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Chapter Thirty Seven - For Her

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"And now, for your crime against the earth and against Better Living Industries, I must destroy you." She held her gun to the woman's head.

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Chapter Thirty Seven - For Her

Bandit refused to go back to bed when she had been reunited with her mother after so long.
Bandit thought it was a good idea to tell her all about herself since she realized her mom didn't know anything about her. She started with the bassics, for example her favourite colours, which was purple and red. She liked purple because it was purple and she thought it was pretty, but she liked red because it was her dad's hair colour, red reminded her of her dad so she loved it. She then moved on to her favourite foods and drinks. She loved it when ever they managed to get a hold of some chocolate brownies. They were Bandit's favourites.
Lexia could've listened to her daughter talk for hours. She didn't talk much, she loved listening to her daughter and loved hearing more about her.
Poison didn't want to leave the two of them alone since he didn't trust her completely yet.
When it was around two in the morning, Poison decided that Bandit needed to go to sleep.
"B, it's time to go to sleep now."
"But daddy, mommy's back!"
"I know, baby, but you gotta sleep."
She pouted. "Five more minutes?"
"You've never stayed up this late before, B. You're gonna wanna sleep a lot tomorrow. I think you should go now." He said, kissing her forehead.
"You should go to bed." Lexia agreed with Poison.
"Mommy, please?"
"I tell you what, you go to bed now, but tomorrow, you can talk to me as much as you want."
"As much as I want?"
"Yup. You can talk until my ears fall off, I promise."
She giggled. "Pinky promise?"
"Pinky promise." She said, connecting her pinky finger with her daughter's tiny pinky finger.
"I love you, mommy." She said, hugging her.
Lexia held her daughter tight. "I love you, Bandit. I love you so much."
Eventually, Bandit went to her room and went to sleep, leaving Lexia and Poison alone.
"Poison, before you give me the whole 'I don't trust you and I fucking hate your guts' speach, I need you to promise me something."
"Lexia, I don't hate you. I just don't-"
"-trust me. I know that," She finishing his sentence. "but I need you to promise me something."
"What is it?"
"I want to be a mom for Bandit. I've missed out on a fucking lot. I didn't get to see her crawl for the first time, I never saw her first steps, I never heard her first words, I never saw her loose her first tooth . . . I'm through with missing stuff like that. I hate myself for missing all of that already. I'm not gonna miss anything else. All I ask is that in front of her, you pretend to get along with me. I don't want her to see us fighting eachother again. I just want you to pretend to like me for her, okay?"
He nodded. "I'll do it, but I don't fucking hate you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even have Bandit and vice versa. I could never hate you because of that. I just want you to understand that."
She nodded. "Can I ask you a question?"
He smiled slighly. "You just did, didn't you?"
She rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean."
"Yes, you can ask me a question."
"That girl who you're with, do you-"
"Lexia, I'm not in the mood to fight about her."
"I don't want to, I just wanna ask one question. That's all I ask."
He nodded.
"Before, when I asked you if you loved her, you didn't answer. Why didn't you answer me?"
"Because I don't love her."
"Then why are you with her?"
"That's more than the one question you asked for."
"Poison, don't be a dick. Just answer me."
He sighed. "It's a physical thing between us. There's no emotional attatchment and after I lost you, that's what I needed. I didn't want to fall in love again and that didn't happen between us because it's only physical."
"So you're fuck buddies?"
"That's one way of putting it."
"Bassically, you're using her for sex?"
"She's using me too. We're both okay with that. She doesn't want a relationship and neither do I. It's perfect."
She nodded while the awkward silence filled the room.
"I'd better go sleep." He said.
She nodded. "G'night, Poison."
"G'night, Lexia."
He left and he closed the door behind him.
She sat on the old, worn out couch. It was were she had to sleep since the last time she stayed there she shared a room with Poison.
She noticed that there was something near the couch. It was dark, but there was a small light on near the couch, so she could make out what was there. It was the photo album from when her and Vaimey were kids.
A huge smile spred across her face and she picked it up. It was a little torn and it was clear it'd been taped back together a lot. She looked through the photos.
There were pictures of when Lexia was a baby and when Death was a baby. There was one that made her smile the most though. It was Lexia on her first day of school. She looked like every other goofy kid on their first day of school, one of her front teeth were missing and her hair was braided. It seemed like a life time ago that it happened. Aside from the poorly braided hair, the missing tooth and the goofiness, she just looked like Bandit did now. Bandit was probably a little smaller, but still. She looked like her a lot.
She flicked through until she came to the first scan she had when she was pregnant. She smiled at her 'sea monkey' baby and how Poison thought it was hilarious.
The next were the wedding photos. It was her and her little sister just before she got married. She couldn't help but remember how fucking nervous she was before she walked down the isle.

