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Chapter Thirty Nine - One F*cking Giant Family

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Promise instantly knew who the voice belonged to. "A-ACE?!" She almost shouted.

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A/N Hey guys, so again I guess this chapter's fillerish, so I'm sorry for that but hopefully things should be getting more exciting soon since I have some good ideas ^_^ Thankies to Chemical_30, junebug03 and YoshikiHide182 you guys are filled with awesomeness! If you can, please review, I love hearing what people are thinking about this story so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy! ;)

Chapter Thirty Nine - One Fucking Giant Family

When Poison walked in the next day, Acid immidiately walked up to him.
"Can I talk to you for a second?" She was clearly pissed off.
"Um . . . okay."
Her arms were crossed and her eyes were filled with fire.
"So, how was your night with Pheonix?"
He groaned. She wanted to fight about Pheonix, didn't she? "You wanna fight about Pheonix, don't you?"
"No, I don't wanna fight about her, Poison. I would but frankly, I don't think she's fucking worth it. I wanna fight about the fact that you just left your crying daughter to go be with Pheonix." Her arms were still crossed and her shoulders where ridgid. Her body language alone screamed out that she was pissed off with him.
He sighed. "Lexia, she's never liked Pheonix. It's nothing new, she's-"
"Has she ever done that before? Has she ever screamed at her and cried her heart out to someone else because of it?"
His heart ached. "She cried a lot, I take it?"
She could tell he was hurt by the fact that their daughter was aching because of something he'd done, but she wasn't in a sympathetic mood. Not at all.
"You think it fucking hurts to know that she was upset, try being there! You're not the one who had to comfort her, tell her that it was all gonna be okay. All she wanted was you to be there for her."
"Actually, no. That's not what she wanted last night, she wanted us to be together. She never mentioned the fact that she didn't want me to leave."
"Oh for fuck's sake! It was pretty fucking obvious that she wanted you to be there with her. She was crying, she's your daughter and you're her father, she expected you to be there for her when she was fucking upset and you weren't. You left to be with Pheonix."
"Do you know what, this is all really fucking rich coming from you. You've been gone pretty much her whole life and you're lecturing me on leaving her?!"
Her blood boiled. With her emotions still everywhere, it was not a good idea to fuck with her or piss her off.
"I was gone for a night, not five fucking years." He almost growled.
He sighed.
"Look, I've been gone for five years. Since you've had the chance to be there for her, I thought you wouldn't just fucking leave her like you did last night. I stayed with her until she fucking cried herself to sleep last night."
"She cried herself to sleep?"
She nodded. "You really fucking hurt her. I understand that it isn't just because you left, I know it was because of our situation too, but Poison you can't just leave her like that. It hurt her bad."
"Where is she now?"
"With Lacie and Jeremy in Lacie's room."
Poison left to see his daughter. Acid was still pissed with him though.

