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I hate you

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Mechanikat and Krypto swich bodies and need,to act like the other and both find both lives are harder then it looks.

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!!I Hate You!!

Mechanikat's ship was on Earth having repairs that needed to be done before they can leave. But Krypto and his friends thouth they were up to no good and attacked causeing more damage to the ship.

Mechanikat:What have you done we were almost done with repairs it will take all day to fix this mess and start all over.
Krypto:Well you shoud get started on it then and don't try anything sneaky.
Mechanikat:If you knew how hard are lives are you would not say that in fact you would feel diffrant about things.
Krypto:Well your the one who is evil so i don't care about the pain you are in.

Mechanikat and Krypto had it with eachother they did nothing but figth and talk about eachother in very bad ways. Later that day at the Dogstars ship.

Krypto:What is the deal with his proplem i thouth he was doing evil and so did you guys.
Braniny:Well you did cause more damage to his ship and talk badly about him like you are now.
Mammoth mutt:Just because he is are eniemie does not mean we have to treat him so bad Mechanikat could be the one who is less fortnet.

Mean while in Mechanikat's ship.

Mechanikat:Can you beleaive that ugly fur ball of a mutt he did't even feel sorry not one bit.
Dogwood:Well he is the enimie he sees things way diffrant then us pluse you cause him lots of troble to Mechanikat.
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