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Krypto's worst proplem ever

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Krypto start's having troble being Mechanikat and is getting stuck in lots of wierd proplems.

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Krypto Remembered what Mechanikat said about the blue kryptonite swiching bodys with the one they hate the most and everything else. He had to act like Mechanikat which was not going to be easy.

Snooky:Mechanikat Bud&Lou are here.
Krypto:Thanks Snooky i'll go talk to them if anything comes up let me know.
Bud:Hey Mechanikat what do you want to do today.
Lou:We could train hard until we can't take no more.
Bud:Or we eat and rest and watch tv.
Krypto:Or we could just do all of those things.
Lou:Alrigth we can eat breckfest first then we can train.

Krypto thouth traing will be good after all it could get him use to Mechanikat's body and make it a little easyer to move same with eating. After breckfest they went to the training room in the ship.

Bud:Mechanikat you are real good at this training would you like to go first.
Krypto:No you guys can go first this time i'll watch.
Lou:Ok what ever you say.

Bud and Lou did there them work training like they always do robot's came as part of the traning Krypto watched carefuly to get an idea of how it works. Bud and Lou jumped up and started taking out the robots togetther they always work togetther as a team really good to.
When they were done it was Krypto's turn he thouth he had everything planed out purefeactly but forgot how hard it is to move in Mechanikat's body. He moved way to slow and could not lay a claw on one robot he then got nocked to the ground hard to.

Bud:Mechanikat are you ok.
Lou:Usely you could take those robots out with your eyes closed what happened?
Bud:Maybe he's tired from all the training he did yesterday when he got angrey at Krpto.
Lou:Is that it Mechanikat.
Krypto:Yes thats it i'm still tired from all that training from yesterday thats all.

Delilah then walked into the room.

Delilah:Mechanikat can you come to talk with me,Dogwood and Snooky.
Krypto:Sure Delilah

Krypto was not sure what was going to happen next but had to be careful about how he act,says and does.

Dogwood:Delilah and Snooky told me you are in loe with Isis.
Krypto:So thats what you wanted to talk with me about.
Snooky:She is going to find out sooner or later you have to make your move and ask her out or she just migth find someone else.

Oh ou looks like Krypto is in a pickle can he keep himself from running Mechanikat's life to find out don't stop reading the story i will post a new chapter soon.
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