"So, how're things with Poison today?" Curse asked Acid a few hours after their small fight. They were outside, keeping an eye on all the kids were happily chasing eachother and playing around.
"Been a lot better, but I think he's gonna be spending more time with Bandit now. I know he regrets hurting her after last night."
He nodded. "She's a sweet kid, I remember the first time I saw her. She was around one, maybe one and a half at the most. She didn't speak much, but she was always smiling, crawling and trying to walk."
She smiled. "I would've loved to see her do that."
"You know, her first word was mama."
"It was? I thought it would've been dada or something. I know that was mine first word and Death's first too."
"Nope. It was mama. Mine was mama too. I remember my parents thought it was weird at the time since saying Ds is supposedly easier to saying Ms."
"It is? Huh, never knew that. My parents were always taking pictures of me when I was a kid. Before the bombs, there were fucking millions of pictures of me and Death has babies."
"My parents didn't really do that. They took photos whenever something important or exciting happened. They weren't really your average parents, though."
"If you don't mind me asking, what were they like?" She knew it was hard for some Killjoys to talk about their past hence why she asked if it was okay.
"I don't mind. My mom was a doctor, so she worked all the fucking time and my dad was in the army. We were usually either with our grandparents or with a babysitter when were kids. My mom died in 2012, so it was just me, my sisters and my dad. It was a fucking living hell growing up with him. He expected me to be like he was, to be some kind of fucking solider. As a teenager, he'd make me do around two hours of training a day. He did the same with my sisters, but that was only so they could survive in the Zones."
"What happened to your dad?"
"One night, we were camping in the Zones since we didn't have anywhere to stay. My dad was considering going back to Battery City. He thought that it might be safer for all of us to just become Battery City citizens. I was around seventeen when this was happening. We all had a huge fight about it. He wanted to go, but us three didn't. He said he was the man of the family and 'whatever he said goes', as he put it. I told him he could go back, but we weren't going with him. After that, he went on to tell me what a dissapointment I was to him, that I was a curse, that was where my name came from. Said that if I was gonna continue to be a Killjoy, then he was pretty much gonna disown me. I chose to be a Killjoy and so did my sisters. We've never seen or spoken to him since."
"Wow, that must've been hard."
He nodded. "It was, but we got over it pretty quickly. He was a lousy father anyway, he didn't deserve us." He had a small smile on his face.
Acid smiled back. "No, he didn't."
"What about you and your parents?"
"My sister and I idolised our parents. We fucking worshiped the ground they walked on and they were the same with us. They were both shot when I was fourteen, I had to raise Death on my own and I had to fend for the both of us. I thought I found them again five years ago, it didn't even occour to me that Better Living were behind it. It's a part of the reason how I got controlled by them. They did the same thing to my parents that they did to me. They're still working for them now, I used to work with them."
"Jesus Christ, I'm sorry."
She smiled. "'S not your fault. I'm sorry about your shitty dad, no parent should treat their kid like that."
"It's apart of the reason why I don't ever want kids. If something were to happen and I were to end up like my dad, there's no way I'd wanna put a kid through that."
"Curse, that's crazy. I don't even really know you that well yet, but I can tell you're not an asshole. If anything, you seem like a really nice guy. If you ever had kids, I'm sure they'd fucking love you and you sure as hell wouldn't turn out to be like your dad."
He smiled. "You really think so?"
"Yup. I'm sure."
"You know, Bandit seems so much happier now that you're here. Not that she was an angry or upset kid, she was a happy kid before, but now . . . she just seems to light up when you're around. Ever consider more kids?"
She shook her head. "No, I don't think so. Pregnancy alone was a nightmare. Even though she was more than worth it, I don't think I'd ever do it again. Besides, I'm perfectly happy with Bandit."
He smiled. "She's a great kid. So are Lace, Gui, Zee and Jer. I know that Lacie and Guiden really look up to Jeremy, Bandit and Zack."
"They do?"
"Yup. They're all like brothers and sisters, it's really cute to see them all together."
"I guess we're all just one fucking giant family here."
"Killjoys are one fucking giant family."
"Very true."
They exchanged smiles.

God, if you can hear me and if you exist, fucking please don't let Poison be home right now. I'm begging you, Grace, or Promise as she now prefered to be called, said in her head when she was about to open the door to the diner. It was late at night and she was coming home after spending a few days with Destruction and their friends, Skel, Ivy and Dream. It wasn't an unsual thing, Promise would sneak out, spend a few days with Des and their friends, she'd come back to the diner, Poison would lecture her about how dangerous it was out there, yell a lot and ground her, then a few days later, she'd sneak out again. It was a pretty common cyle.
She looked around. She couldn't see Poison anywhere, but she wasn't sure if it was because he was sleeping since it was late.
"Hey, Promise." Kobra said when he saw her enter the diner. Kobra was holding Lacie, who had her thumb in her mouth.
"Aunt Gracie, you back!" Lacie said excitedly.
"Hey, Lace!"
Lacie giggle slightly.
"Kobra, is Poison around?"
"He's in his room. Why?"
"Fuck, guess there is no God. That or God fucking hates me." Promise rambled to herself.
Kobra was confused. "What?"
"Oh, uh... nevermind. Just don't tell him I'm here yet, 'kay? I'm tired and I don't wanna be yelled at tonight."
"Okay, but you know he's just gonna yell tomorrow, right?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I'm used to it by now. And trust me, it can wait until tomorrow."
He smiled at her.
"So, how's one of my best friends doing?" Promsie asked Lacie, smiling at her.
"I'm good. So's Bandy. Bandy's real good."
"Something good happen to Bandy?"
"You wanna tell me what it is?"
As if on que, Lexia walked in.
"Hey, Kobra, are there any spare bottles of water? I'm all out."
Promise instantly knew who the voice belonged to.
"A-ACE?!" She almost shouted.
Lexia smiled. "Hey, Grace."
Promise pretty much pounced on her, wrapping her arms around her at the same time.
"Oh my god!" She said, smiling like a mad woman, but she quickly realized that Lexia had once worked for Better Living. "Wait, you're chip free, right?"
She nodded. "All clear."
"Fuck, that's amazing." Promise pulled away. She realized that she had blonde hair now. "Wow, you're blonde!"
"I know, I fucking hate it. I'm in desperate need of some black hair dye."
"Blonde looks good on you."
"Psh, no it fucking doesn't." She laughed.
"Wait, if you're back, that means Poison isn't dating that fucking bitch anymore!" Like Bandit, Promise hated Pheonix with a passion.
"Actually, we've been fighting a lot and we're definately not getting back together."
"Are you kidding me?! Jesus, he can be an asshat sometimes."
She laughed. "Yeah, he can."
Promise hugged her again.
"I've missed you Ace. It's good to have you back."
"It's good to be back."
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