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2 completed in a day yeeeey xD

Hope you like it :)

I already had a plan set out for this one xD

Penina :

I looked at msyelf once again in the mirror. I was nervous. Extremly nervous. The reason being i am going to a new foster home today. I don't know what to expect. My foster parent's seem really nice, but i don't know if tehy have their own children. Would they like me? Are they plastic? Do they listen to Justin Bieber? If they do i will seriously freak out.

They may not even be my age. They may not even be girls. They could be boys, gthey may not even have any children at all. I always think about these things when ever i get a new foster family. You don't know who you will be sharing a roof with. You could end up with someone just like you or someone completly different.

Hopefully this time it will be someone just like me. The last house i was in was awfull. They had one other child. A girl a year younger than me and she was obsessed with Justin Bieber, JLS etc. All you would hear is her singing along to Nicki Minaj when i would be playing Slipknot or Asking Alexandria. She didn't like me. Not one bit.

I grabbed my suitcase and took a deep breath. Maybe it isn't going to be so bad. Maybe i will like it. I took one last looka t my old room and closed the door amiing my way down the stairs.

"Oh good! You are ready! We were just about to go and see why you were taking a while," One of the carer's Jamie smiled. Jamie was one of the kind people. You could get along with Jamie. He likes all the same stuff as me. He was the only one i trusted.

"Yeah, i am" I smiled.

"You seem nervous, there is nothing to be nervous about. I am sure you will fit in just right in our house," My new foster mum Donna smiled at me.

"I am a little. I just don't know what to expect after my last house," I shrugged my shoulders.

"Believe me you will fit in," Donna smiled, giving me a hug. I hugged her back. She must have other children then, i am guessing.

"So see you later," Jamie smiled. I pulled Jamie into a hug.

"Thanks," I said pulling away.

"Have fun, be yourself, dont change for anyone okay?" Jamie smiled.

"Never," I smiled. I picked up my suitcase again and walked out to the car where Donald my new step father was waiting. I placed the suitcase into the boot of the car and got in the back. Waving out the window to Jamie as we headed to the new house.

"How you feeling?" Donald smiled as he turned a corner.

"Okay," I smiled weakly.

"You better be because we are here," Donald said pulling up outside a house. The house was a 2 story house, but it looked very homey and welcoming.

"It is pretty," I smiled stepping out of the car.

"We have lived in this house for about 20 years now," Donna smiled opening the boot. Donald kindly took my suitcase.

"No i will take it," I offered. I didn't want him to take my stuff when i can take it myself.

"No it is no bother really," Donald said. I just nodded and Donna opened the gate and opened the door.

I stepped inside the house and a welcoming warm breeze wrapped around my body. It was cozy and you walked straight into the living room. The living room was small but nice. "Your house is beautiful," I smiled.

"Honey it is your house too now" Donna smiled going into the kitchen.

"Hey ma," A deep voice came from the kitchen. They must have a son then. Out of curiousity i brought myself into the kitchen where a boy about 1 or 2 years older than myself stood. He had brown eyes and messy black hair. He was skinny, but not too skinny.

"Gerard this is Penina, she is your new sister. Penina this is Gerard," Donna smiled introducing us.

"Hey!" He smiled holding out his hand. I shook it.

"Nice to meet you," I smiled. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a Misfits top. I smiled even wider.

"What?" He asked.

"I love the misfits," I smiled. He smiled too.

"I like you already," He laughed. Donna smiled. She was probabaly happy at the fact that within 6 seconds of knowing eachother we already had the same music taste.

"So where is the new sister?" Another boy appeared. He had brown hair and glasses. He was probably the same age as myself.

"Here, Penina this Mikey. Mikey this Penina. Dont worry they are the only two i have," Donna laughed.

"Hey!" Mikey smiled holding out his hand.

"Hi," I shook his hand.

"Dude she likes Misfits!" Gerard informed Mikey.

"I love you," Mikey siad hugging me. I hugged him back laughing.

"I love you too," I smiled. This was not what i expected. I think this is going to be my faovurite house that i have stayed in. At least in this house, i have people that share common interests with me.

"So what other music do you like?" Gerard asked sitting down at the kitchen table. I sta down too to rest my feet. Donna left the kitchen to let us talk. Mikey leaned against the counter.

