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Chapter 2

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Rose finds a job at a cafe

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After walking for hours,lost in her own thoughts,Rose stopped. She was cold and wet and had nowhere to go. She felt a flutter of panic in her chest but she took in a deep breath to stay calm. Getting upset won't help, she told herself. She was stood outside a cafe, the smell of coffee and warm food wafted through an open window. She walked towards the it, pushing the door open and stepping inside to the warm. She scanned the room and spotted an elderly lady cleaning coffee mugs sat at a table. ″Excuse me, but are you the manager of this cafe?″she asked, timidly. The old lady beamed at her. ″Why yes I am! Why'd do you wanna know?″
″Erm... I was just wondering if you had any waitressing jobs avaliable.″
The woman nodded. ″Yes we do as a matter of fact! $2 an hour, is that alright?″
″Yes! When do I start?″
″Tomorrow? But... good grief girl, you look a sight! What happened to you?″
Rose swallowed. ″I was onboard the Titanic.″
The woman smiled a comforting smile. ″I heard about that. I'm so sorry. You can stay with me if you want. I have an apartment upstairs,two bedrooms. ″
Rose could hardly believe what she was hearing. ″Really? Oh thank you! Thank you!″she exclaimed.
″It'd be my pleasure, dear! What's your name? I'm Mrs Nichols.″
″It's nice to meet you Mrs Nichols. I'm Rose Dawson.″
″Well Rose! Why don't you go upstairs and run a bath? I'll find you something dry to wear.″
″Thank you Mrs Nichols.″
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