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Not Her Burden To Bear

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Frank goes for a walk, but someones following him

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Frank’s POV

It was about ten minutes of a silent house before Lindsey came bursting through the door with Gerard’s brother and two guys I hadn’t met, and they were all singing loudly to a song I didn’t recognise, Gerard came swinging around the door frame and singing along acting like a drunk buffoon, they all sang and once they had finished began laughing, Gerard was the first to fall silent when his gaze met mine his smile faded and he walked back into the other room, Mikey noticed the sudden change in his brothers mood and followed him through the door, once Lindsey and the other two men had calmed down she smiled at me “Sorry Frankie, this is Bob and Ray” the two men smiled, the guy introduced as Ray was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt with dark blue jeans whilst sporting the best Afro I think I’ve ever seen, on the other hand Bob, he was built like a house, very muscular, shorter than Ray but still considerably taller than myself, his strawberry blonde hair cutting off just above his left eyebrow and a small amount of stubble dotted his upper lip and chin, I smiled and waved at them and they smiled back, we then all headed into the lounge where Mikey and Gerard were whispering to each other but both went silent after we entered the room “What were you guys whispering about?” Lindsey questioned Mikey shrugged and Gerard glanced at me briefly before looking at Lindsey “Nothing…” he muttered

After two hours of getting to know Bob and Ray, who are awesome by the way, I glanced at the clock and noticed it was five o’clock, I stood up and went to find Lindsey who was in the kitchen with Gerard and Mikey “Linds…I’m gonna go for a walk” I stated, she smiled but she shook her head “Are you sure that’s a good idea Frank?” I nodded “Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” I smiled knowing she couldn’t stop me while her friends were around, she sighed and shook her head again “Fine, but you better be back by seven, dinner will be ready then…” I smiled and nodded before leaving the kitchen, saying a brief ‘see you later’ to Ray and Bob and walking out of the front door…

Lindsey’s POV

“What do you mean ‘what is he’?” I asked Gerard after he’d walked into the kitchen closely followed by his brother to ask me what Frank is, I couldn’t tell him, it wasn’t my secret to tell, but even so if he knows something is up already, then why can’t I? No I can’t I don’t want to upset Frank…

“You know what I mean Lindsey, I spoke to him earlier while you were out with Mikey, he basically told me he’s not human, but you came back before I could go and ask him what he was…” he whispered, I shook my head “You probably just misheard him, look, if Frank really isn’t human he would have told all of us…” I stated trying to get Gerard to ease off the subject a little, but you know what they say, Speak of the devil and he shall appear, no more than five seconds later Frank walked into the kitchen, and the three of us went silent “Linds…I’m gonna go for a walk” he stated, I smiled briefly but shook my head “Are you sure that’s a good idea Frank?” I asked trying to tell him I wasn’t comfortable about it but he simply nodded “Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” I rolled my eyes knowing I wouldn’t stop him and he knew I couldn’t stop him while everyone else was here, so I sighed and shook my head again “Fine, but you better be back by seven, dinner will be ready then…” he nodded and left the kitchen, I heard the front door shut and I let out a deep sigh. “Linds, are you okay?” Mikey asked, I nodded “Yeah I’m fine…it’s just, I don’t want Frank to be out alone…he’s um, he’s not used to Jersey at night, we all know it’s dangerous, I just don’t want him to get into trouble.” I stumbled over my words trying to find an excuse to be worried about him, Mikey nodded and Gerard placed a hand on my shoulder “Do you want me to follow him? Y’know make sure he doesn’t walk into a dark alley or something?” he offered, I nodded “Would you Gerard? It’s give my mind a rest…” he nodded again “It’s fine, I’ll see you later, seven right?” I nodded and he left the kitchen there was a longer delay of the front door opened and closed because Gerard was talking to Bob and Ray in the lounge, but when he did leave I turned to Mikey and smiled “Another coffee?”

Gerard’s POV

I left the kitchen and walked through lounge, Bob cleared his throat, I turned to be greeted by his and Ray’s questioning stares “Where are you going?” Bob asked his head tilting toward me as the words left his mouth; I shrugged “Lindsey wants me to keep an eye on Frank, so he doesn’t get into trouble?” Bob nodded but Ray stood up “Can I tell you something?” I nodded to his request “Be careful…I don’t trust him, I don’t think you should either…” he whispered, I nodded taking his warning and then left shutting the front door firmly behind me.

The cold air attacked my warm skin causing a slight stinging pain all over my arms but as my body got used to the cool temperature the stinging sensation stopped, I walked down the street towards the local park, I had a hunch that’s where he’d be, he used to live here as a kid, of course he went to the park, everyone did…well I didn’t I went to the cemetery next to it, it’s kind of weird a cemetery next to a park, who the fuck thought of that?
I walked through the lights of the old flickering streets lamps as I approached the park, from where I was I couldn’t see anyone, I sighed and watched at the cloud of breath left my mouth, I pushed open the rusty iron gate that led into the park and walked over to the equally rusty swings, I sat down on the swing and winced as I heard it creak loudly under my weight, the sound echoed through the empty park but soon the world fell silent, the only sounds were the beats of the distant bars and clubs and the sirens from cop cars driving around down town. I looked up to see the moon shining and lighting up the park with its silver glow, I didn’t really know what to do now, I’d lost Frank but I didn’t want to go back to Lindsey and tell her I couldn’t find him, what if he’s in trouble? What if he’s hurt? Or worse? All these possibilities and horrible images flooded my head
“Hi.” I jumped up from the swing and turned to face where the voice had come from only to see Frank hanging upside down from the metal bar above the swing, how did he get up there without me noticing? “Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!” he laughed before grabbing the bar his legs were dangling over with his hands, and rather gracefully dismounting the bar like some kind of gymnast “Didn’t mean to scare you…okay maybe I did, but it doesn’t matter, are you okay? You looked kind of panicked” I shook my head “No I’m fine I was just having in-depth thoughts about stuff, it doesn’t matter…” he shrugged and sat on the swing to the left of the one I was previously sitting on “So why did you follow me?” he asked, I sighed and sat back down on the swing “Lindsey asked me to keep an eye on you…” He cocked an eyebrow half convinced “Hmmm, she asked you to, or did you offer to?” I rolled my eyes “Oh you got me Sherlock! I offered okay?” I said sarcastically, Frank giggled a little, yes he giggled like a little school girl talking to her crush “Okay then, besides the fact Lindsey was worried, why did you follow me?” he asked, I paused for a minute, trying to think of some kind of believable lie, but I couldn’t muster anything “I wanted to get you alone…so I could apologies for earlier, I shouldn’t have acted the way I did…I’m sorry” I muttered, Frank nodded and smiled “It’s okay, you were curious, it’s understandable, I was wondering how long it’d be before someone got suspicious of me, apparently it wasn’t long at all, but Lindsey’s great, she tries so hard to keep it to herself, it’s such a burden…” he stated trailing off slightly at the end, his gaze moving from me to the gravel beneath us, he sighed heavily and stood up “Keep what to herself Frank?” I questioned Frank sighed again and turned to face me “I’m a hybrid Gerard…”

AN- sorry for the long wait again guys, been really busy, in my exam year after all, lots of work to do, hope you enjoyed this installment, rates and reviews would be lovely thank you ~ BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo
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