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Chapter Forty - Black Eye

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Acid sighed heavily. It hadn't gotten any easier. Not at all.

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A/N Hello people of the interweb, I'd just like to apologize for the fact that this is kind of a filler too, but it is however introducing several characters that are gonna become really REALLY important later on. Big thankies to Chemical_30 and YoshikiHide182 for reviewing, you're both awesome! If you can, please review I love hearing your opinions on the story so far ^_^ Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy! ;)

Chapter Forty - Black Eye

"Lia, has there been any contact from Alexandria?" Dr. Isoda asked one of her assistants after Alexandria had been missing for about two weeks.
Lia used to be a Killjoy, but she was kidnapped around a year ago by Dr. Isoda's head exerminator, Dr. Lufrini. Lia naturally had blonde curly hair, her eyes were dark blue and her skin was pale since she never went in the Zones anymore. Even though they didn't want to turn any more Killjoys into Better Living workers, Dr. Isoda saw great potential in Lia.
Lia was brought up in an extremely religious family. Lia's father, George Scarlow, was a priest and her mother, Sandra, was singing teacher. Her mother died in 2012 after the bombs, so she was left with her father. He refused to become a Killjoy and wouldn't let his only child become one either, he didn't approve of their life style and he didn't think it was suitable for them, but Lia longed to be a Killjoy desperately.
When Lia was seventeen, her father came across a young girl called Rageful Storm. She was a Killjoy. Lia eventually realized that she had feelings for Storm, but she felt like she had to surpress them since her father had taught her that it was wrong for people of the same sex to be together. When she was eighteen, she told Storm about how she felt. Storm felt the same way about her and so they decided to hide their relationship from Lia's father, but of course, he eventually found out about their relationship.
After a lot of crying, shouting and insulting eachother, Lia's father disowned his only child. Lia and Storm ran away together and she finally full filled her dream of becoming a Killjoy. Lia became known as Silk Blood, Silk for short. They found other Killjoys called Violet Silhouette, Shattered Light and Suicide Believer. They formed an instant friendship and travelled together throughout the Zones.
They travelled together until Lia was twenty one, but then she was kidnapped and she'd not seen them since. They'd wiped her memories clean and replaced them with new ones, so she didn't remember anything about her life as a Killjoy.
"No, Dr. Isoda. There has been no contact from Alexandria."
"I do not like this. Alexandria is hardly ever a few minutes late, never mind a few weeks. Lia, I wish for you to bring me Dr. Lufrini."
Dr. Lufrini was Dr. Isoda's best exterminator. He was in his early thirties and was married to a woman names Audrey Vouberg, she was considered one of the most beautiful women in Battery City. Audrey used to work for Better Living, that was how they had met. When Audrey and David, which was Dr. Lufrini's first name, got married, she decided that she wanted to quit in order to have children and raise them with David.
Audrey and David had two sons together called George and Steven. George was eight years old and Steven was five. George had the best education possible and so did Steven, they were both incredibley bright for their ages.
Because Dr. Lufrini was one of Dr. Isoda's best exterminators, he was paid a lot of money. Dr. Lufrini was what everyone in Batter City wanted to be. He was rich, he had a beautiful wife, two children with a bright future and he was well known with a very high profile. However, there was a time when he thought he had ruined his life. When he was a teenager, he got a girl pregnant who was more or less the same age as him. He thought that he would have to spend his years being a father, but his parents convinced him to walk away from the young woman he got pregnant.
Lia did as she was asked and she brought Dr. Lufrini to Dr. Isoda.
"Hello, Dr. Isoda." He greeted her.
"Ah, Dr. Lufrini. It is a pleasure to see you again."
"Please, the pleasure is all mine, Dr. Isoda."
"Well, there is a very important matter I wish to speak with you about."
"And that is?"
"The dissapearence of one of the most important workers here. You may have heard, but Alexandria has gone missing."
He was confused. "Missing? How?"
"She disposed of Nathan Adeons, just as planned. I told Alexandria to come back to Battery City to relax for a week or so, however she never returned."
"How odd. If I may ask, how long ago was this?"
"Two weeks ago. Alexandria is hardly ever an hour late, I am becoming worried about her."
"What do you prepose we do?"
"If Alexandria does not return within a week, I wish for you to search for her in the Zones."
"Where was she staying in her time with Nathan Adeons?"
"Zone three, they used to travel to the boundry line that separates Zone four and three for food."
"Thank you, Dr. Isoda. I shall send my best Draculoids out with me if she does not return within a week."
"Thankyou very much, Dr. Lufrini. Your work is greatly appriecated in Batter City."
"You are very welcome, Dr. Isoda."

