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Chapter 3

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George tells the others half of his great news.

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The next day, George felt the best he ever had in a long time, whistling his way to work. He practically waltzed into the studio, and the others stared at him like he was an alien.

“What the fuck are you on?” John asked. “Whatever it is, I want some of it...”

George rolled his eyes and sat to tune his guitar.

“Seriously, what was that?”

“Can’t a guy be happy?” George replied, still looking at his guitar.

“Yeah, but you looked WAY too happy to be sober.”

George chuckled. He was sort of right, now that he thought about it. He was acting happier than normal, happier than George Harrisons usually appeared to be. Then again, he wasn’t really acting, now was he? He was marrying the woman he loved and they were having a baby. How could he be even happier?

“I think we lost him,” he heard Paul say as he snapped out of his thoughts. “Aaaaaand he’s back!”

“Sorry,” George said. “I’m just thinking... Well... I finally proposed to Pattie last night.” He smiled.

“Nice!” Ringo said, shaking his hand. “Congrats!”

With more congratulations, George thought about telling the others about the baby, but withdrew it again. Afraid that word would get out quicker about the news if they told anyone before they were married, he and Pattie decided to keep quiet until later.

“When’s the big day?” Paul asked.

“Sometime in January... We’re still figuring out details.”

“Sounds good!”

“Wanna know what else would sound good?” Brian asked. “Getting some work done! Now let’s get to it!”


About a month later, everything was finally ready for the wedding. The only problems found so far were the press trying to take over all the time, and Pattie being worried about drinking wine at the reception, although they were taken cared of with, “We’re a little busy now,” and grape juice for her. Otherwise, things went as they planned, and soon enough the big day had arrived.


“Come along, Pattie-cake,” George said as he scooped his new bride into his arms to walk to their door. She giggled and held on, nuzzling him. He got inside and ran her to their room before plopping her onto their bed. She laughed a little more. “We did it,” he smiled, sitting next to her. “No more worries for now...” He kissed her softly and smirked. “God... If you weren’t pregnant I’d be giving you a good fuck...”

She laughed some more and swatted him as she changed.

“When do you think I could tell the others?”

“Maybe Wednesday... I have another doctor’s appointment the day before, so that should work.”

“Alright,” he said as he started changing as well. He sighed. “I can’t imagine it, having a kid around... I mean, we’ve been with Julian sometimes, but this will be everyday...”

“Yeah,” Pattie agreed, slipping under the covers. “It’ll be much more different than before, no books or anything to say that...”

“But what the books do say is that you should get some sleep... Goodnight, sweetie.” He kissed her again and went under the covers next to her, drifting off to sleep.
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