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Chapter Thirty Five - Awake

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"Lexia?! Lexia, what's wrong?!" She could hear her sister screaming.

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A/N Hey, sorry it's kinda late, but I've re-written this about a fucking million times now. Still not 100% happy with it, but I think it's better than it was and I didn't want it to be any later than it already is. Anyways, thankies to Chemical_30 and junebug03 for reviewing the last chapter, I really appreciate it! Please review, I love hearing what you all think :3 Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Five - Awake

They didn't waste anytime with removing the chip in the back of Lexia's neck. They all wanted it out of there as soon as possible so that they could make sure that she was still herself and that she wasn't a threat to anyone.
After Jet had removed the chip, they took her into Death's room where Death waited for hours on end to see if her sister was going to wake up. She knew that it'd take a while for the drugs that Jet had given her to wear off, but she wasn't gonna fall asleep any time soon, so she waited and waited.
It was weird seeing her with blonde hair. She'd only ever seen her sister with brown or black hair. It was strange to her, but she guess that Better Living wanted to make her look different to who she was before.
The morning quickly came and Death hadn't gotten any sleep what so ever. She'd been waiting for her sister all night.

She felt weird. Her body was aching, her throat felt like sandpaper and she could hear someone in the same room as her.
Where was she? What'd happened? And more importantly . . . who was she again? She tried searching for a name in her head and numerous ones came up, but all of them were familiar to her. The names were Alexandria Wednesday Oliveson, Alexandria Wednesday Way and the one that stuck out the most in her mind was Acid Bullets. There were also a few nicknames like Acid, Ace and Lexia that she recognized, but the name Acid Bullets was the one that seemed to stick out in her mind more.
She knew it was a Killjoy name. She knew that Killjoys rebelled against Better Living Industries. She remembered what Better Living Industries was. She definitely knew what that was.
She heard a sigh. "C'mon, Lexia. I know you wanna wake up, you're still in there. Bandit's waiting for you." She knew the voice.
Again, names rushed in her head. Death Day, Death, Rosanna Amelia Oliveson and Vaimey. Vaimey was her little sister.
Then the name Bandit caught her attention. Bandit Way. Bandit was her daughter. Then there was her father.
For the fourth time, names rushed into her mind. Party Poison, Poison, Gerard Arthur Way and Gee. He was Bandit's father. He was her husband.
The memories of her family started filling her mind. It started with her earliest memory, she was in a park. She was two years old again and the sun was beating down on her skin, there was a warm and fuzzy feeling in the pit of her stomach that could only be described as happiness. She was happy and laughing with her parents, Diane and Karl Oliveson. She loved them so much.
Then she was bringing home her little sister from the hospital after she'd just been born. Her mother took a picture of Lexia holding her sister. She put it in a photo album, she knew that her and her sister found it years later in the Zones.
Then something unplesant happened.
There was fire. It was warm. Uncomfortably warm. She could smell smoke. She was inhaling it and it was burning her lungs. It was choking her. She couldn't breathe! She started screaming.
"Lexia?! Lexia, what's wrong?!" She could hear her sister screaming, but she couldn't move. She couldn't wake up and look at her sister, her body wouldn't let her just yet.
Her sister screamed and shouted at all of the horrific memories came back to her. The main ones she screamed and cried at were when her parents died and when she was raped.
It bothered Death deeply when her sisterdidn't move. She was just lying there for a few hours. The only way Death knew she was alive was because she could see her breathing slightly.
"C'mon, Lexia. Wake up." She begged, holding her sisters hand.

