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A proposal

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And a bundle of nerves

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

I woke up quite early the next day. Probably because of my nerves. I was already dressed, and had the ring in my pocket. If she doesn't say yes it'll break my heart. She's crazy, she's weird, she's a psycho, but she's perfect. I heard retching from the bathroom. It was Penina.

'Honey, are you okay?' I asked.

'Not really.' She answered.

'Maybe it was the olives and nutella.' I joked. 'Are you going to be okay to go out today?' I asked.

'Yeah. Maybe. Frank, I need to tell you something.' She said unlocking the door. If I wasn't nervous before, I was now.

'This isn't the break-up speech is it? I'll change! I swear.' I said. She shook her head.

'Of course I'm not breaking up with you. I can only hope that what I say doesn't make you want to break up with me though.' She said. I sighed.

'Thank god. I wasn't going to change at all.' I said. She giggled.

'Frank, when you were out yesterday, I realised something I should've realised before, and well...' She started before going into our bedroom.

'Well what? What are you doing?' I asked as she got something from under the bed. She opened a shoebox.

'I took a test. I sure as hell hope that what you want to do today isn't wine tasting, because we're having a baby.' She said. I looked inside just to make sure she wasn't joking. It's true. We're going to be parents. I began crying. 'Oh god. You want to run away don't you?' She asked. I shook my head.

'Of course not. I just can't believe it. I told you you'd be a mummy. We're having a baby!' I said excitedly. I hugged her and kissed her cheek. I then lifted up her shirt and kissed her tummy.

'Kayla's going to be an older sister.' She said.

'Sweetie, I love you so much.' I told her.

'I love you too.' She said. 'I better get ready for today though.' She said. She ran into the bathroom and started washing herself. I'm going to be a dad to Penina's child. I don't think life can get much better. Unless she says yes of course.

I have it all planned out. We're going to go to Perk-Up, the coffee shop where we first met, I already spoke to the owner who said she's going to close it up just for us. Of course I'm going to get down on one knee, but that's not until we have our drinks and sit down on the sofa, and I tell her about how much she means to me. All she has to do is say yes.

'Daddy, when are we going?' Kayla asked tugging at my arm.

'As soon as Penina's ready.' I answered.

'Good luck daddy.' She whispered.

'Thanks honey.' I said. I kissed the top of her head, and hugged her tight.

'Okay, I'm ready to go.' Penina said. She was gorgeous.

'Okay then, let's.' I said. I picked up Kayla, strapped her in, and set off. We soon arrived at Mikey and Molly's.

'Dude, this is so exciting.' Mikey said quietly.

'I know, and there's even more exciting news that we'll tell you about later on, but for now I have to go.' I said.

'Good luck Frank.' Molly said.

'Thank you.' I said. I then went back into the car.

'So, what do you want to name the baby?' Penina asked.

'I don't know. I mean, for a guy we have a tradition of calling the first born son Frank, but I half want to do that. Can we call him Anthony?' I asked. Anthony is my middle name.

'Aw, I like that. What about a girl?' She asked.

'You choose.' I answered. She was stuck on it for the rest of the journey, but we eventually arrived.

'Oh my god. Where we first met.' She said.

'The best day of my life.' I told her. She smiled, then noticed the sign.

'Aw, it's closed.' She said. I looked inside for the waitress. She said she had a plan for that. Just then, we heard a woman panting behind us.

'Oh god. I'm so sorry. I overslept, please, come in.' She said unlocking the coffee shop's door. Now that's clever.

'Thank you.' I said. I grabbed Penina's hand, and walked to the sofa where we sat together for the first time.

'So, what are we doing here?' She asked.

'You'll soon find out.' I said mysteriously. 'Can we get two hot chocolates please?' I asked the waitress.

'Coming up.' She replied. We started chatting about lots of pointless things, but then we both finished our drinks. Now or never.

'Penina, you're the perfect girl for me. You're smart, crazy, talented, weird, funny, and an excellent person. You're a great mother figure to Kayla, and to another person on the way, and I never want to leave you.' I said. I got down on one knee, and opened up the ring box. She was so shocked. 'Penina Dayne, will you marry me?' I asked. She began crying, nodded her head, and clung to me.

'Of course I'll marry you. I love you moron.' She said crying happily into my shoulder. 'This isn't about the baby though, is it?' She asked. I giggled.

'No. I wanted to ask you for a long time, but I just didn't. I'm glad I did now though. Jesus. I'm going to be a husband.' I said happily.

'We're going to be the weirdest family ever, aren't we?' She asked. I giggled and nodded my head.

'It's the only way we know how. Weird is wonderful.' I told her.

'It is when weird is with you.' She told me. I smiled. She said yes. I cupped her cheeks gently, and placed a soft kiss on her lips. 'I'm going to be a pregnant bride. You're going to have your balls chopped off at some point. You know that right?' She asked.

'I don't care. I've used them for what they're for already.' I joked. She laughed and we went back home. I'm getting married and I'm going to be a father. Life can literally never be better than this.

Hey guys. I'm sorry if this chapter's so short. I know yesterday's was. I'm at centre parcs. The internet connection is terrible, so I'm sorry for it's slowness. I'm also really exhausted. But, the chapter's written up. I hope you like it though. Rate and review peasants! (You probably aren't peasants, but that's what I've been calling my family all day.) Also, I just came back from a supper quiz, and we were the winning family! £40 worth of vouchers for the holiday XD xx
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