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Chapter Thirty Six - Doubt

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He closed the door and he was forced to look at the woman he had once loved. She smiled slightly. "Hey."

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A/N Yay! An update's that on time! I guess you could say this chapter's a little exciting, but I guess it was a little weird to write too because of what happens . . . anyways, thankies to YoshikiHide182 and Chemical_30 for reviewing, you guys are awesome ^_^ if you can, please review I love hearing what you all think! Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Six - Doubt

Trying to keep Bandit away from the room Lexia was in was next to impossible. Poison tried to distract her as much as possible, but in the end she always asked about her mother and constantly asked if she could see her yet. He always told her the same thing. That when it was safe for her, she could go and see her. She'd groan and ask when it'd be safe. Poison just smiled, kissed her forehead and said 'Soon'.
In all honesty, he was trying to delay his daughter meeting her mother. It wasn't that he didn't want Bandit to meet her, it was that he wasn't sure what Lexia would be like. He wanted to delay it because he wanted to be sure that she was definitely herself and not Better Living's puppet.
He'd not seen her yet, in all honesty, he wasn't sure if he wanted to. He'd convinced himself that he was over her, but he was beginning to question that. He knew that he wasn't in love with her anymore, but he knew apart of him would always love her as the mother of his child. Afterall, she was the one who'd given him the most important person in his life. She was the one who'd given him Bandit.
He was just extremely confused about how he felt. He wasn't going to welcome her back with open arms. She'd been away for a long time, he was going to ask questions and make sure that there was no chance that he was going to hurt Bandit or take her back to Better Living with her.
It was almost the end of the day and Bandit was falling asleep, her head resting on her father's chest. He stroked her dark brown hair, it was one of the many things she'd inherited from her mother.
Bandit snuggled into his chest and he kissed her forehead. He'd been around a lot lately and she loved it. He was always out in the Zones or with Blue Pheonix. Bandit hoped that when her dad saw her mom again then he'd fall in love with her all over again and never see Blue Pheonix again. She's asked him that question earlier in the day, wanting to know if he'd carry on seeing Pheonix because her mother was back. Poison didn't know what to say, he'd not thought about it before, but he didn't see why he'd have to stop seeing Pheonix just because Lexia was back. Besides, Poison liked his relationship with Pheonix. There was no commitment or feelings needed, it was just sex. Nothing more, nothing less.
"Daddy?" Bandit's tired voice asked.
"Yeah, baby?"
"I see mommy tomorrow?"
Poison frowned a little. "We'll see, baby. We'll see." He kissed he forehead.
Bandit didn't reply. It wasn't long before she was asleep again.
He picked her up and put her in her own bed. He kissed her forehead again and walked out of the room.
Jet had been keeping an eye on Lexia the whole day, asking her about how she felt mentally and physically. He asked her questions about the artificial bones in her arms and hands. The opperations had gone so well with her arm, so they decided to go it with both her hands and her other arm. She also told him about the injections she'd been having to make her muscles stronger, she told him that she wasn't like Superman or anything, she was just stronger than most people. If someone got in her way, she could break someone's bone with one hand without putting too much effort into it, but that was about as strong as she got. She could just injur someone or damage something if it was needed. That was why they'd done that to her in the first place.
Poison walked to the door of the room that Lexia was in. He was unsure on weather or not to go in, but he knocked on the door anyway, almost regretting the action.
Death opened the door.
"Hey." She said, a little pissed with him since she didn't like how he acted when Kobra frist brought her here.
"Hey," He replied. "I wanna see her."
"That's the thing, sometimes you can't always get what you want, Poison."
"Death, c'mon. I know you're pissed, but-"
"Who's there?" He heard Lexia shout. His heart sunk the second he heard her voice, it made it more real that she was there and that he was about to see her again for the first time in five years.
"Poison. He wants to see you, but you don't have to if you don't want to. It's your choice, Lexia, I won't-"
"You can let him in. Can we have a little privacy for a few minutes?"
Death was unsure.
"Death, please."
She sighed. "Fine. I'll be back in a few minutes, 'kay?"
Death left the room and Poison entered. He didn't look at her straight away, he couldn't, but she looked at him. He looked almost exactly the same as he did five years ago. He looked a little worn out, but she assumed it was from looking after Bandit and being in the Zones almost all the time.
He closed the door and he was forced to look at the woman he had once loved.
She smiled slightly. "Hey."
"Hi." He replied.
She sighed. "It's been a while."
"Yeah, it has. Around five years."
"How's Bandit doing?" She asked.
"She's doing great. So are Zack, Lacie, Guiden and Jeremy."
She was a little confused. "Who're Lacie, Guiden and Jeremy?"
He remembered that she didn't know who they were an quickly explained. "Bob and Cyanide died in the Better Living headquarters, so we took in their son, Jeremy. Kobra and Static had twins just over two years ago called Lacie and Guiden."
"Fuck, I didn't know that they passed away. I'm sorry. It's awesome that Kobra and Static had more kids, though."
"Yeah, Lace and Gui are awesome."
When it was quiet for a moment, Poison decided to get to the real reason why he wanted to see Lexia.
"Why are you here all of a sudden, Lexia?"
"Exuse me?"
"It's been five years and then you turn up out of the blue. Why is that?"
"Coincidence." She said, simply.
"I don't believe in coincidences anymore. Did Better Living send you?"
"Poison, Jet took the chip out. I'm not being controlled by them. Not anymore." Her green eyes looked into his hazel ones for the first time in five years.
"And how do we know that they've brainwashed you in some other way? For all we know, this could just be an act. You could have come here to kill us."