"The girl dad's brought here's a zombie!" Zack and Guiden told Bandit, Lacie and Jeremy.
"No she isn't. Ghoul told me it's someone they used to know." Jeremy said, believing what his adoptive father said.
"But we saws it! Shes was zombie!" Guiden said, missing out some words when he spoke.
"Yeah, she had her eyes missing and she was bleeding lots but she was breathing. She's a zombie!"
"What girl? Daddy hasn't told me anything about a zombie."
"That's because there is no zombie, Bandit." Jeremy said to her.
"Maybe she's no zombie. Maybe she was hurted." Said Lacie.
"Lacie, we know a zombie when we see one!" Zack continued to insist that they'd seen a zombie when their father had come out to find them.
"There's no zombie. Daddy would've told me if there was a zombie, daddy tells me everything." Bandit said, sure that there was no zombie in the diner.
"Oh yeah?"
"Then if there's no zombie, I dare you to go in there and see it for yourself." Zack challenged his cousin, who was a year younger than him.
"Fine." Bandit huffed, getting up and walking into the other room. She looked around and made sure that no one else was around, then she ran inside one of the rooms, looking for the so called zombie.
"Bandit? What are you doing in here?" Death demanded to know when her neice came running through the door.
Bandit looked at the girl lying on the bed. She recognized her from somewhere, but she couldn't get a good look at her face.
"Zack and Guiden said that uncle Kobra brought a zombie back home, I said there was no zombie and they dared me to come and see."
"Honey, there's no zombie here."
"Who is that?" She pointed to the girl.
Death was relieved that she didn't know it was her mother. Bandit could only see her blonde curls and a little bit of her cheek, but she couldn't see the face of the woman since her blonde curls were messily spread all over her face.
"She's . . . she's a friend, Bandit. A very close friend."
"Then why haven't we seen her before?"
"You have before, Bandy, but you were just a baby so you don't remember. We thought she was dead, Bandy. We didn't know she'd come back."
"What's her name?" She wondered
Death didn't know if Poison wanted her to know if was Lexia or not. She'd know at some point, but she thought it'd be best if Poison told her that it was Bandit's real mother.
"I can't tell you yet, Bandy. I'm sorry. I think that your dad wants to tell you who it is. You need to go play with Zack, Guiden, Lacie and Jeremy now, okay?"
"But aunt Deathie, please can I stay here?"
Death didn't think it was wise if Bandit stayed. Lexia was still screaming like it was bloody murder. She didn't want Bandit to get upset by the screaming and crying. Death was kind of amazed that none of them had heard the screaming and crying yet.
"Sorry baby, but it's best you go back outside."
She sighed. "Okay."
Bandit was about to leave when there was an ear-splitting, heart-breaking scream from the girl.
Death rushed over to her and picked Bandit up. When Bandit looked at the screaming girl, she knew who it was. It was Lexia, her mother.
"That's mommy!" She said.
Death flinched. Guess there's no hiding it now, she thought.
"Mommy!" Bandit shouted while Death removed her from the room.
Death shut the door and put Bandit back on her feet.
"That was mommy!"
She sighed. "Yeah, it was."
"But everyone says that something bad happened to mommy and that she couldn't come back. They said that she wanted to but she couldn't. Can she come back home now?"
"Bandit, your uncle Kobra found her. She . . . your mommy's sick at the moment. We're trying to help her and if she gets better then-"
"Death, what the hell are you doing?!" Poison shouted when he heard Death telling her that her mother was still alive.
"She ran in and saw her, it wasn't my fault."
"Daddy, is that really mommy?" When Bandit looked at him with her hazel eyes, his anger melted and he knew that he couldn't lie to her. No matter what, he always wanted to tell her the truth.
He sighed. "Yeah, it is, Bandy. It's mommy."
Bandit smiled eagerly. "I get to meet mommy?!"
"Well . . . like your aunt Death said, mommy's sick and she . . . she might not wake up, baby."
"Why not?"
"Something very bad happened to her a while ago when you were just a baby. We wanted to bring her back here, but if we did . . . there was a chance that something bad would happen to all of us. Something very bad and you could've gotten hurt."
"When she's okay, can I see her?"
He didn't know what to say. He wanted to be one hunred percent sure that she was herself and that she wasn't going to hurt anyone when she was awake. The last thing he was going to let happen was his daughter get hurt. As long has he was around, he was never going to let anyone or anything hurt her.
"We'll have to see, Bandy."
Bandit groaned. "Why won't I see her for sure? Does she not want to see me?"
Poison opened his mouth to speak, but Death spoke before Bandit's father spoke. "Of course she wants to, it's just that she's very sick at the moment, Bandy. We wouldn't want you to . . . get hurt because of that."
The five-year-old shrugged. "Okay."

