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The Love Life Starts

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Findout what happens when Catwomen gets involved.

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Catwomen:Isis what are you doing out here.
Mechanikat:Who is she?
Isis:That is my humen Catwomen.

Catwomen could not under stand what they were saying she was about to grave and take Isis home. Before she could Mechanikat pulled out a cumonicater Catwomen puted it on.

Catwomen:What is this thing.
Mechanikat:That is a cumonicater....
Catwomen:You can talk Isis come on lets go home.
Isis:No the cumonicater lets you understand animals of what they say.
Catwomen:Who is he anyways.
Isis:That is Mechanikat my friend.

Isis told Catwomen everything.

Catwomen:You mean boyfriend rigth i saw you kiss him.
Isis:Thats was just to make up for having him talk about his past.
Catwomen:With a kiss?

Isis started to pulsh she looked away from Mechanikat and Catwomen the truth was she was in love with Mechanikat.

Catwomen:Hey Mechanikat you should come over tonigth i think it will be fun.
Mechanikat:Only if Isis is ok with it.
Isis:You can come over if you want tonigth.

That nigth Isis was upset with Catwomen.

Isis:Why did you invite him over?
Catwomen:I want to get to know him better since your my cat and he is your boyfriend.
Isis:He's not my boyfriend we are just good friend's thats all.
Catwomen:But how good of friends?

When Mechanikat showed up Isis was nevise she was afraid he would find out that she liked him.

Mechanikat:Hey Isis are you ok?
Isis:I'm fine you ok?
Mechanikat:Yeah i'm fine i'm just worried about you since you are my friend.
Isis:What makes you worried abou me?
Mechanikat:Nothing it's just....that...uh
Isis:You think i can't take care of myself.
Mechanikat:No it's not that at all i swaer.
Isis:Then what is it?
Mechanikat:I like you a...a....alot and i just...well...
Isis:As a friend or what?
Mechanikat:Well it's hard to say it.
Isis:Can you show me.

Mechanikat noded he then gave Isis a kiss they both we're happy when Mechanikat stoped and pulled away Isis smiled she then went to Mechanikat rubed her head on him.

Mechanikat:I love you Isis.
Isis:I love you to Mechanikat.
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