Curse, Blondie and Sunny were still staying with the Fabulous Killjoys and had been for two weeks. In that time, Acid and Curse had become really good friends. Acid mainly spent her time with Bandit and Curse was usually there with them too. Whenever Bandit was sleeping, eating or playing with the other kids at the diner, Acid seemed to always be with Curse.
Curse had developed a crush on Acid, but that wasn't the only reason why he was friends with her. They had a lot in common and he enjoyed spending time with both Lexia and Bandit.
"So, things with Poison gotten any easier?" He asked her.
She groaned. Things with Poison hadn't gotten any easier. Not at all. If anything, it'd gotten harder. Because Pheonix now knew that she was around again, she was coming around to the diner more often because she didn't want anything to happen between Acid and Poison.
When Pheonix was around or when Pheonix and Poison were out, it upset Bandit, which meant that Acid was even more pissed with Poison. He made more of an effort to be with Bandit, but their fights were still regular and Bandit hated it. She still wanted her parents to be together like Kobra and Static were. She wanted them to be happy together.
"No, it's hell between us. I can't even remember how it worked between us in the first place." She laughed slightly. "I guess I was young and stupid."
He laughed.
"What?" She asked.
"You made it sound like you're eighty years old when you said you were young and stupid. You're still young and you were never stupid. You just loved him, Ace."
Acid was about to reply, but Pheonix came barging in through the door.
"Poison!" Her annoying high-pitched voice screamed.
"He's not here right now." Acid informed her.
"Well where is he?"
"Out getting food with Jet. They should be back soon."
"How soon?" She just sounded constantly pissed off to Acid.
She shrugged. "I don't know, about twenty minutes. They left early, so they should be back soon."
"I'll just wait here then." She sat down on the old, worn-out couch next to Acid and Curse.
The air was filled with awkwardness, Acid could've sworn that it was going to fucking choke her soon.
"Curse, get your ass over here! Why the fuck are my sunglasses broken again, you were the last fucker I lent them to!" Blondie shouted from the room the three of them were currently sharing.
Curse got up immidately and mentally thanked his sister for giving him an exuse to leave.
He also knew two things. One, you didn't want to piss off Blondie by avoiding her and or ignoring her. Two, he didn't want to be in that room with Pheonix anymore.
He left, leaving Acid and Pheonix alone.
After a few minutes of silence, Pheonix decided to try and start a conversation with her.
"So, you liking the diner so far?"
"Yeah. I lived here for a while before I came back, so it's kind of like being home again."
She smiled a lip-gloss coated smile, which was clearly fake. "That's super."
The silence was present again.
"So, do you still like Poison?"
She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Look, nothing's going on between Poison and I. We're trying to be friends for Bandit's sake, but that's all. We're not involved in any romanitc way, shape or form, so you got nothing to worry about."
"I never asked if I had something to worry about, do you like him then?"
"No, I don't. I just said that I didn't."
"That's good, 'cause I just thought that I'd make it clear that he's mine now."
"You're talking about him as if he's a fucking play toy."
She smiled wickedly. "Doesn't mean I can't play with him every now and then, if you know what I mean."
Anger was building up inside Acid. Her emotions were still all over the place, so she was struggling to keep her anger underwraps.
Acid stood up and walked over to fold some of her daughter's clothes to try and take her mind off of what Pheonix was saying.
"Could you just shut the fuck up for me please?" She snapped at her.
"Jeez, what's with the fucking temper? Is it 'cause you've not had sex in a while? 'Cause let me tell you, fucking someone every now and then really does make you feel better."
Acid's fists and teeth were clentched. She wanted to fucking punch the bitch.
"I can see your really tense. Hey, I'm sure Curse'll be up for fucking you, we all know that he'd fuck your brains out if he got the chance."
"Shut. The. Fuck. Up." She growled at her.
"What are you gonna do if I don't shut the fuck up? You gonna leave for another five years so I can fuck your ex some more?"
"Fuck you, why are you being a bitch to me all a sudden?"
"Look just do me a favour. I want your and your little fucking brat to stay away from Poison and I and to stop getting in our way. He's mine, okay?"
Calling her daughter a brat was the last straw.
Acid's fist collided with Pheonix's face.
Pheonix fell to the floor straight away, her body hit the ground with a bang.
"Oh my god! You fucking crazy bitch!"
"I told you to shut the fuck up."
"You're a fucking psychopath!"
"Hey, we're home. Where's- ACID, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!" Poison screamed when he realized that Acid had punched Pheonix.
"The bitch punched me!" Pheonix screamed.
"What the fuck did you do that for?"
"She was being a bitch!"
"And punching her was the way to ressolve that? Great fuckin' example for our daughter, Ace, really."
"She's the one who was talking about you as if you were her property and she was the one who called our daughter a brat!"
"Are you okay?" Poison asked Pheonix while helping her off the ground.
She nodded. "I'm fine. I just wondered if you wanted to go out then your ex fucking punched me."
"Yeah, we'll go now."
"I'll wait outside for you." She walked out then smiled smuggly at Acid. She rolled here eyes.
"Don't you fucking dare do that again, do you hear me?"
"Jesus, you're talking to me as if I'm a fucking child, Poison."
"If you won't wanna be fucking treated like a child, then fucking stop acting like one, okay?"
He stormed out of the diner.
Acid sighed heavily. It hadn't gotten any easier. Not at all.
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