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Locked up

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The end

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~~Penina's P.O.V~~

The phone was ringing. Who would call at 3 o'clock in the morning? I picked it up as Frank turned over trying to get back to sleep.

'Hello?' I asked.

'Hi, is this the Iero residence?' The woman on the phone asked. I recognised her voice.

'Yeah. Who is this?' I asked.

'It's Lacey Pepper, from the police station.' She said.

'Oh, hi Lacey. Is everything okay?' I asked.

'Well, everything's great actually. We've found Rory. He was trying to cross the border to Mexico. He's been arrested.' She said.

'Seriously?' I asked shaking Frank awake.

'Seriously. The court date's in about a month.' She said.

'What? I can't go then. I'm due around that time.' I told her. It was 6 months after the wedding. I can't go to court if there was a baby about to escape my body.

'Well, I'm afraid we can't change the court date. We might just need Frank and Kayla anyway.' She said.

'Okay. I understand. Thanks Lacey. I'll talk to you soon.' I said before hanging up.

'What's going on?' Frank asked.

'Rory's been arrested.' I answered. He looked so relieved. Like everything's in place.

'Oh thank god.' He said putting his hand over his mouth. He pulled me into a hug.

'The court dates in a month. I won't be able to go, but you and Kayla have to.' I said.

'What? We can't go. Not when you're about to pop. We have to wait until after the baby's born.' He told me.

'Look, it's fine. I probably won't have the baby that day, and this is really important.' I said. Frank sighed.

'Okay then, but you have to make sure you have your phone on when I go. Let's go back to sleep.' He said. I nodded my head, and we did go back to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later. I didn't know why though, until I felt pain. So much pain.

'Ow!' I screamed.

'Honey, what's wrong?' Frank asked.

'I don't know...' I said before screaming in pain again. Oh god. The baby's coming. 'Frank, I'm having the baby.' I told him. His eyes widened.

'Oh my god! What do we do?' He asked freaking out.

'You wake up Kayla, take her to Gerard and Jane's, and drive me to the frickin' hospital.' I said. He nodded in fear, and got Kayla up. He also prepared a bag for my stay at the hospital. We ran to the car.

'I'm tired.' Kayla complained.

'Don't worry sweetie. After today you'll have a baby brother or sister.' Frank told her. Once we dropped her off, he sped to the hospital. When we got inside the room, I told Frank to call my mum.

'Hi Penina. How are you feeling?' The midwife asked.

'Like I've got a fucking baby coming out of my vagina!' I shouted. She looked shocked, but she still treated me well.

'Your mum's coming. She said that if she can't get a ticket she'll hijack a plane. I think she was serious.' Frank said.

'Frank, I'm scared.' I told him.

'Don't worry honey. It'll be okay.' He said.

'How the fuck would you know?' I asked pulling his shirt in pain. I probably tugged some of his skin too.

'Ouch! You have no idea how much that hurt.' He said. I looked at him as if he wanted to be murdered.

'I hate you, and your penis! I can't believe you got me pregnant you fucktard!' I screamed. He looked offended, but still stayed with me for the rest of the day. It's now 8 o'clock in the evening, and there's no baby yet. My mum was here too. In fact, everyone was.

'Okay, it's time to start pushing.' The midwife said.

'No!' I said bluntly. They all looked at me as if I was crazy.

'No? What do you mean no?' Mum asked.

'Oh, just the fact that this stupid fetus made me be awake for ages in pain. I'm going to be in even more, and the baby's just going to have to wait.' I said folding my arms.

'Sweetie, listen, I know it's been hard, but you're about to have a baby. The sooner you get it over with, the sooner you can hold the baby.' Frank told me. I nodded my head, and began crying. I began pushing too. It hurt like hell. After what seemed like hours, the baby was finally born.

'Congratulations you two. You have a happy, and healthy baby boy.' The midwife said. I held my newborn son in my arms.

'Oh my god.' I said. I was smiling and crying. Frank lay down on the bed next to me holding Anthony's hand.

'You did it. I'm so proud of you.' Frank said. Kayla came running into the room.

'Hey Kayla. Say hi to Anthony, your brother.' I told her. She smiled and stroked his head.

'He's so small.' She said. We smiled.

'I know. I had him early as well, so he's extra small.' I told her. Frank lifted her up, so she could sit next to us.

'You know, Anthony got you a present.' Frank said.

'Really?' Kayla asked.

'Really. He got you a new house. We're moving into a big house, and you get your own room, and you can decorate it however you want.' I told her.

'However, we can't move in for about a week, so to keep you waiting, he got you this teddy bear.' Frank said. He handed her the small, fluffy toy.

'I love you Anthony!' Kayla said gently hugging him.

'He loves you too. We all love you.' Frank said.

Life is completely perfect.

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