"Umm i like Iron Maiden, Queen, y'know basically rock in general," I smiled. If i smiled anymore i would end up with a permanent smile.

"Cool, Iron Maiden is awesome" Mikey smiled.

"How old are you?" Gerard asked, clearly wanting to know more about me.

"15," I answered simply.

"SO AM I" Mikey smiled. I thought he was about my age. I was guessing 16, but i was close.

"Yay i am still oldest," Gerard laughed.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"17," Gerard said. I am a good guesser.

"So do you want to hang out with us later? We are going over to a friend's house," Mikey smiled being polite.

"Sure, that is fi you don't mind," I said

"No, not at all," Gerard said. We spent the next hour or so talking about music, hobbies, books, comic books. Basically what ever came into our heads. They were just like me. I was able to have a decent conversation and i got along with them. Something i have not been able to do for a while.

"Okay dinner is ready," Donna called. We all went into the kitchen and ate dinner. After we left and headed for their friend's house.

"So where are we going?" I asked.

"Frank's house, he is our friend" Gerard said.

"Anyone else going to be there?" I asked.

"Ray and Bob. We don't really have that many friends" Mikey said. They were outcasts.

"If it helps i dont have any friends," I shrugged my shoulders. The both of them looked at me.

"Well you have us now," Mikey smiled. We approached a house, that looked similar to the Way house. I guessed if was Frank's. Mikey knocked on the door and a small guy answered.

"Hey! Who is this?" He asked.

"Penina this is Frank, Frank meet Penina," Gerard introduced us.

"Nice to meet you," I smiled.

"Great to meet you too," Frank laughed. We walked into the house and I met Ray and Bob. They all get me, i get them. I have finally fitted in with this world.

- 2 Weeks Later -

"Yeah. He is awesome" I said. I don't knwo why i ws this nervous. I have not been this nervous in ages. The last time i was this nervous was when i first got here. Now. This decides to happen.

"Wow.." Gerard said. I had gotten close to both Mikey and Gerard. You can trust them with anything. Anything at all.

"AWWWWW" Mikey said.

"What should i do?" I asked them. I had just told them i might like Frank. Okay. I have a crush on Frank.

"Talk to him. Don't bring it up. You never know what will happen," Gerard winked. I was confused until it clicked.

"NO," I said shocked.

"Yeah. Told me eysterday actually." Gerard laughed. Mikey sta there confused with his usual pokerface.

"OH," Mikey said catching on now.

"You are slow," I said shaking my head.

"Yeah i don't catch on fast," Mikey said scratching the back of his neck.

"Well i am going over there, becuase he asked me too earlier, so i will see you guys later," I smiled hugging the both of them and getting my jacket and heading out the door. Maybe Gerard is just playing with me. He does that alot. But would he lie about something like that? Was he that cruel? i don't know. But only time will tell i guess. I reached the familiar house and knocked.

"Oh hello Penina!" Linda smiled. She was almost like a second foster mother to me.

"Hello Linda," I smiled. She stepped aside to let me into the house.

"Hey," Frank smiled from the sofa.

"Hi," I said sitting beside him. I was nervous again. He is just a guy. not the end of the world. You were not like this before you began to like him so why start now Penina? Why?.

"Can i tell you something?" Frank asked. My heart started to beat faster. Maybe Gerard wasn't lying. Maybe this is the reason why he brought me over. I need to stop being psychic.

"S-sure," I stuttered. Looking at him. He looked at me with those hazel eyes. You could easily get lost in them for heaven's sake.

"I think i like you," I knew Gerard wouldn't lie. My heart beated faster. In the inside i was screaming like a fangirl. A very very very very very baaad fangirl.

"You do?" I said pretending to be in shock. Frank nodded.

"I had to tell you," Frank said.

"Well... i think i like you too," I smiled and looked at my hands.

"Really?" Frank said. I nodded. Frank lifted my head up by the chin and then i felt his soft lips against mine. He wrapped his arms around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck deeping the kiss. He broke away a few minutes later. "Penina," He whispered. His face was still close to my face.

"Yes?" I asked smiling, looking into his eyes.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Frank smiled. I nodded. I never felt so happy in my entire life. This is by far the best day in my life so far.

"Of course," I said.

"YES!" Frank shouted all hyper. I burst out laughing and he kissed me again. I will never get tired of those lips on my won lips. Ever.
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