting an end to the conversation, that's slowly becoming a routine.  I shifted us around so he was laying on his back now, me straddling him. Not once breaking the kiss. Mother Fucking Skill! Mental high five. 

His hands pushed on my chest, breaking our lips apart before I could go any further. "This is exactly what I mean Mikey. You have satyriasis." Frankie whispered out the last part worriedly. "What? I don't even know what that is, but I don't have it." I pouted before leaning in again, but he pushed me off him. 

I groaned frustrated, laying next to him. "It means you're abnormally addicted to sex." I laid my head on his stomach, focusing on the rises and falls of him as he breathed. "Do you remember our first time together?" He asked softly, sounding sort of spacey. 

I nodded, knowing he didn't really see from the possition we're in but getting the point. "You were dared to kiss me. You had literally no feelings for me. Then it turned into sex." He put emphasis on dared but otherwise spoke softly. 

He was so wrong though. I'd always had feelings for him. They just never registered till we kissed. I love this kid. I always have.

His hands went to my hair, raking his fingers through in that comforting way.  I purred in delight, loving it when he plays with my hair. "Everything with you turns into sex. You give the bear some honey and he keeps coming back. You know?" He sighed. "I can't say I do Frankie." 

He sighed and whispered 'that's the point'. I left it alone, knowing I wasn't meant to hear that, I barely could, I just made it out. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into him so tight my glasses were pinching my face. I ignored it, just enjoying Franks company. "It's not my fault." I whispered. "It's really not my fault." I released a quiet sob. 

I began paying attention to his heartbeat and the rise and fall of his chest. Making a memory. I'm gonna make things right. Because I'm the problem and I'm going to fix everything. 

His rough guitar playing fingers stopped playing with my hair. I shifted, looking at Frankie. He was fast asleep. So gorgeous. His ebony hair fallen in front of his face. But you could still make out his kissable pink lips and his adorable pixie nose. I'm going to fix everything.  "I promise Frankie." I kissed his hand, vowing on my grandmas grave that I'd fix things. 

Maybe I really do love Frank. It's been on and off debate. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But he makes me want to change, I really do love him. I'm not going to continue to screw up his life because I can't keep it in my pants. 

I'm going to fix everything.
I know, it's short. I'm sorry. Hope you liked though :).
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