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Chapter Thirty Eight - The Beautiful Curse

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"Uncle Curse!" Bandit ran over to the man she'd called Curse.

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A/N Hey folks! So this chapter's kind of important since it's introducing three characters (there's one imparticular to be honest) that are gonna become important later on in the story, but aside from that, I guess you could say it's a little on the filler side . . . hopefully, you'll find it entertaining anyways ^_^ Big thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182, you guys are awesomeness! If you can, please review, I love hearing what you all think so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Thirty Eight - The Beautiful Curse

The next day, Zack, Lacie, Guiden and Jeremy were staring at the woman asleep on the couch. Bandit was still sleeping, one of the woman's arms was wrapped around her.
"Who is she?" Zack said.
"I don't know. Maybe it's the girl who my dad was talking about." Jeremy suggested.
"She zombie?!" Guiden worried.
"Guiden, the girl wasn't a zombie." Jeremy said.
"She was!" Zack said.
"She pretty. She look like Bandy." Lacie noticed about her. Infact, she really looked like her cousin.
Lexia started twitching, then she finally woke up.
"Quick! Hide!" Zack said, believing that the woman infront of them was a zombie of some kind, even though she looked nothing like the zombies that Zack had seen his uncle Poison draw before. That was the only way that they all knew what certain things looked like were through their parents explaining them or through their uncle Poison drawing things for them.
Jeremy rolled his eyes and left to go find his adoptive father.
Lexia was confused. Who were the small children? Where they Kobra and Static's kids? She remembered Poison mentioning the fact that they had more kids.
"Who are you?!" One of them shouted.
"What?" She said, her voice was tired, just like her.
"Who you?! Are you zombie?" A different voice asked.
"Am I zombie?" She giggled at the thought. "No, I'm not a zombie. My name's Lexia."
"Lexia? Bandy's mama called Lexia." Lacie realized.
"I know. I'm Bandit's mama." She said, smiling at the little girl who was hiding behind a chair because of what her older brother told her to do. "Don't be scared, I'm not a zombie. I won't hurt you."
Lacie came out and smiled at Lexia. Bandit had just woken up and was sitting next to her mother on the couch. Lacie looked a lot like her mother, but Lexia could see her father in her too. Guiden and Zack shortly followed their sister.
Since one of the children was a lot taller than the other, she assumed that the tallest of the two was Zack.
"You're really Bandit's mom and not a zombie?"
She nodded. "I sure am."
"Oh . . . okay. Hi Lexia!" Zack said, smiling.
She smiled back. "Hi, Zack."
Poison walked in to see his niece, nephews and his daughter all sitting around Lexia.
"Daddy!" Bandit got up and ran over to him.
He picked her up and hugged her. "Hey, B. How'd you sleep?"
He hadn't noticed that she'd slipped out of her room last night to make sure her mother was okay. He thought that she must've gotten up early and gotten breakfast.
"I slept good. Mommy had a bad dream, so I stay here with her to make the bad dreams go away."
"Oh really?"

