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Wash Away My Pain Isis With Your Love

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Isis heals Mechanikat's pain with love.

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Mechanikat was in his ship sitting in his chair he always sits in he was more sader and lonelyer then ever bad memmeries from his kittenhood came back to hunt him. Delilah and Snooky tryed talking to him and trying to make him feel better but it was no use.

Mechanikat:It's nice that you guys are trying to help but i just want to be alone rigth now.
Snooky:Master are you sure there is nothing we can do for you?
Delilah:How about some cream that always makes you feel better.
Mechanikat:Not this time but thanks.

Mechanikat went down to planet earth in some open fields were no one can find him. But Isis saw him and went ahead to go talk to him.

Isis:Trying to come up with a evil plan to get superdog out of the way agian i'm gussing.
Mechanikat: sigh No not this time Isis what are you doing here any ways?
Isis:I like to come here for the piece and quiet away from Ace the only place he does't come to look for me. Is something bothering you Mechanikat?

Mechanikat did not want to be a bother to anyone and he did not want to be rude either. As for Isis She found Mechanikat to be a mystrey and wanted to get to know him better try and learn more about him.

Mechanikat:No i'm fine.
Isis:Hey Mechanikat since we worked together once i will like to know more about you we never talk or see eachother that much if it's not to much troble.
Mechanikat:Way not it's better then being alone all the time.

So almost everyday they go to see eachother Isis owner Catwomen kept wondering were she was disapearing to and followed her one day and was very shocked at what she saw. On that day she asked Mechanikat a qustion that will change both lives.

Isis:Hey Mechanikat are there anyother half robot half cats on your home planet?
Mechanikat:Well my mother and father were but they died when i was a kitten so i'm the only half robot half cat from my planet proply the only one alive.
Isis:Oh....i'm sorry i did't know i...
Mechanikat:It's okey you did't know.
Isis:No pelease i want to make it up to you.

Isis putted her paw over Mechanikat's and then they kissed Catwomen could not understand them but did see that kiss that got her attition. She went over to see the half robot half cat for herself.
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