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First day

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School time

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~~Kayla's P.O.V~~

'Hey sweetie, it's time to wake up. It's your first day of school.' Daddy said. I rubbed my eyes and he looked down at me smiling.

'It's early.' I said.

'Yeah, I know, but cherish the sleep you have. When Penina has the baby, it will be crying all night, and you'll be really tired. However, it's time to get ready, so get up.' He said. I got out of bed, and got ready.

'Who's going to look after Sophie when I'm at school?' I asked walking into the kitchen.

'Your dad will.' Penina said. Daddy looked annoyed, but he was smiling anyway. 'When is that stupid smile going to leave your face?' She asked.

'When I become upset that you said yes, and the fact we're having a child, so never.' He answered.

'Are you excited for the baby to come Kayla?' Penina asked.

'Yeah! We can play dollies together. Will she be a boy or a girl?' I asked. Daddy and Penina giggled at my question.

'We don't know yet sweetie.' Daddy said.

'I don't want to know until the baby's born.' Penina said.

'Really? How will we know what stuff to get?' Daddy asked.

'We wont. Oh, after we drop off Kayla, I want to go to the shops.' Penina answered.

'No! No more olives and nutella! The baby's going to get tummy aches.' Daddy told her.

'Yes Frank. Or else you'll never see your child! Why do you hate me?' Penina asked. She started crying.

'Honey, I was just joking.' Daddy told her. Penina ran to their room crying.

'Why is Penina crying daddy?' I asked him.

'It tends to happen to women who are going to have a baby. Shall we go cheer her up and then go to school?' He suggested. I nodded my head. We went into the bedroom. Penina had her head in her pillow.

'Men are stupid Kayla. They're the morons of the planet.' She told me.

'Honey, I'll get you anything you want. I was just kidding. Can the baby get tummy aches yet?' Daddy asked. Penina shrugged her shoulders.

'Why don't you look it up in your man dictionary?' She asked sarcastically. Daddy went on the other side of the bed and pulled Penina into his arms. I then climbed on the bed and lay in between them. 'Can I have cucumber and ketchup as well?' She asked.

'Sure honey. We're going to be late though, let's go.' Daddy answered.

We got in the car, and went to school. Daddy and Penina took my hand and walked into the playground with me. All the other parents and kids were there too. One in particular looked really excited, she was the lady from the jewelery shop.

'Frank!' She said excitedly. She ran over to us with a boy holding her hand.

'Mum! Stop it.' He complained.

'Did she say yes?' She asked.

'Just look at her hand. Penina, this is the lady who sold me the rings, and Kayla, this is West, her son.' Daddy replied.

'Come on!' He said happily. He let go of his mum's hand, and took hold of mine. We ran to another girl. 'Mazy, it's Frank's daughter.' He said. She looked happy.

'Yay! Let's go play!' She exclaimed. We ran inside and started playing with play-dough.

'I like your dad. He's funny.' West said.

'I love my daddy. I'm having a younger brother or sister. I don't know which yet.' I told them.

'I have a younger brother. He's so annoying. He can't even eat by himself.' Mazy told me.

'I have an older brother. He's 13, and he keeps telling me to go away, but he says the f word.' West told us. We all giggled.

'But you always try and steal his things.' Mazy said.

'He has magazines with naked people on it. He tells me not to tell mum and dad, but I told him that I won't as long as I get to take what I like sometimes.' He replied.

'Why does he have magazines with naked people on it? That's just silly.' I said.

'He's silly. He's ugly too.' He said. We all laughed uncontrollably.

'So are you!' Mazy told him. Mazy and I laughed even harder, but West scowled.

'I'm actually really handsome. My mum says so.' He told us.

I like these guys.

This is a really short chapter isn't it? Ah well. Sorry I haven't updated since forever ago, but there was literally no internet at centre parcs -_- I was itching to update, but it didn't work, however, I won the bowling, and the spa was amazing, but the rest of the holiday was a bit meh. Mainly because I had to share a room with my brother whose snoring wouldn't let me sleep. I was so tired and couldn't wake up. Also, my younger sister was being bitchy. I didn't even get to go swimming. :'( Ah well, rate and review and hug me! XD xx
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