The second she opened her eyes, she started crying after everything she'd seen. Every emotion that she'd ever felt was rushing back to her, it was almost unbareable. The main emotions that had caught her attention was depression and anger. She remebered how Better Living had used her, how they'd forced her to leave her husband and daughter. Even though the memories of her last moments with her husband where upsetting enough, but there were memories that were disturbing her deeply. The memories of what they made her do . . . it fucking broke her heart. She didn't remember all of it, she remembered everything when she was still herself, but she only remembered bits and pieces of what'd happened after the chip was inserted, but she remembered enough.
She'd killed countless people, most of which were Killjoys and they'd done absolutely nothing wrong. She rememebered the look in their eyes when they realized she worked for Better Living, she also remembered looking into their eyes as she mudered them, as she took what was left of their lives away from them. She'd killed innocent people. She was a fucking muderer.
Lexia was hysterical.
Death walked back in, expecting to see her still sleeping, but when she saw her awake, she threw her arms around her.
"Death?" She said.
"It's me, Lexia. It's me."
She cried harder.
"Why are you crying?" Death wondered and pulled away to look at her sister.
Lexia whiped away some of the tears. "I remember it, Death. I remember what they made me do. I've kill innocent people, I've killed Killjoys!" She cried harder.
Death hugged her again. "Ssh, Lexia. It wasn't your fault, you weren't yourself, they were controlling what you did and when you did it. It wasn't your fault, Lexia. It wasn't your fault." She tried to sooth her.
Lexia managed to calm down a little. She continued to whipe tears off her cheeks. Her green eyes were blood shot from crying.
"That's not all . . . god, I'm-" She broke down again, unable to finish her sentence.
Death just hugged her sister and let her cry. She cried for a while, neither of them knew how long, but reguardless, she stayed with her sister and comforted her.
When there were no more tears left, Lexia smiled sadly at her sister.
"How're you feeling?" Death asked.
"Been a lot fucking better, but at least I'm not being controlled anymore, right?"
Death smiled a little when Lexia realized how much . . . well, not older her sister looked, but . . . more mature. She didn't know what year it was or how long she'd been controlled by Better Living.
"Wait, Death, what year is it? How long have I been away from here?"
"It's 2025. You've been gone for five years, Lexia."
Her heart sunk. She'd been gone for five years? Five fucking years?
"Wait that means that Bandit's five years old now."
Death nodded and smiled. "Yeah, she is. Lexia, she's the most incredible little girl ever. You're gonna love her so much."
"I already do. She wonders why I'm not around, right?"
She nodded. "She asked questions and we said that something bad had happened to you and that you wanted to be here with her, but you couldn't. I've told her so much about you, Lexia. She loves you so much, she talks about you all the time. She thinks you're a fucking saint." Death smiled and laughed a little.
Lexia smiled, relieved. "I thought she might hate me for not being around."
"God no, she fucking loves you. When she saw it was you who we'd found, you should've seen her face. She was-"
"She knows I'm here?"
"Yeah, she came running in before and realized it was you. Even with the blonde hair."
"Blonde hair?" She questioned.
Death nodded and looked around for a mirror. She found one, but there were cracks and pieces of it missing. She held it up anyway.
Lexia looked in the mirror and instantly hated the blonde curls. Not that she had anything against blondes, she just thought that the colour didn't suit her. Not at all.
"Fuck, I remember now. They thought it was best to change what I looked like every now and then so I wasn't as easy to recognize."
Death nodded. It made sense.
She put the mirror down and sat down next to her older sister.
"Fuck, you're twenty now." She realized.
Death smiled. "Yeah, I am."
"So that makes Avenger twenty-one. How's he doing? Are you still together?"
Death looked down, Lexia realized she'd struck a nerve.
"You're not together anymore, are you? Fuck, I could've realized. I'm sor-"
"No, it's not that. We both loved eachother a lot and I still love him, but . . . Lexia, he died."
"Died? When? For how long?"
"The same day we lost you. I was screaming at Isoda and a Drac tried to shoot me. Avenger jumped and . . . a few minutes later he . . ." She didn't finish.
"Holy shit. Death, I'm so sorry."
"It's not your fault, Lexia."
"Before you ask, I didn't turn to alcohol or anything. It was more than tempting, but he made me promise him that I wouldn't. I almost did a few times, but I couldn't do the one thing he asked me not to. It didn't feel right. Plus, there was Bandit. Poison found it hard to cope on his own, so me and Kobra helped out a lot."
"How's Poison doing?"
Death thought about it for a second. "He's . . . okay, I guess. He's convinced himself he's over you, but we all know he's not."
"And Grace?"
She smiled. "She's a real Killjoy, I'll give her that. She's got a boyfriend now and as you can imagine, Poison fucking hates him. He's called Destruction Batteries. Poison's convinced he's a bad influence on her, but she's more the bad influence on him."
She smiled. "She's fifteen now, right?"
Death nodded and smiled. "Yeah, she is."
Death wrapped her arms around her sister again.
"I've missed you so much, Lexia."
She smiled sadly, ashamed that she'd not been there for her family for the past five years.
"I know. I've missed you, too Death. I've missed you too."
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