"If I came here to kill you, you'd be dead already. And no, they didn't use any other kind of way to brainwash me." She was a little insulted, but at the same time she understood. Poison didn't want to risk their daughter getting hurt. She completely understood that, but she was still a little hurt that he didn't trust her.
"Again, how can we know for sure?"
"I remember everything from my life before. When they insterted the chip, I started to forget everything, do you remember that?"
He nodded.
"You can ask me anything you want about the past, Poison. Anything you want."
"How do I know that Better Living haven't told you everything?"
"Because I know the details that they don't."
"Give me a few of the details then."
"The night Bandit was conceived, we went to watch a crappy chick flick movie. It was about this girl who was in love with two people, one was her best friend and the other was this guy she barely even knew. She wouldn't stop bitching about the fact that she was so in love with both of them yet she couldn't chose. It ended when she chose the guy she barely knew. In it was dark and raining outside by the time it finished. We laughed about how fucking shitty the movie was and I was fucking starving. We got chinese food, took it back to our apartment and we ended up having a mini food fight. In the end, I surrendered and you started kissing me and . . . well, you know what happened next."
He remembered the night. He remebered it clearly because it was one of the best days of his life. He was in love and it was the night that changed both their lives forever. He didn't know how Better Living could've known that, but he was still suspicious.
She could tell that he still doubted her.
"Don't believe me yet? Okay. When we first slept together, you kissed the scar on my
back and told me that every inch of me was beautiful. That I shouldn't ever think any differently. When you preposed me in the diner, you said that you used to be bitter, that you blamed the death of Layla and Bob on yourself, but when you met me, you found it hard to concentrate on the bad. You said I was beautiful person inside and out that you wanted to protect me. I said yes and when we drove home, neither of us felt more happy or safe in hour whole lives. We were finally gonna have a real life together, or so we thought." Her eyes were filled with tears again, which she didn't think was possible after all the crying she'd done earlier that day. She whipped them away and looked at Poison.
"It's just . . . you left, Lexia. You were with Better Living and knew that you weren't coming back."
"You make is sound like I wanted this. You think I wanted to be controlled by those bastards? You think that I wanted to leave you and Bandit?"
"No, I don't think you wanted to do any of that, but I don't think you wanted to fight inorder to leave. You gave up, Lexia. You've seen what Jet's done, he took the chip out, just like I said he could do, yet you stayed there anyway. You let them take you away from us and because of that Bandit hasn't known her real mother."
"Poison, you saw how long it took for me to change! It took me around half an hour! I knew that even if he could take the chip out, then I'd probably change before we even got to the diner. I could've killed you all!"
They were shouting at eachother now, even though it was late.
"We had a chance to help you, Lexia, but you threw it away. You let this happen to yourself and now look at what's happened, Bandit's been growing up without a mother and we don't love eachother anymore! I've moved on and I'm with someone else."
She didn't expect to hear that. She still loved him, she'd always love him, but did he really not love her anymore?
"Do they make you happy?" She asked.
He nodded. "Yeah, she does."
"Do you love her?"
He didn't say anything.
"How long have you been with her?"
"Around four years."
She felt her heart break. In a way, she felt like she should've been happy. She told him to move on be happy with someone else, he'd done as she had asked, but it still hurt to hear that the man she loved was with someone else.
"We both knew it'd happen, Lexia."
"I know."
"You're telling me you've not been with someone since we've been apart?"
Technically, she hadn't. She'd never slept with any of the men that Better Living wanted her to get close to. They always made it clear that it was her choice on weather she thought it was necessary to have sex with them. She never thought it was necessary and so she never slept with any of them.
"I guess." She said.
He sighed. "Just tell me you won't hurt her."
"How could you even think that I'd even consider hurting her, Poison? She's my daughter too! And yeah, I know that you've been here for her, but it wasn't my fault! I still love her and I'd still die for her. I love her Poison."
"I know you do, but I'm not risking anything. I'm not an idiot and when it comes to Bandit, I have to make sure that nothing and no one is gonna hurt her."
"And you think I'd be the one to hurt her? You really think I'd do that to her? She's my daughter too!" They were both shouting again.
"You've been gone for five fucking years and you've been working for Better Living fucking Industries! I thought that if I ever were to see you again, I'd have to kill you so that you couldn't hurt her or anyone else! Now that you're here, you're not controlled anymore, or so you claim, and-"
"Or so I claim?! Poison, I've proven it to you that I'm me! I've proven to you that I'm not fucking controlled by the chip and yet you still think that I'd-"
She didn't finish she was cut off by a small voice screaming "Stop!" at the top of their lungs.
She looked down. Lexia was one hundred percent sure that it was Bandit. Bandit looked almost exactly the same as Lexia was when she was her age. She still had her father's hazel eyes, which made her smile.
"B-Bandit?" Lexia stuttered.
"I don't want you and daddy fighting."
Bandit wrapped her small arms around Lexia's legs since she wasn't tall enough to hug her properly.
Lexia nelt down and looked at the small girl. She smiled and wrapped her arms around her.
"Mommy, is it really you?"
"It's me, Bandit. It's me." She picked her up and carried on hugging her.
"I love you mommy."
Lexia smiled and all the anger that she felt before dessolved. The anger didn't matter anymore, all that mattered was her daughter.
"I love you, Bandit. I love you so much."

A/N Uh-oh, they're fighting :( it was weird to write 'cause of that . . . they were always usually sweet and caring to eachother in the past. Thanks for reading guys ;)
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