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The Blue Kryptonite swap

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The Swap Happens Finally and Life Changces for both.

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Krypto did not want to figth with his friend so he went to his doghouse to get some sleep. At Mechanikat's ship Mechanikat was the same way and went to his bed layed down and went to sleep. Back in the doghouse were Krypto his sleeping blue kryptonite is on a near branch on a tree falls of and lands next to Krypto. But he does not wake up and starts to glow blue at Mechanikats ship in his bed he is also glowing blue. Because they are both in a deep sleep they won't know what happened to them intil morning finally they both stop glowing. In the morning Streaky jumps over the fence to wake up Krypto.

Streaky:Krypto wake up come on sleepy head we dont got all day the fishey factory is going to open soon.

Little does he know it is actully Mechanikat in Krypto's body but Mechanikat does not know that either. Mechanikat wakes up suprised to see Streaky when he looks up he's even more surprised to see he's not in his ship but in superdog's doghouse.

Streaky:K dog are you ok whats wrong are you sick or something.

He is very confused about everything he looks left and rigth,up,down even behind him but does't see superdog anywhere. He then looks down at his paws and see white dog paws and finally relizes he's in Krypto's body. He then speaks to anser supercats qustion. And his Vocie sounded like Krypto's so Streaky did not realize it.

Mechanikat:No i'm fine just trying to stay foucuse because...a...ah...a badguy can sneck up on us at any time so i have to keep my guard up you know.
Streaky:Rigth are you sure your ok K-dog you seem difrant today?
Mechanikat:I'm fine never better i feel super way won't you go on i'll cauch up with you later.
Streaky:Ok K dog i'll meet you at the fishey factory ok.

After Streaky left Mechanikat rememmbered what Krypto did to chancge into well superdog. He started to chace his tail and once he became superdog,he got a space helmet on and the blue kryptonite rigth next to him and flyed to his space ship. There in his bed he saw himself still asleep but he knew it was not him it was superdog in his body.

Mechanikat:Hey wake up now.
Krypto:Hu Who...who are you?
Mechanikat:i'm Mechanikat superdog and your inside my body while i'm inside of yours.

Not only was Krypto confused about what Mechanikat was saying he was surprised his voice sounded like Mechanikat's. And Mechanikat who was inside of his body sounded like his voice he was very confused.

Krypto:How did this happen all i recall is me sleeping in my doghouse and now this whats going on Mechanikat... me whoever you are.
Mechanikat:Everyone is starting to wake up lets go some where privet and talk.
Krypto:Good idea.

So the two of them flyed to a dark ally on planet earth to talk about there proplem.

Mechanikat:Ok i think i know what happened to us. When you were asleep this kryptonite fell next to you and it's blue kryptonite i heard about it before but they are very rare and hard to find.
Krypto:Ok so what does it do.
Mechanikat:Hello it swich's body's with the one you hate the most.
Krypto:Hey that reminds me last nigth i remember saying how much i hate you.
Mechanikat:Funny i was talking about how much i hate you.

Both of them then fell to the ground laughing like it was a joke.

Krypto:Hhhahahhahhaah we hhaha hate ahhaha eachother hhahahah and now we are inside eachother's body's hahahhahaahhahahhaha
Mechanikat:Hahhahhahha yeah you pu it that way it is pretty funny hhahahahahahahhaahhahah.

Soon they stoped lauhing and got back up Krypto had troble moving in Mechanikat's body he was not use to the whieath. And Mechanikat always walked on two legs he was't use to walking on four in Krypto's body.

Krypto:Well if we are going to be eachother for a while we need to know what we need to to keep from ruining eachother's lives you go first.
Mechanikat:Alrigth your me and you two best friends are Bud and Lou. You are seacretly in love with Isis so you don't get angery at those three. Snooky is also a good friend and your sidekick ok. Dogwood and Delilah are the only one's who know you love Isis and keep trying to get you to ask her out but you don't. I think thats all you need to know your turn.
Krypto:Alrigth your friends are the dogstar's,Ace and your best friend is Streaky. You are seacretly in love with Braniny ok. You love figthing crime and helping others to save the day and your human is Kevin. Thats all you need to know.

And wait until you hear what happens later that day in my next chapter.
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