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Wedding bells

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A month later

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~~Frank's P.O.V~~

The alarm clock woke Penina and I up.

'Ugh. I just want to sleep.' She complained.

'Well, we have to get up. It's Shayla and Ray's wedding.' I told her. She turned over to face me. I smiled at her, and stroked her newly formed baby bump.

'It's ours in a few months.' She said happily.

'I can't wait.' I told her. I pecked her lips, and went to wake up Kayla. Mazy was sleeping over. She and West are coming to the wedding too. She wanted her friends with her. 'Good morning!' I shouted. They woke up laughing. I think they found it funnier than it should have been. They then ran out of bed and tackled me. They started tickling me.

'Say your prayers old man!' Mazy said.

'Old?' I asked acting offended.

'Very!' She answered. Penina walked in and saved me.

'Okay everyone, calm down. Let's get ready for the wedding.' She said. So we did. We were all ready in record time. We had to stay at home for a few hours before the wedding. West was being dropped off here, and we were taking him. Even then we had time to kill. I began to read pregnancy facts on the internet. I came across one that made me cry.

'Oh god!' I said.

'Honey, what's wrong?' Penina asked.

'Look at this! Men can have pregnancy symptoms. Gaining weight, cravings, and even morning sickness. It's sympathetic pregnancy. I don't want that.' I answered.

'I'm going to give birth which might take over 2 days. Do you really think that's the worst that could happen?' She asked angrily. I shook my head.

'Sweetie, I've been thinking about it for a while. This house, it isn't really big enough for a family of four, especially since one of them has sleepovers. Maybe we should move to a bigger place?' I suggested. She smiled.

'Yeah. That's not a bad idea.' She told me. I smiled and she kissed me. The doorbell rang.

'I'll get it.' I said. I went to the front door and West came walking in casually.

'Sup ladies.' He greeted. Kayla and Mazy giggled.

'Thanks for inviting him. He's really looking forward to it.' His mum, Madeline, said.

'No problem. I'll drop him off when we leave.' I said.

'Sure, I've got to dash, I'll see you later.' She said running to her car. I closed the door.

2 hours later, we were sitting down, watching Ray and Shayla exchange their vows.

'Do you, Shayla, take Ray to be your lawful wedded husband?' The vicar asked.

'I do.' She said.

'And Ray, do you take Shayla to be your lawful wedded wife?' He asked.

'I do.' He said happily.

'Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.' The vicar said. They kissed, and we all clapped. I can't believe that's going to be me soon.

We all went to the party area. Kayla, Mazy, and West, or as I like to call them, the devils, chased each other around the dance floor and played little games. I saw Ray and Shayla. Penina and I went up to them.

'Guys, congratulations!' I said.

'Thanks guys.' Shayla said. Shayla and Penina man-hugged each other, while me and Ray hugged each other happily and excitedly.

'It's the first wedding you've ever been to.' I said kissing Penina's tummy. She giggled and stroked my head. Ray and Shayla looked at each other knowingly.

'What?' Penina asked.

'We kind of need to talk to you two. You can't tell anyone.' Shayla said.

'Okay...?' I said, still wondering what they were thinking.

'I just found out last week. I'm having a baby too.' She said. We smiled and hugged her.

'Our babies should get married!' Penina said.

'Oh god.' I said.

'No, but how perfect would that be.' She told me.

'We'll see you later guys.' I said, I pulled her away, and we danced together.

'So, this house we're going to move to. Will it be big?' She asked. I smiled.

'Sure it will. It will also have 5 bedrooms. I don't want to stop having kids when this one's born.' I said.

'Me too. We also need a games room.' She told me.

'And a pool.' I said. We smiled and kissed each other. She's perfect.

'We won't have the other kid any time soon though. I don't know about you, but I heard child birth hurts like a bitch.' She said. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

'Fine. Can we have a sex swing?' I joked. She punched my arm playfully.

'Our kid is going to be so messed up.' She said.

'And amazing.' I said. We smiled and continued dancing. I love weddings.

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