[/ "Lexia, I know you're nervous, but you gotta take deep breaths and calm down." Vaimey said to her sister, who was a few months pregnant.

"I'm getting married, Vaimey. I'm getting married, this is for life. I'm getting fucking married!" She was happy, but completely freaking out at the same time. Her hormones due to her being pregnant weren't helping at all. They were making everything a lot harder to deal with.
"In all fairness, there's divorce if you change your mind. So technically, it doesn't have to be for life." She corrected.
Lexia's eyes filled up with tears. "Fuck, do you think we'll get divorced one day? Do you think we'll change our minds about this? Is this all just a fucking huge waste of time? What if one day he doesn't love me anymore? What if I don't love him? Oh my god, then what'll happen to the baby? They'll grow up hating us because of what we did! And then they'll run away from us, grow up on the streets with drug dealers and then when they're older, they'll have to work as a stripper to get money and then they'll-"
"Lexia, calm down." Her sister had been struggling to deal with handling her emotions lately. Some times she had freak outs like that. "This is Gerard we're talking about. You love Gerard and Gerard loves you. He loves you so much and do you know what? He loves your baby so much too. He'll never let either of you go and he'll never let anything happen to either of you. He's a great guy, Lexia. You won't get devorced, I'm certain you won't. And your kid sure as hell isn't gonna hate either of you, so they won't runaway and become a stripper, okay?" She laughed a little. "You're gonna have an amazing life. All three of you are gonna have an amazing life."
She took deep breath. "You're right. I'm fucking sorry for having a freak out on you again." She said, wrapping her sister in a tight hug. Whenever this happened, they refered to it as a 'freak out' or 'Lexia's freak out'.
She pulled away. "Before you get married, I want you to know that I love you so much Lexia. You've been the best big sister ever. I know that mom and dad would be proud of you. I know they'd want to be here for you, they'd want to meet this little guy or gal too and watch them grow up."
She nodded sadly. "I know they would. I know dad wouldn't wanna give me away when we got the end of the isle." She laughed a little.
She smiled at her older sister. "No, he wouldn't. Knowing dad, he'd runaway with you screaming before you even got to the end of the fucking isle."
Lexia laughed. "Sure sounds like something dad would do."
She laughed too. "Now, lets go get you married."

Lexia remembered how beautiful her wedding was, but the best thing about it was getting married. She remembered the young couple who got married that day, they were even expecting a baby together. She wondered what'd happened to them and how they'd gotten to where they were that present day.
She turned the page. They were kissing for the first time as husband and wife.
With her emotions still everywhere at once, she had to put the book down. Tears were spilling widly out of her eyes.
He didn't love her anymore. He was with a different girl, even though it was just sex, he was technically still with her. The bottom line was that they weren't together any more.
She cried herself to sleep, but sleep wasn't much better than the real world. As she slept, memories came back to her. But they weren't just any memories . . .

"How could you do this?! HE WAS ONLY TWELEVE YEARS OLD! TWELEVE FOR FUCKS SAKE!" A thirty-five-year-old mother screamed at Alexandria after she'd murdered her tweleve-year-old son. It was late 2020, she went by the name Unloved Heart, Lovie for short. It was her first mission in the Zones, which meant that her son was the first person she'd killed so far.
"Age does not matter, he was still a Killjoy and he was still proventing the world from being a better place."
"He was my son! He was my son and you killed him! You killed him in cold blood! He was my baby!"
"I do not mean to offend you, but tweleve years old hardly makes him a baby. He wasn't a child either. He was closer to an adult than a child."
"He was still my baby and you fucking killed him! You ended his life as if he were nothing!"
"He wasn't nothing. He was dirt. He was dirt that was blocking us from what we need to do. You and people like your son are stopping the world from becoming a better place. You're hurting the world, you're destroying it. And now, for your crime against the earth and against Better Living Industries, I must destroy you." She held her gun to the woman's head.
She cried silently as Alexandria pulled the tigger.

"Lexia! Lexia, wake up!" Death said, shaking her sister since she'd been screaming like no tomorrow.
She gasped.
"Lexia, what's wrong?
She was panting heavily. "Nightmares . . . really really bad nightmares." She replied, feeling sick and confused.
"Are you okay, mommy?" A very tired Bandit asked her mother. She's snook out of her room to see what was wrong with her mother.
"I-I'm fine, baby. I'm fine, I pinky promise."
Bandit smiled. "I stay here with you."
Lexia moved up slightly so Bandit could get on the couch aswell.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Death asked, making sure.
Lexia nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." She lied to her so she wouldn't worry.
"Just let me know if you need anything, okay?"
Bandit fell asleep in almost no time at all. Lexia held her daughter tight. Bandit and Death were the only things left for her to live for. She had to live for Bandit and her sister and she wouldn't let them down. She was going to be the best mother she could for her daughter. She had to be for her.
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