A few hours later, Static and Lexia were outside keeping an eye on all the kids, who were playing outside. They decided that whenever the kids were playing outside, they needed people to keep an eye on them incase Draculoids were passing by and saw them, they also didn't want them to end up wandering off too far and getting lost like Zack and Guiden did.
"Do you mind me asking you something? It's kind of personal and I completely understand if you don't wanna talk about it."
"Ask away." She encouraged her.
"What was it like being controlled by them? Was it like someone else had taken over your body and you were trapped in your own head or something?"
She shook her head. "No. To tell you the truth, I can't remember a whole lot about it. Last night, I had a pretty fuckin' bad nightmare, but I knew it'd happened before. It felt familiar, but it was like I was watching someone elses memory. It didn't feel like I was myself, it was like someone else was using my body and I could see what was happening through their eyes." She paused, remembering what'd happened. "That probably didn't make any sense, right?"
She smiled. "I kind of understand what you meant, but I didn't go through it, so I guess I'll never know fully what you mean."
She nodded. "Yeah, I guess so."
"Anyways, how're things with you and Poison?"
She groaned. "Bad. Long story short, I think he fucking hates me. He says he doesn't but . . . the way he talked about me, it fucking hurt. I guess it hurt hearing what he said."
"So, you're not getting back together?"
"He's gonna change his mind some time."
She smiled. "I don't think so. He's made it pretty fucking clear he's over me now. I don't blame him. It's been five years. Five years is a long time."
"I guess, but c'mon. It's you and Poison, it works, but with Pheonix . . . it doesn't. It's just sex. I know what you're thinking, it's all rich coming from me since that's how Kobra and I started, but in all fairness we cared about eachother a lot. With those two, it's just . . . sex. He'll realize he's being an asshole and come to senses."
She smiled. "So she's called Pheonix?"
"Yeah. Blue Pheonix is her whole Killjoy name. Pheonix isn't spelt the usual way though. It's spelled P-H-E-O-N-I-X. In my opinion, it just looks like she doesn't know how to spell her own name . . . I just realized I sound like I'm bitching and gossiping . . . I'll shut up about it now."
She laughed a little. "It's fine. It's just good to be back, to be myself again. So, you and Kobra had more kids, huh?"
"Yeah, we did. They're two now, three next May."
"Did you decide to have more kids or was it a surprise?"
"Surprise. It was even more of a surprise since I didn't think I could get pregnant again."
"A few years back, I had a pretty nasty run in with some Dracs and an exterminator. He shot me with a real gun, the bullet went straight through my stomach, just below my belly button." She rolled up her shirt a little to show Lexia the slightly faded scar. "Jet said there was a possibility that I wouldn't be able to have more kids, but I got pregnant about four or five months later."
She smiled. "I'll bet that was a surprise."
"You could say that. I was terrified, especially when I was around three months pregnant. I remember thinking I looked more like five months pregnant, but then Jet suggested that maybe I was having more than one. I freaked the fuck out." She laughed. "Now I couldn't be happier."
She was about to reply to her, but a car pulled up in front of the diner. It was an old Jeep covered in dust and it was in desperate need of cleaning.
All the kids stopped playing when the Jeep pulled up, Lexia couldn't help but notice that Bandit's face lit up when she saw the Jeep.
Three people got out of the car. Two girls and a guy. One of the girls was fairly tall with blonde hair that had loose curls. She was wearing a bright red leather jacket with a dirty white tank top and skinny jeans with leather boots which when up to her knees. The other girl was shorter, she was tanned with dark brown hair. Her hair was loosely curled like the other girl's was. The guy looked around six feet tall, he was muscular, but not to a point where he looked like a body builder. His hair was more or less the same lengths as Poison's was except it was a muddy brown instead of bright red.
"Uncle Curse!" Bandit ran over to the man she'd called Curse.
"Hey, Bandy, how's my best girl doing?" He hugged her.
She giggled. "I'm good. I want you to meet my mama."
Bandit ran over to her mother, showing Curse who she was. Curse followed the five-year-old and smiled at them both.
"Hey, Stat. How are you?" He held his arms around and hugged her.
"I'm doing good, Curse. How 'bout you?"
"Good, we got caught back where we were staying, so we wondering if we could crash with you guys for a while."
"Please, you don't even have to ask, Curse."
"Curse, this is my mama. This is Lexia."
"Hi, I'm Lexia."
"Oh, I know who you are. Little Bandy over here never stops talking about you. In my books, you might as well be a celebrity."
She blushed a little and smiled. He found himself laughing at her blush. He thought that it was cute and she had a beautiful smile to go with it.
"You have a beautiful smile." It slipped out of his mouth without him realizing it. It too him a second to hear what he'd said to her. He started blushing a little himself. "I'm sorry, that was a little-"
"Don't worry about it."
They smiled at eachother. "I'm Beautiful Curse by the way, but as you can probably tell, people just call me Curse."
"Well, it's nice to meet you, Curse. So, how do you know everyone here?"
"Long story short, I saved your husband's ass a few years ago and we've all been friends ever since."
"You guys can come in now if you want. You gotta be at least a little tired from travelling from what? Zone one was it?"
"Yeah, it wasn't too far away from the boarderline between Zone one and two." The blonde girl said.
Curse could tell Lexia wondered who they were. "They're my sisters by the way. The blonde is my older sister by a year, she's called Blonde Rebel, Blondie for short, and the brunette is my little sister by five years. She's called Sunshine Siren, Sunny for short."
She carried on talking to him as they walked into the diner, both of them smiling like idiots.

