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To The North Pole and Back

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not like you'll read this anyway haha

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Frank’s POV

I stood in silence, waiting for Gerard’s reaction, but he just sat there in silence, staring at me, the cold wind began to blow at our faces, making Gerard’s hair fall across his face dramatically, he then stood up, the hair still covering the majority of his face, the only thing visible were his lips, thin and pale “Okay…” he whispered and nodded as if to reassure himself “You…you don’t care?” I asked, Gerard then shook his head “no…it’s not like you’ll hurt me…” he stated, I shrugged “It’s not me hurting you I’m worried about…anyway I’m leaving tonight so it doesn’t matter.” I muttered, Gerard took a few steps toward me “You’re leaving? Tonight?” he tilted his head, his hair shifting slightly so his eyes were now visible and glistening in the moonlight I nodded “I have too, if I stay too long I’ll put everyone in danger…” Gerard still looked confused I sighed again “Sit down I’ll explain…”

Lindsey’s POV

I watched the guys play Zelda on the Nintendo 64, that console is so old I’m surprised it even works anymore Bob keeps moaning and asking “If it’s called Legend of Zelda, why is Link the main character?” I roll my eyes and Ray and Mikey ignore his remarks then I glanced at the clock
It’s 6:55, I get up and walk into the kitchen to check dinner, which is totally ready and smelling amazing if I do say so myself, I don’t really know what to call it, it’s like chicken with chips, but with this really nice sauce on it that my dad taught me to make, but yeah it’s really nice, Mikey soon follows me into the kitchen “That smells awesome Linds” he stated, I smiled “Thank you Mikey, it’s much appreciated!” I smiled, Mikey then looked to the clock on the counter “It’s ten past seven…shouldn’t Gerard and Frank be back by now?” I heard his question and dropped the metal spoon I was holding to the floor with a clatter, Mikey grabbed my shoulder “Lindsey are you okay?” he asked concerned but before I could reply Bob and Ray had entered the room “What happened? We heard a ruckus!” Bob said Ray shook his head “That was hardly a ruckus Bob…” Bob elbowed ray in the ribs “I don’t care! It’s a cool word!” Bob stated with a stroppy pout on his lips.
“Lindsey…” Mikey whispered to get my attention, I looked at him, concern plastered his face “are you okay?” I nodded “Yeah I’m fine…I just has a spazzy moment.” The three guys nodded and went back into the other room; I however practically collapsed onto one of the dining chairs placing my head in my hands and muttering to myself…
“What if something has happened?”

Gerard’s POV

Frank had explained everything to me, he’d told me about his childhood and about his parents and BL/ind and how he was planning his revenge, which I totally agree with, but what I don’t understand, is why he wants to do it alone…
“Frank…” I whispered through the wind, Frank turned to me and smiled “Yeah?” I shuffled on the swing uncomfortably “Where will you go?…when you leave” I asked, the smile fell from his face and his gaze fell to the floor “I’ll just wonder I guess…I don’t know anyone else, or have anyone else I can turn to, but I can’t stay…” he stood up and began to walk toward the park exit, I sat and watched as he placed his hand on the cold gate, before I stood up and ran after him “Frank, wait…” he stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around, and once I was by his side he continued to walk “Frank…stop.” I grabbed him by the arm and turned him around to face me, I may have pulled him a little too hard as he bumped into my chest slightly, he looked at me eyes wide and scanning my own, I let go and sighed “Lindsey’s house is the other way…” he nodded and walked past me in the opposite direction, this time not waiting for me to be by his side as we walked.

Frank’s POV

As I walked I could hear Gerard’s footsteps behind me, his pace quickened as we came to cross the road “Frank…what’s go into you all of a sudden? First you tell me your life story and now you’re acting like you don’t want to be near me at all…” he questioned I sighed “I’m sorry…I’m just, never mind…we’re late Lindsey is probably worrying about us.” I state bluntly, Gerard nodded in silence as we crossed the road.
It took us a few minutes to get back to the house, Lindsey opened the door with a death glare splattered on her face, before slapping us both around the back of the head “Where the hell have you been! Gerard, you said you’d keep an eye on him, not follow him to the fucking North Pole and back! And Frank you have no idea how worried I was about you! For all I knew you were dead! What part of ‘back for seven’ don’t you guys understand!” she shouted “God I feel sorry for your kids…” Ray said from the other room “I don’t have any kids Ray!” she shouted “You will…” he muttered, Lindsey shook her head and rolled her eyes and turned back to Gerard and I “Well?” I stood in silence and shrugged “I think the North Pole is a bit of an exaggeration…” Gerard stated and smiled at me, I smiled back weakly and Lindsey hit us both around the head again and spoke in a more calm tone “Shut up Gerard, come on, dinner is getting cold…”

AN- this one was basically just a filler chapter, but I'm considering starting a new story, I will continue with this one aswell, but I do have a story idea I want to write, so look out for that ~BitterLoveBlackHeart xoxo
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