A few hours later when it was dark outside, Lacie, Zack, Guiden and Jeremy were all in bed, but Bandit still refused to leave her mother's side, even though she was half asleep.
There was some music playing in the background, everyone was talking and seemed to be having a good time, but Lexia looked a little awkward. Or at least she looked a little awkward to Curse, so he decided to talk to her.
"Hey." He said, sitting next to her. Bandit was snuggled into her other side, her eyes were closed, but she was kind of aware what was going on around her.
"Oh hey, Curse."
"Everything okay, you just look a little . . . awkward I guess."
"Yeah, I guess you could say I feel a little awkward too."
"So, Bandit seems to be over moon with the fact that you're back."
Her smile grew wider. "Thankyou. I'm glad she's reacted that way and doesn't hate me for the fact that I wasn't really around."
"Bandit hating you? That'll happen the day hell freezes over, my friend." He took a sip of some water. "So, how'd Poison react to you being back? I thought he'd be with you right now."
"He doesn't like the fact I'm back. He seems to think I'm still working for Better Living and long story short, he doesn't want to be with me in a romantic way. I convinced him to get a long with me for Bandit's sake." She smiled down at her sleeping daughter.
Curse was genuinly shocked. Back when Curse met Poison, Bandit was only about one year old and Poison was still an alcoholic. Curse had been there for him when Poison had cried about how much he loved her, when he cried about how much he wanted her to come back and that there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to get her back. Now he had to pretend to get a long with her? He almost didn't believe it.
"You okay?" Lexia asked him.
"Y-yeah, just shocked I guess. He really did love you, I guess I thought if you ever came back, he'd be with you in a heartbeat."
"It's a different story now."
There was a silence in the room when the door was opened by someone Lexia didn't recognize. She was tall and tanned, she was barely wearing anything. She had cowgirl boots on with extremely short shorts and a hot pink tank top on. She smiled at Poison and kissed him quickly.
Lexia rose her eyebrows. "Let me guess. Blue Pheonix?" She lowered her voice so Pheonix couldn't hear.
He nodded. "The bitch of all bitches, if you ask my opinion."
She laughed a little. "Any particular reason for that?"
"The kicked me in the balls when I accidentally messed up her car. It needed fixing and I know quiet a lot about cars, so I was the first person she came to. I ended up making a few mistakes and made it worse than it was before. She snapped at me like no other girl has before, then kicked me square in the balls. Plus she hates my sisters for being prettier than she is. I thought that it was a pointless reason to hate someone."
"It is a pointless reason to hate someone." She agreed.
Pheonix was laughing with Poison when she realized there was someone knew there.
"Oh, you're new. You got a name?" She asked. Pheonix noticed that the new was pretty. She had suspicions that she liked Poison.
"I'm Lexia. Lexia Oliveson." She guessed that she wasn't a Way anymore, so she used her maiden name.
"Lexia? Lexia as in Bandit's mom? The Lexia who you married? That Lexia?" Pheonix asked Poison, clearly pissed.
"Yeah, but there's nothing going on between us." He said plain and simple.
"Why you here?" Bandit asked Pheonix with a tired voice.
"I'm seeing your daddy, Bandit." Her tone was bitter. It pissed off Lexia that she was talking to her daughter that way. "Anyways, there's this party tonight not too far away from here. You wanna come?"
He paused. "Yeah, why not?"
"No!" Bandit may have been sleepy, but when she had to, she used her shouting voice.
"Bandit, it's okay. I'll be back by morning, you won't even know I'm gone, baby, I promise."
"But I do know that you're gone! You have mommy back now, you don't need her anymore!" Bandit continued to shout.
"Bandit, calm down." Poison said in a soothing tone.
Bandit's eyes were filled with tears. "It's not fair! Aunt Static and uncle Kobra had babies and they're still married. Why can't you and mommy be married again?"
"Bandy, your mommy and I, we both love you very much. Just because we're not together, doesn't mean that we don't love you. Your-"
"I hate you!" Bandit screamed at Pheonix. "You ruin everything and you steal daddy from me!"
Bandit ran to her room, slamming the door behind her.
Poison was torn. Did go and comfort his daughter or did he go with Pheonix?
Lexia could see that he was torn and it pissed the fuck out of her. Did he really have to think about it? It was a bitch, according to what she'd heard from other people, versus his own daughter, he should know who to go to.
"Just fucking go, Poison. You obviously want to be with her more than you do with Bandit." She snapped.
"Lexia, I never even said that! I-"
"Just go, okay? I'll make sure she's okay. Just go have fun with her."
Pheonix was insulted. "Her has a name you know!"
"Pheonix, let's just go."
They left and Lexia went into her room to see her daughter.
Bandit was still crying, she was crying into a pillow head first.
"Bandy, it's okay." Lexia soothed her, rubbing her back.
"Why is she here? Daddy has you now. It's not fair." Lexia could barely make out what she said since her head was still burried in the pillow.
"I know, baby. C'mere." Lexia held her arms out to her daughter.
"I didn't want daddy to go. I like him being here. I miss him a lot, mommy." Lexia held her daughter as she talked to her.
She let Bandit cry while she slowly rocked back and forth. It wasn't long until she cried herself to sleep.
She tucked her in and left the room, leaving her daughter to sleep in peace.
"Hey, is Bandit okay?" Curse asked a minute after she left the room.
"Upset, but she's okay now. Does Poison always just leave like that?"
"Bandit's usually a little pissed about it, but she's never shouted at them before to my knowledge."
She nodded, still pissed off with Poison.
"You okay?" He asked her.
She sighed. "Yeah. I'm fine."
"Good. Now, how 'bout a drink?" He offered her a bottle of bear. It'd been a while since she'd had alcohol. Or at least, she thought it was since she barely had any memory of the past five years.
She smiled. "Thanks, Curse."
"Don't mention it." He returned the smile.
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